Reviews for Flockers


Like Lemmings But With Sheep & More Blood

13th | May 15, 2014 | See all 13th's reviews »

Let's get the comparison out of the way: Yes this looks like Lemmings, yes this plays like Lemmings but this is not Lemmings: This is Flockers and unlike Lemmings, there is a lot more ways to accidentally kill the sheep you have been given the task of saving. One wrong move and you could see your flock get killed by a sawblade of squished by a weight. Whilst you could take the simple option for each level and save the minimum amount needed to complete the level. The real challenge is trying to get 3 stars on each level, which is in itself not an easy task. And you also have to collect the golden fleece hidden in the levels as well. If you liked Lemmings and have been wanting to play a game like it, Flockers is the game for you. It is in early arrival service so it will crash on you from time to time. But they are constantly updating the game and listening to the community about the game which is good as that shows they are hands on and want this to be a success


Lemmings resurrected

Shav | May 15, 2014 | See all Shav's reviews »

When I was a little boy I totally loved the idea of Lemmings, where you had to lead the pack of the stupid creatures through dangerous areas. Funny, how almost no developers made anything similar since then, apart from Mousecraft, which used some ideas from Lemming series, but the core was different. Flockers on the other hand is like a new version of Lemmings with almost the same gameplay, but totally new audio/video. Also, you are the leader of sheeps that you know from Worms series! So, your job is getting the cute, adorable animals to safety, using various tools and bricks. It is surprisingly charming and addictive. Flockers are great for players who want to have fun from games, without focusing on storyline, or serious themes. Definitely worth to play!