Reviews for Street Fighter X Tekken


Not easy but FUN

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

Street Fighter x Tekken's gameplay style ties more closely to its brother, Street Fighter IV. However it's tag team system makes it unique and gives a sort of difficulty. You have to time everything carefully. Arcade mode is a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing through each duo's storylines. Challenges are helpful when it comes to learning each character and the move commands between tekken and street fighter characters is unique. However, when it comes to multilplayer on the PC, it's a bit disappointing. There aren't many players due to the PC port not being as popular and servers are kind of buggy and disconnects quite a bit. I wouldn't recommend this towards a tekken fan because of the gameplay style but if you're a big street fighter player and don't mind the tekken characters, this might be the game for you.


Best of the arcade days in one!

toshexy | May 24, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

I love going to arcades with friends. Most of them got latest gen consoles these days, but some of them also have the old arcades with the good old games. Lately we've been skipping on the arcades and hitting it on SFxTK! Story mode? Sure! Versus mode - you got it! Tons of fun? Check! Good graphics - good enough! This game has it all, and I mean it. Just make sure you have some friends with you and some spare cheap controllers - cause there will be blood and controllers might be broken in the heat of the excitement this game brings! (trust me I almost wrecked one of the controllers at the arcades the other day) Stakes are high, adrenaline too. It must have been a tough job to put both these 2 major names in fighting games into one place but man did Capcom and Namco pull it off! The mechanics and most the fighting feel resembles SF more, but TK has contributed with the tag system. There's always double the players fighting and double the fun. There's a gem system in play, that I haven't really grasped altogether myself yet, but it seems like it plays a big tactical role. Graphics are a bit overwhelming. At times there's just too much going on on the screen and it can be a bit confusing or cluttered. But once you get used to it it's not that bad. MK is far superior in this area and it's x-ray slow motion critical attack is really awesome, so it's a more of a bare-bone fighter game with a few blings. SFxTK on the other hand has a lot of more mechanics in it and is a lot more flashy - but it still captures that old arcade fighter feel. Down side is - not all your beloved characters from both games are playable but some you may unlock via a DLC apparently. Also multiplayer mode was not real great either - especially the matchmaking, but that could be due to regional or technical circumstances so not too sure about that. Bottom line is this: if you want a great game to brawl on with 3 of your friends, and have a ton of fun while shouting HADOKEN this is the game for you! GET IT!