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one of the best early city simulators!

mirta000 | May 16, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

It does what the previous installments did, only better. The game consists of building a city while catering to the wants of the population. You have to build the type of plot that your citizens want at the moment - it can be industrial, living or shopping districts. Then you have to think about what your citizens will need - water, electricity, garbage disposal services. You have different ways of going about all of this. You can go for clean energy ,or you can build a messy powerplant. You can build a large garbage dump, or you can build garbage. All of this will lost you money. Money that you'll collect back in taxes from your citizens. Then there's an extra layer of difficulty - your citizens will require schools, police, firemen services. I was never able to be able to afford enough of these for the whole city, so you have to compromise - taxes sky high or no school in smaller villages? Ran out of space? No problem! In Simcity 4 you can connect your cities to other cities around it and build those other cities yourself! Let's say that you built a town with no industrial zones - well when you'll connect that said town to the one next to it and start playing in the one next to it, the need for industrial zones will be sky high, but the need for a living area will be low! Terrain forming tools - build your forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. Whatever you want to build - you can build! Though remember that some terrains can be quite a challenge to build on later! Driving missions - sometimes the game will offer you some driving missions. If you fulfill them you'll get a lot of money. They can range anywhere from "get these children to school" to "catch a criminal". The driving is not top notch in Sim City 4. The cars in front of you can randomly disappear from existence for example. However for what it's worth the mode is fun. Cause your own disasters! Want to destroy the city that you just built? you're free to do so! By now there are more complex simulators on the market (cities XL would be a good example), however Simcity 4, despite its age is still worth getting and playing. It was a really good simulator for its time and it's still quite good!