Reviews for Battlefield 3


A battlefield for veteran's

luci2100 | July 28, 2014 | See all luci2100's reviews »

I personally had much fun playing it,DICE tried hard to make this game as beautifull and as fun as possible by its Frostbite engine which deliver's an eyecandy visual experience.

There are also tons of vehicle's from Motorcicle's to Plane's which makes the game even more fun specially when playing multiplayer.

There are much things to do specially by the ability of teamwork that this game give's in which i would totally suggest a microphone.

You can be either Support or Engineer or Sniper or Medic or Assault,there are many opportunities as every class in a squad has its role to play in a good squad as in Battlefield 3 teamwork is essential.

If you want to play this then buy it it's one of the best FPS shooters around there which has like no other game's to match against it.


Battlefield 3 Reviev

Emotivnilik | June 9, 2014 | See all Emotivnilik's reviews »

Hello All Today Me Reviev BatleField3 On First look i have batlefield on origin And me expiriance so far is Server Browser Is very Good lag is Very Normal User Experiance Bugs is very rare Now To Review game 4 CLass Medic Suport Assault And Sniper All class have weapons and items that goes with class And ulocked by level Progresion For Dot Scope you need 10 kils for beter 20 for modification many kils requred and that is motivation for playing Game engine is fokused on Drive Plane helicopters jets boats jeeps and many field vehicle You Can play coop mision or multiplayer or campange Much ways to unlock modifs armor and camo Very good game for Online Fps Recomended


A bit late, but this actually is a good game.

sas41 | June 8, 2014 | See all sas41's reviews »

I know this review is a bit late, but I can't believe nobody wrote one yet. Battlefield 3 was a mess when it first came out. But as of the writing of this review BF3 is a functional and a really fun game. I spend over 300 hours in it and had a lot of fun, I got the game before a few months after the launch and it had it's ups and down but if you are looking for a solid shooter, Battlefield 3 is a good one.

The current price tag is really good if you missed out on the free giveaway or the Humble Origin Bundle, considering it was more than twice the price at release.