Reviews for Martial Arts: Capoeira


Really so-so...

toshexy | June 24, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

Capoeira - the brasilian martial arts that looks so much like dancing may be extremely pleasing to look at in real life, and it is even more amazing if you can manage to move like that. In a video game though it is very hard to fight using such maneuvers and this game is proof. Half the time you just dance around and when you manage to land a hit it's really a lucky shot most the time. Think of it as a fighting game where everyone is Eddy Gordo, but with lesser mechanics than Tekken. Practicing may prove very advantageous but considering the engine this game has I doubt it will catch on outside your home. Still it's plenty fun with friends and I recommend it just for the fun of it especially with the low price tag here.