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Prepare to watch all of your friends and family die painfully.

Perception1987 | June 19, 2014 | See all Perception1987's reviews »

XCOM is one of those brutal franchises that has made gaming great. You are the commander of the X-COM project. Earths only line of defense against an alien invasion. The countries of the world have banded together to fund your little army. However if you can't protect them you will lose their money and they may even leave the project all together. The classics collection is pretty legit. The first three games are incredibly difficult, and equally rewarding. I would recommend skipping over Enforcer and Interceptor though. I do not have nor have I heard a kind word said about those last to titles. Onto 2012's Enemy Unknown I was incredibly excited when I first heard Firaxis was picking up XCOM. Being a fan of the originally game for the entirety of my gaming career didn't help matters. While the graphics are modest to today's standards, when compared to classic XCOM there are not words to describe the improvement. Firaxis stayed very true to the original vision of the game, while streamlining and updating it for the modern gamer. Please don't take this to mean as a older fan you won't like it. It is a fantastic game. For the most part. It is obvious that a lot of heart was put into making this XCOM reboot. Still there are places where it falls short. Panic management is somewhat of a joke. It really makes you feel like you have no control. The classic difficulty is supposed to be true to the classic games. However while it does provide you with unlocked AI and takes away all the cheat the code does for you on lower settings. All of that cheating code goes into the enemy AI. You will make tactically sound choices and have a soldier hunkered down in full cover and still watch him die in one shot from a thin man crit. There is salvation to be had though. We will get there in a moment though. DLC. The scripted missions are fun the first time you play them. After that they are just tedious. Enemy Within. In 2013 Firaxis released Enemy Within. A rather large expansion with a 30 dollar price tag. (Gotta love bundles.) It is worth every penny. It breathes so much life into a game that I loved but grew weary of playing. The addition of Exalt (A human organization working against XCOM's goals.) was pretty sweet. Then there are Gene Mods and Mechs. Yes, I said it Mechs. They are awesome. So I did say salvation was at hand didn't I. A couple of intrepid fans decided that while XCOM was awesome it wasn't everything it could be. And so The Long War mod was born. The Long War on Enemy Within is the quintessential XCOM experience. Bringing over 700 hundred changes to the game it is everything you want it to be. Revamped aerial combat. Yes. 8 Total classes. Yes. Unchained AI on all difficulties. Yes. Almost all of the code that cheated for or against the player has been removed. If you lose a soldier there is no doubt that it is because you did something stupid/risky. That is a great feeling. So buy this collection, and for the love of XCOM install The Long War!


Amazing Deal

silverstone | June 10, 2014 | See all silverstone's reviews »

You simply cannot let this one pass up. Add in the voucher and the price will drop even further to 15$. Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within are two games that no true strategy fan should miss. Don't know much Bureau: XCOM Declassified, but you get that for free, so where's the harm?


Fantastic value and some great games!

supersheep27 | June 9, 2014 | See all supersheep27's reviews »

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a fantastic turn-based combat game when it came out back in 2012, and remains so, although the visuals cannot compare to recent titles. The upside to this is that the game is normally smooth on modest systems. In this game Earth has been attacked by aliens, and there is no alternative but to fight them. The gameplay often revolves around positioning soldiers into cover, and picking off aliens from a safe area, although I found this to be both fun and addictive. As you progress through the game, you are made to feel gradually stronger and stronger, which provides a good incentive to carry on playing, while the fact that specific soldiers can die and do not respawn makes each fight more desperate. Finally, the bundled expansion packs also add hours more playtime, so that overall, I really do not think this bundle should be missed. In terms of graphics requirements, the game works well enough on my laptop with integrated HD4000 graphics, however I do recommend checking the minimum requirements beforehand to avoid disappointment.


Great Collection

Demilisz | June 9, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

This is a great collection. For one price you get modern XCom with all DLC and whole classic collection (where Enforcer and Interceptor are poor games, but the rest are not). You can play the whole series and see what differences was made between classic Enemy Unknown and new one. If you doon't own this games already this is certainly a very good opportunity to get them.


Old and New in one strike!

Tretabyte | June 9, 2014 | See all Tretabyte's reviews »

If you are an XCOM fan, old games and/or new games, this collection is a huge must have. Great price and you also get a very good reward for your collection!