Reviews for Valiant Hearts - The Great War


A bright journey to the the first Great War

nifeleki | June 16, 2015 | See all nifeleki's reviews »

We all have played games based on the Great Wars, action shooters or strategies, they all succeed based on the destructive face of the war. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is different. It makes you feel the tragedy of the War without using any violence in its pallet of emotions.The developer of this one is Ubisoft Montpellier. The game narrates the story of the first Great War through the lives of 4 characters as they see them changed hard. It is a 2D puzzle adventure that it also includes quick time events and a little shooting and all of these, structured on a powerful artstyle and a touching narration.The game is built in a comic style with vivid imagery that you cannot stop admiring. The music is intense and makes the game an emotional vessel for the player to feel the tragedies of a war.As you progress through the story ,the game gives you information on some historical facts that took place through the Great War. It shows you the vanity and cruelty of war and highlights the power of friendship and the bonds that can be crafted.It provides 5-6 hours of gameplay. This one is a must have for everyone who love videogames


A stunning game!

usmanwah | March 24, 2015 | See all usmanwah's reviews »

World War 1 games are rare. Those with a compelling and touching story are even rarer. 'Valiant Hearts: The Great War' is a 2D puzzle adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. Set in France during WWI it tells the story of four characters (and a dog) which include a French, a German, an American, and a Belgian Nurse and how the war affects their lives, dependencies they build and friendships that are made along the way. From a gameplay point of view, Valiant Hearts is less of a game and more of an interactive animated movie/comic. Gameplay mechanics are restricted to solving a few easy puzzles in the form of tossing objects, pulling levers, issuing orders and executing QTE sequences. There are absolutely no hair-pulling moments or frustrating puzzles which is a positive because, in games belonging to the same genre, narrative often gets buried underneath tough gameplay and extremely difficult riddles. Art is one of the two areas (music being the other one) where this game truly shines. The art-style is, simply put, phenomenal. The story events are set in France and the areas include trenches, underground tunnels, field hospitals, prisoner of war camps, towns and farms. Coming to the he soundtrack, it was brilliant! Easily the best in-game music I've listened to in some time. Really captures the mood and reminded me of war-themed movies like Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. The game touches the themes of war including conscription, desertions and mutiny. The characters are very close to life and it's easy to empathize with their condition. The story is touching and, suffice to say, I almost shed a tear when it ended. Not to mention it was fun and very informative reading the diary and historical facts related to WWI that were included in-game. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the best six bucks I've ever spent. Who says Ubisoft makes rubbish games?


Valiant Hearts- A special game

kmac5064 | July 7, 2014 | See all kmac5064's reviews »

Valiant Hearts is a beautifully written story set in one of the darkest times in history. Ubisoft have made great use of the art style to portray the horrors of war, a refreshing take over the typical blood and guts approach. Although a puzzle based game, it is clear these are just for player interaction and the main heart is placed on the story rather than game play. That said, the puzzles are interesting and never once did I feel a sense of boredom and repetition with the exception being the medic revives which began to drag out a little bit. There are numerous collectible items throughout the levels based on real war objects. They come with little snippets of information and are something you genuinely want to collect and read up on, similar to the historical facts that are presented at the start of each new area. The soundtrack is fantastic and fits perfectly with the story in a striking way, delivering some great moments. All the way through to the incredibly emotional finale, Valiant Hearts delivers an exceptional experience that will remain with me for many years to come and I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to sit down and enjoy(??) something a little different.


Storytelling at its best

sslemons | July 7, 2014 | See all sslemons's reviews »

Valiant Hearts is a 2D side scroller with a very simplistic art style. This game features a highly emotional story based of true recollections from World War 1. You experience the game through the eyes of 4 different characters. The main gameplay aspect in this game is puzzles, all of which are relatively simple. This is definitely one of the best games I have played this year, I don't want to spoil any of the story. I highly recommend you buy it now!


Good Game

bayu1239 | July 5, 2014 | See all bayu1239's reviews »

Ubisoft did a good try with this game. They've tried again, with something different, and it worked. This game is all about telling a great war story, through puzzles and completing things for others, which I liked very much. The puzzles are very well created, not hard, but not so easy. The visual style of the game is right on place and it matches the story setting. i play this game everyday and anywhere (y)


Great game

youknowwho77 | June 30, 2014 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

Ubisoft did a good try with this game. They've tried again, with something different, and it worked. This game is all about telling a great war story, through puzzles and completing things for others, which I liked very much. The puzzles are very well created, not hard, but not so easy. The visual style of the game is right on place and it matches the story setting. You should play this game.


Valiant Hearts - A Rare Gem

Ryukrieger | June 29, 2014 | See all Ryukrieger's reviews »

When you think "World War games", you think "BOOM! HEADSHOT" or "One man army shoot an army". But Valiant Hearts is a very... very... different game from those. The characters aren't super humans, they can't do everything by themselves, when the playable characters are together, they would help each other. When they're alone, you have to solve puzzles, help other people, etc... I've nearly finished the game, but the amount of "combat" there was in the game... not much at all, most of the time you'll be spending *helping* people, enjoying the story, yes, war is painful, war is bad, the characters themselves are suffering trying to live through war. The story is stunning, the puzzles are creative, the art style is... unique, the music is flawless. This isn't an AAA game, but it's definitely one of the best game I've played this season. If you enjoy narratives in game and puzzles, you will enjoy this game. 96 because it's only my opinion and anyone can have another. And remember, it's just a personal recommendation!


Pretty good puzzle game and for mature audience

tixepower | June 28, 2014 | See all tixepower's reviews »

It's a really good 6 hour puzzle game about world war 1. This is not a game for kids, the game is made for mature audience and is trying to describe war, death, humans, evil and love. What I really liked about this game is how accurate it was trying to be. During the game I slowly unlocked more and more facts about that war, and some old photos I coould look at. I will recommend this game to you who is searching for a game without fart jokes, a game you can play with a cup of tea when you are ready to feel something. I will also recommend this game to you if you liked "Tale of Two Brothers" that is also really good and offers a similar experience. You will need a Ubisoft Uplay account to play this, I did just that and everything worked without any problems. Fast download and easy to install.



Bolo | June 27, 2014 | See all Bolo's reviews »

Very emotional game with good storytelling, a great artistic game. The graphics matches nicely with the 2D sidescrolling-puzzle world. I didn't feel that repetitiveness as others; the puzzles are mostly logical and the game is generally forgiving.