Reviews for ARMA II


An Unforgiving War

Daguy783 | July 15, 2011 | See all Daguy783's reviews »

Make one mistake in this game and you'll find yourself laying on the ground critically injured or simply dead. While there is a single-player mode to ARMA, it's not necessarily known for that. There is a very powerful editor that you can find yourself spending hours perfecting and then play out in its full glory. Another thing about Arma is its mods. Many of them give completely new Armies to play around with and others improve upon the core gameplay, more notably is ACE, Lastly, Multiplayer is what brings the game full circle. It's fun playing against AI but nothing beats playing in a war scenario with your buddies beside you. It's not very fast paced, but if your into realistic shooters, I suggest you buy this.


Best FPS

marcoosh | July 10, 2011 | See all marcoosh's reviews »

If you don't like games like Call of Duty this is a game for you. This is the real war simulator. Teamwork is the most important thing. Maps are BIG, really BIG. Graphics are just awesome. Sounds of guns are also very good. This game is just awesome and you must play it.


The Best Miltiary Sim To date

fable2 | July 9, 2011 | See all fable2's reviews »

Arma 2 has defintely grown on me, i have gotten over the fact that the campaign was not fixed and have focused on mp and user made missions which have proven to be very addictive. Obviously there are some bugs which remain yet i dont find them to be all that distracting and can usually focus and have fun without worrying to much. The battles can be very intense as you have the ability to wage war with thousands of AI opponents and still remaining very realistic as one bullet can end your game for good, this is no COD or BF rambo run and gun bs this is a military sim and needs to be played as such in order to enjoy the game for what it is. With that being said i could only recommend this game to those with high end pc's as arma 2 can be very demanding CPU and GPU wise, if you can exceed the recommended requirements then you should be able to run it fine yet it seems people with min specs tend to struggle. Overall arma 2 sets out to do what it does best which is huge battles across wide open spaces with massive amounts of AI.


be soldier!

chramox | July 9, 2011 | See all chramox's reviews »

game is wonderfull if like sandbox style realistic military simulate game!. you can make own mission in editor, and with mods its good at all. game has heavy engine so is not recomendet for low-end pc. games like CoD-series its huge different, arma II is more tactical like CoD where just run and kill peoples, in arma you not going play like same style, if you play, you die. i recommend this game if you dont like CoD style, and i redcomendet if you like simulate game.


Amazing and just fun to play!

Asho_Man | July 8, 2011 | See all Asho_Man's reviews »

This game may take time downloading so just put your laptop (if using one) next to your internet modum it will be faster, but is well worth the wait. This game puts Call of Duty to shame a real time combat game with great graphics and massive maps to play on, recomended for all First-Person Shooter fans only problem is some glitches but there minor so rarelly happen, and the guns could be more customisable but a if you havent already consider buying this game, it is well worth waiting for.


My Arma II Review

SirGray | July 8, 2011 | See all SirGray's reviews »

Great military sim but not for those of us trying to make a switch from twitch shooters like UT3 or even Cod4 MW 1 and 2. My initial excitement in purchasing this game wore off the more I notice how stranded the game makes you feel. The first couple of missions, as long as you follow the basics are pretty straightforward. You get to play in some pretty intense gunfights. But after that, it gets really annoying when you have to take jeep rides and chopper trips to drop off points. It would have really helped if the first few missions had some pop-up help directions to get you going. I always think about booting up this game when I start my computer but think about the cumbersome nature of gameplay. Somehow I feel there is still a sweet spot between games like this (accessible to mostly hardcore simmers) and the classic Rainbow Six Series. I would love to see a cleaner interface, intuitive controls, and 'newbie' friendly popups in the next interaction of ARMA 2.


"Watch your six".....or something like that anyway.

K1eaner | July 8, 2011 | See all K1eaner's reviews »

FPS stands for First Person Shooter, well, this comes under that genre in a field of its own called Simulation Shooter. The first game that comes to mind is Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crysis. A game which was developed by Bohemia Interactive and Published by Codemasters, then something happened, they split and Codemasters kept the Operation Flashpoint franchise and Bohemia were left with.....well, nothing. So, they got up, dusted off and moved on and made ArmA: Armed Assault, a game which was frankly, the best simulation game to hit the market, with multiple tasks in a singular mission and also vehicles. Why am I giving this history lesson, well because that was just a to prepare you for what ArmA 2 has in store, and it as lot of stuff in store, there are a whole multitude of missions, with side missions, armory where you can try out the various vehicles, both land and air and also weapons. Sure there is the standard game play and the control system is a little complicated if you don't have a 5 button mouse and the graphics are pretty....moderate, but who cares, it's a military simulation shooter. It's supposed to be about tactics and stealthy game play in a sandbox game, you will pilot choppers, man the commander seat of tanks and will probably learn a lot about the military from playing this game, or not. There's more, there are also Gigabytes of mod's that you can choose from, from normal skins for your assault rifle to full fledged jets that you can use in co-op mission and the mission editor, the mission editor is a much needed addition as it lets your creativity loose, you can choose to do a one man army with a 100 A.I or scale a full fledged war with more than a 1000 A.I, should your PC be able to handle such a massive scale of A.I fighting it out on a hillside. Jets fighting overhead and tanks firing from atop the hill as you dodge for cover. Its full on war, get your friends to play co-op and experience what true tactical game play is. There are mods, multiplayer communities, clans and a whole world of tactical gamers out there who would love to play some or just muck around on a server fiddling with A.I. Buy to experience, words cannot convey how great this game is, this game is the crown jewel in the world of Tactical Shooters, so If you call yourself a FPS pro, try your hand at this, you will not be disappointed.


Realism at it's best

bFasoX | July 7, 2011 | See all bFasoX's reviews »

Having played various FPS'es which all claimed to be "the most realistic" ones, this game totally deserves that title. The introduction into the game is well made, and a specific tension follows you throughout the whole game. Some scenes will make you doubt that you are actually sitting in front of your computer rather than fighting in real life by yourself. The gameplay is aside from some bugs flawless, and the engine does not require a pro-gamer to be played. Although the sounds could be updated, the game still provides hours of fun, and a lot of replayability due to the over-the-top AI. For shooter fans, this is a must-buy!



hotmando1 | July 7, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

First off, this game is the entire opposite of games such as call of duty and whatnot. It centers on realistic militaristic combat simulations. You can see your body, your arms, and everything in the world except your every-day commonly seen UI ( Examples:Map, obvious health bars, etc ). Arma2 does has a single player, but that's not the cream of the pie. The single player is obvious and your typical go kill this and that. The real game is the multiplayer and the MODS. Some mods let you have over a thousand enemies, just like a real war. But in regular multiplayer, you've got to actually think like your in a real war. Maps are extremely huge to the point it's hard to see someone, teamwork is a must. Multiplayer however takes a long time to do. Bugs and glitches are very few in Arma2. There is an expansion if you want to enhance your experience as well which is always nice. Graphics are extremely nice when they're in HD. Other than that, they look bland when the settings are set lower. Also, ARMA2 recently re-released as F2P but if you buy the game, you unlock everything. Good buy if your looking for a break from meat grinding games such as Modern Warfare.