Reviews for Bulletstorm


Jaw breaking fun

KingTed | March 13, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Bulletstorm is like The Expendables movie franchise. It’s a throwback to the good old days of First Person Shooter when DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D were kings. The game story is pretty dumb but it’s fun to watch thanks to its over-the-top tone. However, the game’s strength lies in its gameplay. Bulletstorm is not your typical FPS. Here you gain points for your creative kills. The meaner and the gorier you kill a target, the more points you obtain. It’s probably one of the shooters with the most entertaining gunplay in the industry. It’s a beautiful game with a very funny gameplay. What are you waiting for? Go buy it!


Disgusting fun for everyone

Enthropy | Jan. 30, 2015 | See all Enthropy's reviews »

Do you like drunk humor, creative killing, linear but great action and GFLW? Then this game is a must buy for you. And even if you hate GFLW, give it a try. Highlights of this game are: + skillshot system - It encourages you to try weird ways to kill your enemies. Doing stupid stuff is actually rewarded + remote controlled laser shooting tyranosaurus - You don't need me to tell you, why it is great. + great main bad guy + fun weapons + fun gunplay - ending prepares you for a sequel that sadly never came out


A diamond in the rough!

PowerGreen | June 10, 2014 | See all PowerGreen's reviews »

I actually really liked this game! The graphics are awesome and the achievement system is based around the various ways to kill opponents. From kicking exploding things into them, slapping them against spikes and all sorts of other environmental kills via a variety of unlockable weapons. There is even a story in there too, and characters you can get all attached to. Gameplay is smooth, and you find yourself wanting to unlock all those achievements and get creative, rather then just doing a basic headshot over and over. Boss fights are pretty tough too, so don't expect to facetank them! Highly recommended for all blaster, guts 'n' gore fans!


An entertaining PC shooter

Alexander26 | May 7, 2014 | See all Alexander26's reviews »

Bulletstorm can be described by many people like a casual shooter, and for the most part that information is true: you get your 'standard' special force unit, in this case containing three persons, that eventually, after many dangers, will save the day. But, for me, the game is more than that. What I really liked about the game was the way the weapons performed and the plenty options to kill your opponents - from pinning them into cactus to throwing them out of the windows and watching them fall over a huge dam. Also, I loved the 'control-a-bullet' system, which allows for precise head-hits. The graphics are pretty good, creating a nice feeling in both urban and natural environment. Overall, feels like a solid game ; I give it 81 points out of 100.


Free your inner sadist

AkiMatti | May 7, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

In this game you get the more points the more various ways you invent to kill the enemies. Sound like fun? Then this game is absolutely made for you! But if you have any moral quandaries about killing virtual characters in a computer game, do yourself a favor and stay away from this game before it takes your innocent heart and tosses it into the trash. For the FPS veterans this is an exciting romp through a variety of environments and with good graphics and inventive gunplay.