Reviews for Quantum Conundrum Bundle


Excellent FPP

hepatitisbees | July 14, 2014 | See all hepatitisbees's reviews »

First person puzzle games are certainly underrated as a genre, so Quantum Conundrum admittedly is lacking in its competition. However, the game shines in its niche genre. Filled with whimsy and character, Quantum Conundrum is an excellent example of good level design, an interesting, if simple story, which revolves around you saving an eccentric family member from another dimension, and strong use of mechanics. In QC, you use four different dimensional properties in conjunction with each other, in order to make your way through labs and living rooms to complete your objective. Along the way is a heartwarmingly simple story, filled with good humor and eccentricity. The only potential issues with this game are its length, which is on the short side, and its difficulty, which can sometimes be underwhelming, except for in the DLC, where things get a bit more difficult. Overall, however, Quantum Conundrum is excellent.


Underrated Gem

minoru09 | June 8, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

From the brilliant mind behind the Portal series, Quantum Conundrum offers similar puzzle mechanic involving dimensions switching. You are visiting your uncle house and for some reason your uncle is trapped in alternate dimensions. Using a device that can switch dimensions, you must solve different puzzles to save him. The graphic, while not breathtaking or anything, is really nice with that cartoony look. Unfortunately this game is never as big as Portal and that's quite a shame because the game is really fun albeit pretty short.