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A great MMO with great Visuals...

toshexy | May 10, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

This is a great MMO especially since the monthly fee has been waved away some time ago and it's now free to play as long as you buy the game. I thought this is the most important thing to note first. This game focuses on story line so much that it's unlike any or at least most of the MM games you've played so far. You are a part of one of 3 fractions, and the wold it's set in is the story you are trying to uncover. It's a mystery after a mystery and you go around picking up clues. Instead of just talking to NPCs and skipping through the text you find NPCs with cut-scenes and stories to tell. Everything you do in this game feels like it's being done for a the purpose of unraveling the bigger picture. And you want to do that so you pay attention and are hooked by the story. You can't amass a lot of quests and you don't often do the repetitive tasks we've all dreaded throughout all the other MMOs and that is a good thing. There are even quests that have you googling for info or trying to solve puzzles that are more complex that anything you've seen in other MMOs and it's a refreshment to do them. It can be a bit hard though, so be prepared - it's not a walk in the park. There is no set class or level system in the conventional sense such as in other MMOs so there is some getting used to it. This is good because you can experiment with various weapons and game play styles. The graphics is amazing, unlike anything you'd expect from an MMO. It's a DX11 game and that shows on the screen. I found the interface a bit lacking for my taste though. It is like they made this great game but just gave up when it came to designing the interface, so they just threw around a bunch of boxes on the screen. It's the same kinda thing you might have seen on Atlantica Online... really off-putting. And there are a few bugs too. Still it's a great game, different in a good way from other MMOs and it's really worth it to give it a shot.