Reviews for Millennium: A New Hope


An excellent RPG

Carter83 | May 23, 2014 | See all Carter83's reviews »

Millennium: A New Hope is far from being generic. Of course, it's obviously not intended for action RPGs fans, but it's well written and executed. Strategic and challenging (in Hard mode) turn-based battles, clever mapping with lots of secrets and great characters. There is many optional stuff, such as hidden areas or sidequests, which adds to the replayability. I played it many times and I can certainly recommend it.


An excellent RPG

Carter83 | May 21, 2014 | See all Carter83's reviews »

I believe that Millennium is far from being generic. The game is well written, with excellent mapping and challenging turn-based fights (in Hard mode). There are many things that are hard to discover (secret rooms, optional areas and stuff, side-quests) which adds to the replay value. Plus, jumping is so much fun. Is a first part of a whole series, so playing the other part is recommended, obviously. I've finished it many times and I loved it. Definitively worth playing.


A pretty traditional RPG

vva258 | May 17, 2014 | See all vva258's reviews »

I bought this game when it on sale and I can say it worth the money I spent at that time. Firstly, if you are into traditional RPG games, you'll like this one. Every NPC have their own character, and the storyline is somewhat good. But in the other hand, the game still have bugs, and some of them are annoyed. Also, when almost all of your fights can be avoided with 90% successful, it doesn't push me towards the goal of the game... Would recommend this game when it's on sale, not at full price.


Generic MMORPG

KanzerReview | May 14, 2014 | See all KanzerReview's reviews »

Well if you are into old school gaming this game is great. But for JRPG fans out there. I have to say this is a disappointment. This game is western marketed meaning it is really not meant for hardcore RPG fans. Storyline is mediocre graphics is self-explanatory.

I find the experience nothing fresh maybe just characters wise it's kind of cliche if you tell me. I like the graphic style old school my kind of game but still gameplay wise and how unique is the game i would say it's generic.

Not as good as a JRPG i will say but defintely quite a potential maker for western market.

I would recommend waiting to buy only when it is under 2 dollars. I feel this kind of game really isn't worth that much.