Reviews for Two Worlds II: Castle Defense [Playfire]


Passable Tower Defense Game

das_regal | Oct. 11, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

For fans of Two Worlds, this is a pretty decent tower defense game. It has all of the basic features you'd expect from a tower defense game. You get old to build defenses, upgrade them with the same currency, and try to keep the monsters from reaching your king who you are defending. I like the fact that you get to pick one of two playable characters, and the high-score hunting is fun. Then again, I am a tower defense junkie, so it's no surprise I enjoyed this.


Okay Game

Bertolli | Aug. 6, 2011 | See all Bertolli's reviews »

Even though the game in itself is fun especially when you gather a few friends to play with you the price for so little does not make the game worthwhile. It is your standard tower defense game. you use gold to make purchases for unit upgrades or more "towers" (i.e more soldiers to defend your "king" from monsters) With each progressive wave getting harder. However, the game plays out like any other and offers no real expansion to the Two Worlds universe. If you are a die hard fan and just want more and more Two Worlds games by all means by it. If not, I would wait until this game goes on sale or spend your money on a upcoming DLC for Two Worlds.


Quaint, fun game, if it's your style..

wakenbakejake | May 25, 2011 | See all wakenbakejake's reviews »

This game is a bit slow-moving, even for defense games, but for those familiar with the Two Worlds universe, the game provides some nice backstory, and some hours of fun. It's a pretty easy game to use, the user interface (UI) is not complicated or crowded. As you go on in the levels, your enemy will of course become more powerful, but so will you, gaining new attacks and what not. Pretty fun little time waster, but I'd wait til it's on sale unless you are a big Two Worlds fan