Reviews for RailWorks 2: Doncaster Works Train Expansion Pack



sng7 | Sept. 27, 2011 | See all sng7's reviews »

This is one of my favourite pieces of dlc for railworks as it includes the brilliant class 03 Shunter and the superb Doncaster works route. The class 03 itself is an amazing little shunter, it's well detailed and has prototypical gearing as well making it great to drive. The route itself is highly detailed and brilliant fun to drive on especially if you like shunting, with the intricately detailed works and the mainline next door. Overall this is a must buy.


Nice DLC/Expansion.

iIDevvz | June 10, 2011 | See all iIDevvz's reviews »

This is a really nice expansion to the RailWorks games. You get alot of new trains, and some nice UK buildings. The game is a recommendation, but you can read other reviews on the main game. But, the other DLC/Expansions are really nice too. You got many DLC too choose, so choose one, and enjoy playing!