Reviews for Full Bore


It's Alright.

hoopscoop3000 | May 29, 2014 | See all hoopscoop3000's reviews »

I have a couple hours in this game and... it's enjoyable. It's a fun little platformer with a variety of stuff to do. I enjoyed my time with it. If it's on a discount (Like it is at the time of this review) then I would recommend a purchase. Also, the story is charming enough that I enjoyed it.


A game about boars...

damaffin | May 29, 2014 | See all damaffin's reviews »

By now most people have tried a lot of indie games. They're probably saying that there is nothing new or innovative left in the genre, no way for this to evolve. This game proves them wrong. It shows indie games can be made with any idea. Now a bit about the game. It is a platformer puzzle game, that has an open world. In my opinion the game had good graphics and a fun story and finally an interesting idea of a boar being the main character. But then again, it follows the same path that most other platformers follow and the gameplay gets very similar after a while. But overall I say this game is rather good and if the genre interest you, give it a go.


I am become PUMBA!

toshexy | May 26, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

I gotta say, I have never played as a bore before (rhyme!). Still this game peaked my interest. It's a puzzle platformer, and if you've read any of my reviews you'll know I LOVE PUZZLE AND PLATFORMER GAMES! You know how some people are more curious than others. Those kind of people that wanna check every side route in a game just for the sake of curiosity? This is a game for those kinds of people. If you're not very curious and like linear games then you might not enjoy this game so much, or might not explore it's full potential. Graphics aside, because lately pixelated 8bit games are simply "rad" - and let's face it we like and don't mind it - this game is very well made. The puzzles are fun and the element of joy when discovering a secret just hits you with this game - you feel so great when you play it! The best part is, all the puzzles can be solved at the spot - no need to wait for further in the game so that you acquire some ability or not... it's just you, your brain and the puzzle! Puzzles get more complex the further you progress and with each puzzle you might learn something about the blocks you thought you already knew. Solving them is very satisfying and ego-boosting. You will definitely feel very smart after clearing some of them. The game is accompanied by nice background art, animations and a wonderful soundtrack. There are occasional spelling and grammar errors, but hey, nothing too major. All in all a great indie game, the kind after my own heart and I can't but give it a very high rating. Go and get it!!!