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mahon | June 11, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

The Jagged Alliance franchise has been waiting for a worthy continuation for many years. Both Back in Action and Crossfire didn't earn the appreciation that the early games of the series had. Now Flashback has all it takes to do the job well. It doesn't try to simplify things or change them only for the sake of change. It refreshes things, improves, streamlines and so it seems the Jagged Alliance will finally receive a decent continuation. Bear in mind the title is still an early access thing now, so some aspects may still be polished or tweaked (I doubt the developers will decide to act against the popular demands and ruin something). So if the price is not holding you back and you enjoyed the Jagged Alliance series with its micromanagement, detailed combat, hit locations, precise planning, multitude of weapons and skill combinations, you will feel at home here. And the map editor will allow to keep you busy with this game for long. Don't expect next-gen visuals and sound, it's all in the gameplay!