Reviews for Natural Soccer [Playfire]


Awesome retro fun, could use some more options

CorukoBardo | June 24, 2014 | See all CorukoBardo's reviews »

From a classic soccer game lover for classic soccer game lovers.

Gameplay won't disappoint: controlling is simple to master and quite useful, and AI level is challenging enough to give any experienced soccer game player a run for his money. Ball possession came out in the right measure. It's not that "100% glued to feet" scheme but - thank heavens - is not that "Korean robots soccer" ball-pushing that makes you perform 180º turns just to change dribbling direction either.

Graphics are not only the friendly essential but also quite classy, giving you the feeling of something modern yet with a classic touch. No flashy GPU-demanding stuff just to drive the attention away from possible lack of decent content or gameplay (yes, Pro Evolution Soccer series, I'm looking at you).

The options the game offers are the only reason I didn't give this game a straight 100 grade. Don't get me wrong, they're pretty fine, but could be better. I don't mind the fictional teams and players higly based on reality (metropolitan teams being better than the ones from smaller cities and squads having plenty of selected foreigners rather than being fully composed by locals), much for the contrary, I do appreciate such creativity. And 200 teams to choose from are definitely a fair amount. Thing is, they just resume to premier and access leagues from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. There aren't any other teams beyond that nor even national teams, and you can only play exhibition matches or a league with those (no custom competitions either). My point being, a game this good makes you wish for more.

Bottomline, worth it. A soccer game in its pure essence, away from the commercialism that gets the better out of EA Sports soccer titles (FIFA and FIFA Manager) or Konami titles. In terms of fun it doesn't trail any other soccer title around. ;)


Surprisingly really fun!

ExzoSSG | June 13, 2014 | See all ExzoSSG's reviews »

One of the very few times when the "Key Features" on the store page are actually truthful.

This game is loads of fun! When I started my first match I was getting a feel of the controls and once I adapted it was strait face from then on. I was on the edge of my chair fighting for the ball trying to score a goal. In the end I lost that match but damn it felt good because they had to fight for it.

At first glance this game doesn't look like much but trust me when I say that this game is intense if you are a soccer lover. Oh, and it also has full rebindable keys and works with almost any controller.

My only one gripe is that it doesn't have multiplayer. With as chaotic and fast paced as this game is it would be nice to play against a friend.


Great game !

Muky44 | June 7, 2014 | See all Muky44's reviews »

If you want to play soccer/football simulator try this out ! Gameplay is interesting , fun and cooperative . Game has great sound effects and atmosphere is awesome . Graphic is shooth but not so bad . If you want some cooperative and challange buy this game .