Reviews for Chaos Domain


Shooting Bad People in The Face

Lord_bubbles | July 25, 2015 | See all Lord_bubbles's reviews »

I got this game for free, so I didn't have high expectations for it. Playing Contra in the past, I had knowledge in what the game was trying to be but it doesn't come close. Mechanically, its extremely flawed with sticky controls and sub-par animations. Just because it is an indie game doesn't give it a excuse for bad quality sound. The game doesn't know what it wants to be expect for being "a game about shooting bad people in the face." Doesn't do anything new or well so its hard to recommend. There are better sidescroller shooters out there, but if you must play this game go ahead.


Sidescrolling Fun

UberRoxor | May 4, 2014 | See all UberRoxor's reviews »

This game is great. Playing it single player is ok but playing it with a friend is where the fun is at. It does suffer from being repetitive, but it is a sidescroller shooter, so if you like those games, you will like this one. Awesome weapon upgrades and plenty of enemies to use them on.