Reviews for El Matador


Underestimated Cliches factor

punisher0051 | Nov. 20, 2014 | See all punisher0051's reviews »

This is not your typical AAA budget game, its mix between Max Payne and all of those B action movies from 70s,80s,90s, story line is your standard Steven Seagal action focus, and its there only to justify huge amount of baddies you will gonna kill. You will probably find here all Clichés of those movies, you know, good cop, bad cop, bad general, one action hero and so on. But If you think its bad, IT`S NOT, its really good, just like i said its not AAA budget game but it has it charm, responsible controls and overall very fun and pleasant gameplay, and that`s what is most important in game for me after all, graphic its kinda decent doesn`t hurt your eyes still and audio is also very nice, kinda repeatative after while but it`s fast, its building your action very well and does not make you wanna cut your ears and throw them into lava. Its very short game, it will probably take you only around 3,5-4 hours on normal bit longer on hard. Speaking about dificulty level - you will gonna die in this game, good thing, bad thing, my opinion, your opinion, whatever. Point is its one of those games where enemies may not be the smartest (-ain`t the stupidest too-) but they have perfect laser eye accuracy and they will shoot your head from miles away with their shotguns, after hour you will probably get use to it though. Speaking of which you will probably ending up cheating too shooting from behind crates (yes your weapon can shoot through objects if you point it well). It has flaws, it has good things, but after all its very nice fun factor and i do recommend you guys to buy it when its on sale or pick up in bundle, its worth those few pennies. frankcastle51 out. Review previosly posted on my steamprofile.


Say hi to Max Payne's inferior brother

minoru09 | July 24, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

The game is so similar to Max Payne it's funny. Though it's more like the B-movie version of MP. You play as a DEA agent whose mission is to destroy a drug cartel. The game is nothing amazing but it's still fun to play, especially if you like 3rd person shooter with no nonsense. If you ever find El Matador going on sale (which can be as cheap as $1), grab it. Better yet, buy a bundle which has this game in it.


This game really wants to be like Max Payne. But it isn't.

waluigi | July 8, 2014 | See all waluigi's reviews »

First of all - source of inspiration for this game is quite obvious - it's Max Payne. Even main character is DEA agent. But such things don't bother me, if developers are not crossing some hard to define boarder between "strong inspiration" and "imitation". There is only condition - game should bring me lot of fun. And in this point El Matador is the failure. Nothing is working here, as it should. "Bullet time" in Max Payne was not only intuitive and relatively easy to learn, it also brought a lot of fun. And here I've tried to use it many times, but still I had quite big discomfort with its lack of intuitiveness, efficiency and even with lack of "pageantry". Amount of weapons is acceptable, but their usage is far from being pleasant. I haven't even half of the feelings I had during using shotguns, pistols, desert eagles and many other weapons in Max Payne. To be honest – I can't even remember any TPS I've ever played, where I had worser experience with the weapons. And these levels. Sure, MP was also the game, where we were killing enemies and generally nothing more. But in El-Matador they have really monotonous design, and I was playing through them in quite big rush, in hope that the next levels could be better. And I was disappointed in case of this assumption too. I generally wouldn't recommend this title to anybody. Sure, it's not the complete tragedy, but it's really hard to find the source of motivation to finish this game. Or at least end more than two-three levels.