Reviews for Age of Booty


A great little game (limited multi-player)

penfold82 | Dec. 24, 2014 | See all penfold82's reviews »

This game is great in short bursts. Basically you sail around capturing towns, picking up floating crates and destroying other boats to pick up materials for upgrades and special bonuses. It's easy to pick up but it can get pretty hard. The graphics are fine and the music is okay (very piratey) but the controls feel a little clumsy at times (probably quite suitable for a boat). The multi-player option is restricted to LAN (original online multi-player is broken) and requires a fix, which can be found on forums if you're keen to play LAN. Overall it is a good game. It's very simple and fun but it will only last a few hours in single player mode as it was originally aimed at being a multi-player game.


A quick and fun multiplayer title

nairume | May 27, 2014 | See all nairume's reviews »

"Age of Booty is a fantastic game that anybody seeking a perfect party game should quickly seek out" Age of Booty is a simple game with a simple premise. You are a pirate. There are other pirates. There are towns. There are things to loot. You raid towns, loot the things, and race against other pirates to achieve those goals. Maps all hold these same goals, meaning all that changes between different locations is the setup of each location. New games in new areas will simply feature differing landscape with resources and towns thrown around in different numbers and arrangements. Likewise, the visuals are simple and do just enough to let you know what each object and locale represents and does little more. At an initial peak, Age of Booty seems to be overly simple. This simplicity is, however, Age of Booty's greatest strength. As the game itself is effectively a board game, this simplicity makes for the game to be easily picked up by players and quickly enjoyed by anybody of any level of gaming background. This game is infinitely accessible and infinitely fun as part of it. It's such an easy game to drag out for parties and pass around controllers, making it perfect for its job. Furthermore, the variations available for play are just enough to give the perfect level of variety for play. Players can either battle it out on their own or be organized into teams, aided or hindered by AI pirate crews, changing the mix up enough to where each game of AoB is exciting and fun to play. "Age of Booty is a fantastic game that anybody seeking a perfect party game should quickly seek out".