Reviews for Dark Void


As game goes it's gets better.

Furrek | Oct. 13, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Don't be afraid to play it for few minutes more. It starts as a really decent game but as it goes, it's gets much, MUCH better. Maybe the story isn't so great but some gameplay mechanics are awesome. Like using jetpack. It was probably my favorite thing in this game. Some of locations in game are also very interesting. Sadly, this game have also "minuses". Like I said, you need to spend some time to get to interesting parts. There aren't many enemies, and kinda outdated game engine makes you think that it could have been done better. Still, it sure is worth giving a try. You will surprised, I'm sure of it.


De-Void of anything truly memorable

MadDemon64 | May 29, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Dark Void is a fairly generic shooting game. There are some flying sections, but nothing really stands out in this game. Dark Void has some interesting ideas, but nothing sets it apart from the rest. The story is fairly generic, the cover system is the same one featured in every third person shooter, and the voice acting/animations are sub-par. There are some interesting parts, where you take cover in areas where gravity seems weird and you need to jump from cover to cover instead of run, but that is really just window dressing. Dark Void isn’t a good game. It has enough to not make it a bad game, but there is far better out there.


A little bit of the old and something new.

Awensis | June 1, 2014 | See all Awensis's reviews »

I must admit that when I first got this game I did not expect anything more or less than a third person cover shooter that will mindlessly help me waste some time when relaxing. However I was pleasantly surprised, not by the gameplay as it was just a generic cover shooter but by the implementation of the jet pack and climbing system. Essentially the game offers you the freedom to move around my scaling ledges with super powered jet pack jumps as well as letting you fly around on the aforementioned jet pack without limit. The one problem with the jet pack is that it does not offer much versatility and unless you boost it feels sluggish. also (It may be because I, personally am not good at the game) but aiming with the jet pack is hard because it has two controls (A and S to spin and the mouse to do basic turns). There are RPG elements to this game as it offers you upgrades which are acquired by killing enemies for currency. However the one sad thing may be that these upgrades are a little generic as they do not offer much of a visual change to your equipment. another downside is that there isn't much weapon choice (7 I think all together). The graphics for this game are slightly dated for a 2010 release but still offer a really nice aesthetic although the characters can look a bit weird at times. The level design is very good and offers a nice challenge as you can either use flight combat, Cover or just gung-ho it and hope for the best. The story line is very well written, scripted and the voice actors are decent. The story does get very convoluted and somewhat disappointing by the end making the ending seemed rushed (might be because of deadline or other factors) which can ruin the whole story (Yes story not Gameplay) experience as it is extremely anticlimactic. Finally, The game is is very fun and implements the jet pack mechanic very well adding a little extra sparkle to the game. the level designs are good and do offer a challenge however the story is a bit disappointing by the end. Still I feel that this game will offer a bit of nostalgia to some that play it (The Rocketteer, and such) especially me, so I chose to give this game a 60.


Unpolished but worth your while!

AkiMatti | May 28, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

Back when there was only hype to be heard of Dark Void, the game was set to be superb and the plans for it were big. Unfortunately, not nearly everything could be implemented into the game that was scheduled so that is why the game has some problems. But I'll get to the good bits first! Graphics: The game looks pretty good, actually. Not stunning or anything, but good enough for me at least. There is some good level design seen throughout. Controls: I cannot say anything about keyboard and mouse controls since I only played with my Logitech F510. But with the controller I felt like the player character responded to my commands quite nicely. Flying with the jetpack especially feels amazing! If only there was more of it. Walking, running and gunning on the ground is not well made as flying but works. I was able to get enemies in my aiming reticule pretty fast while still being able to move about like I wanted. Sounds: As the most easily neglected portion of any game, sounds can play a significant role in how much a game can be enjoyed. Poor sound design can ruin otherwise capable game. Fortunately, nothing ear-breaking could be heard even if nothing remarkable was either. If it doesn't feel like it needs fixing, it must work! Overall: Seems like a hidden gem a bit like Spec Ops: The Line. I don't mean that the story would be as good but it is at least as good average third person shooter. The jetpack brings nice flying gameplay to the mix and keeps it interesting. Bonus: A lot of the enemies are robots so you don't have to feel sorry for them.


Averange game

Demilisz | May 27, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Dark Void is actually an average third person shooter. It is no bad, the problem is - outside jet pack this game doesn't add anything to the genre. If you ever want to play this game it is only because of aerial combat using jet pack. It was not enough when this game was released, but should be enough now, especially with current price. If you want some third person action mixed with aerial combat - buy it, now this game is worth it's price.


Must pay game

the0warrior | May 27, 2014 | See all the0warrior's reviews »

Well.... This game have a tons of fun, The graphic and physics is very good The story is great The controls are easy New enemies every level New powers every chapter definition in one word {awesome}



nairume | May 27, 2014 | See all nairume's reviews »

Dark Void is a game that should have been interesting. Dark Void is a game that should have been fun. Dark Void is a game that should have been a lot of things. Jetpacks are awesome. Shooters are awesome. As such, shooters with jetpacks should be awesome. Dark Void is a shooter with a jet pack. In theory, this should have been a winning combination. You are granted wide open fields to jet around in, but these levels aren't really full of much to do and what is there is highly repetitive. This level of stretching the content out through repetition is even sadder when you finish the game after a few hours and find that it was trying to drag out an even shorter experience. Add that to the game's shoddy visuals and audio issues and you've got a game that is subpar. At the same time, it's not nearly bad enough to be an interesting failure. It's just middle of the line and unforgettable as a whole.


Sorta clumsyish

Dagexon | May 26, 2014 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

One of the main problems that I have with this game is that using the jet pack didn't feel as easy as I would have liked. I think that this could perhaps been due to the camera angle that you're given when using it not being to my liking or maybe it is just because I lack the skill required. Either way for me personally, with the jetpack the way that it is it, the whole Ariel combat mechanic feels clumsy and dissapointing. This is therefore a shame seeing that that was pretty much the games only redeeming feature, the story is best ignored, the game is incredibly linear and there is little variation in the enemy ai. Having criticised the game however the price can justify the purchase for some