Reviews for Qbeh - 1 The Atlas Cube


Puzzle Renaissance

sycomantis1991 | June 19, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Every indie developer and their roommate has been making indie puzzle games since Portal shocked the world. Most are duds, but enough games turn out to be true gems that it's not really a big deal. This is definitely one of those games. It;s set atop massive, elevated structures unlike most that take place in tight corridors. The platform creating mechanic works pretty well and can be surprisingly challenging. The height factor definitely makes the game more tense, and it can be engrossing to play. Unfortunately, all of these games are short, but it's still worth the cash.


Well-made puzzle game

sweetcuppincake | May 23, 2014 | See all sweetcuppincake's reviews »

As you might guess from the title, Qbeh is a game that deals with cubes. It's a first person puzzle game in which you gather and place cubes in order to progress through each level. As you play, there are new types of cubes with different properties and of course new types of puzzles where these cubes are needed. The visual style of Qbeh is not complex, but it does a lot with it. The platforms you traverse are in varied states of decay and though a missed jump means death, the sky you can plummet through is rather striking. The soundtrack is soothing and doesn't distract from puzzling. Overall, I enjoy this game. It is mysterious and calming all at once. Definitely check this out it.


A game after my own heart!

toshexy | May 18, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

Love this game! It's a visually pleasing game yet simplistically so. The world is set above the clouds, and you are in some cube made buildings and you have to find your way through. In your way are obstacles and you overcome them by solving puzzles. I love puzzle games too, so this game combines 2 of the most important aspects in a game for me. You need to find cubes you can pick up and solve puzzles with them. The number of cubes is limited so you need to play it smart. All in all a wonderful, visually pleasing, relaxing yet at the same time challenging puzzle game. The cherry on top of the cream is the music which is wonderful and soothing. As I said, this game is great and you have to get it! Period! Do it!