Reviews for The Last Door: Season One


Has some great moments, but ultimately disappointing

Maxmetpt | July 27, 2015 | See all Maxmetpt's reviews »

I've played the first episode of this game more than a year ago, and I was very excited to play the rest! Seeing how the game was being funded by each episode, I decided to wait until it was "finished". When it released on Steam, for 10$, I assumed it was. After getting the game... I realized it's not finished at all. There are 4 episodes, and yet no closure. Each episode ends in a sort of "cliff hanger", and the last one follows the same principle. So, know that you are paying for only a part of the whole story. Now, there's also the fact that this is purely a homage to Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft (and other similar writers, I assume). It's far more Poe than Lovecraft in both atmosphere and scenes. It's not the scientific exploration of grander-than-life terrors and beings of ultimate power, but more about the schizophrenic perception of the world, one that is full of ravens. The atmosphere in the game is really well achieved! And there are scenes that felt genuinely creepy and unsettling to me, which is awesome! The game, despite its very low resolution, looks good, and, for the most part, gives the player enough information. The soundtrack is my favourite part of the game, it definitely fits the theme and is very pleasant to hear. ... Unfortunately, that's about it. As a game, it's a very average point n' click, with some obtuse puzzles, although it manages to be reasonable, most of the time. There are some frustrating sections, though. There's no player agency. The game doesn't really feel like it wants to express something, or tell a story. It just keeps going, with each episode being very disconnected from the previous, instead of building up to something. It borrows from the mentioned authors, but that's all it does. The story revolves around the occult, but not in any meaningful way. I just felt nothing, playing through it. And, for a point n' click, it's a hard sell, to me. In a genre that relies mostly on story, it as very little going for it. I'll leave it with a fairly high rating for the fact that it's well done. Great scenes and audio-visual design! It's just something that I felt was very forgetful.


A Lovecraftian hidden gem

OverHaze | May 31, 2015 | See all OverHaze's reviews »

Even among adventure game fans this is sorely overlooked. If you aren't a pixel art fan this probably won't win you over but for everyone else this is an atmospheric and engrossing experience with one heck of a soundtrack!


Very good

Cavalieroscuro | May 24, 2014 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you love Lovecraft, if you love point and click adventure, you should try this. Pixel art is well done (very similar to Home, if you've tried it), the soundtrack is good and there are four scenarios to play. Maybe is short, but is still worth its price.