Reviews for Ampu-Tea


A Handful of Laughs

emptyhaven | Oct. 20, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

It's easy to forget why simulator games are laughed at so much. And then you get games like this that show you just how ridiculous simulator games can be.

Ampu-Tea is about a man with an amputated arm. It is precisely this clunky, mechanical arm that you have to control to fix a cup of tea. There are mugs breaking everywhere, and water is being spilled. General hilarity ensues.

If you can stand Goat Simulator, then all the more will you be able to stand Ampu-Tea. Please play this game. Please.


Frustrating as all hell

ConorEngelb | Sept. 13, 2014 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

I like frustrating games, don't get me wrong, but sometimes they can be a little bit too frustrating. Like Ampu-Tea. I enjoyed Surgeon Simulator and I love tea, so I thought this game would be the game for me. Well, it's fun. But also really really annoying. The idea is similar to Surgeon Simulator: you control an arm, hand and fingers, while attempting to make a cup of tea as opposed to conducting an operation. However, the controls are a little bit too finicky and leave you prone to knocking the shelf of cups over, or just generally clearing the table off for no apparent reason. I'd recommend the game as a novelty, but nothing much more than that.


Surgeon Simulator with tea

884okeoJ | July 7, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

This game is a love-it-or-hate-it type of game. If you're the type of person who enjoys a slightly unfair challenge that that of Surgeon Simulator, you'll love ampu-tea. The gameplay is very similar, as well as the graphic style. If you enjoy games like Surgeon Simulator and Octodad, Ampu-Tea is a must-buy.


Nice puzzle game

Cavalieroscuro | June 1, 2014 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Ampu-Tea is a little puzzle game, very similar to Surgeon Simulator 2013. If you've played that one, the gameplay is pretty much the same, and you must prepare a tea instead of a surgical intervent.

If you loved Surgeon Simulator, then give it a try.