Reviews for Final Fantasy Double Pack


Great games; mediocre releases

exopimus | June 3, 2015 | See all exopimus's reviews »

I've reviewed both games separately on this site, so for more detail go to the game pages. What you need to know about this package is that it contains both games listed with nothing additional, at no discount. It may be that you wouldn't like both (VIII is a pretty significant departure from VII). Also of note is that little in the way of presentation has been optimized for either game, and music and sounds in particular, are poor quality (especially for VIII, VII sounds about as good as a playstation game). The sharp polygons on muddy pre-rendered backgrounds looks pretty bad on both games, though there are mods available that help in this regard (VII is better supported than VIII in this regard). Lastly, these do not play well with a keyboard. I don't recommend buying unless you have a good controller.


Console classics now on PC

mahon | June 17, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

Final Fantasy games are the stuff of legends already. Especially for people who played them on consoles, they pack a massive load of nostalgia. But even without it they remain some of the most memorable role playing games ever made. They're pretty good examples of the jRPG genre, so if you haven't tried them before - this is a good chance to try. This pack includes Final Fantasy VII and VIII, both of them really good games. You just have to get through the layer of pretty outdated graphics and oldish interface. The games show their age and I cannot say they aged nicely. But what makes them worth the time and attention is the story and interesting setting. I recommend that anybody who missed the Final Fantasy train takes the opportunity of having the games now on PCs and gives them a go.