Reviews for Seven Kingdoms II


Fight to win,negotiate to have the right and eventually dominate

XGpredator | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

Seven Kingdoms II because of its infinitely deep double aspect Strategy / Action and the outstanding graphic quality, we can clearly see that its much better than the first. Diplomacy, War, espionage, these notions and many more await the player in Seven Kingdoms. A great game


Old, but deep.

chairmank | Aug. 1, 2011 | See all chairmank's reviews »

On the surface, Seven Kingdoms II looks like a dated RTS of years past. But once you look past the graphics what you will find is surprisingly deep. Where modern RTS's tend to emphasize resource and army building to overwhelm your enemies. Seven Kingdoms II offers other paths such as espionage, trade, and diplomacy which are just as rewarding. The historical aspect of the game is also surprisingly correct and offers fun and interesting scenarios in a real world context. If you're a strategy fan you can't go wrong!


Awesome RTS

hotmando | July 29, 2011 | See all hotmando's reviews »

If your like me that wanted Warcraft2 to be very similar to warcraft1..and starcraft1..then the game. Mass armies and fantasy settings. The game really built on what people wanted at the time. Being able to field massive fodder and giants of monsters! How great is that? And best of all, they just slam and crumble into each other...fantastic. Combat is lesser than current day, that is a given. No sync kills or anything. 3d is not very present as well, so don't expect dawn of war 2 visuals. Still..gameplay is just amazing. The plot is great...But if your attention span is really short like mine..the game gets boring later. Random campaigns may be different but they're all the same in a way with the same end goal. Nothing to really define them. Still...if you like rts games with a rpg blend, then this is for you.