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Let's Murder!

MalkaLT | March 11, 2015 | See all MalkaLT's reviews »

The Ship

You can already guess that this game takes place in the ship, and it's up to you how awesome it will be! To begin with I must warn you that this game will not offer you newest graphics or physics engines, but it has its own style which I find friendly for such game :D This game has really awesome story mode, which offers you various tasks (kill people) and you decide how and with what will you do it, because you're not the only one playing hunt or be hunted game, no, all individuals on board are in same situation. Next there is best mode - Multiplayer mode. All you have to do here is to find and hunt down the victim that you get, but again, others will get same task so be careful. Almost forgot, no-one can see you killing people or you can end up in jail. Remember! you are a human being so as you will also need to satisfy your needs like to eat, drikn, use toilet or shower and sleep.

But seriously you should just buy it and try it :)


Multiplayer only.

Furrek | Jan. 14, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Don't get me wrong - you can play it in single player but it's not the same. The Ship is a game where hunting for another REAL players is most fun, since AI players, no matter how good they will be programmed, won't replace a human. Also, this game is not for everybody - all you need to do is simply enjoy the game of acting. It's up to your actor skills how good will you do in game. There are so many things that can mislead you enemies, there are so many ways to kill them off. The Ship is a game with amazing atmosphere of suspense. There aren't many players around but maybe if you check forums of this title you find someone to play with together.


Really fun game

Yoman282 | July 31, 2014 | See all Yoman282's reviews »

This is a game that a friend on mine gave to me so we can play this along with some other friends and I was like, what the hell why not and I wasn't expecting that this game would be that good, there is a bunch of servers and people playing it so you'll have no problems with finding players. So the gameplay is next, at the start of every round you are given a target that you must kill in order to get some money but in the same time you are a target to someone else so you always have to watch out. I recommend this, especially if you have friends to play with!


Paranoia, Action, Ships

Robilud | July 29, 2014 | See all Robilud's reviews »

I haven't touched the ship singleplayer but i have played it multiplayer, and enjoyed plotting tactics to kill my friends ;)

You are assigned a target each time a round starts, and you must get rid of your target without anyone seeing you. You can bribe the cops to turn a blind eye on your crimes.

Not knowing who your target really is and who is after you is a fun mix of paranoia and frenzy.

Would recommend if you have a couple of friends who want to play this with you


You can kill people with a broadsword.

mcsqueasy | July 25, 2014 | See all mcsqueasy's reviews »

This game is absolute mayhem. Think Assassin's Creed's excellent multiplayer combined with the need to keep your character's basic needs met (like The Sims) all on a variety of cruise ships. Sounds fun? It is. It totally, totally is. The hunt for your target is always a blast and the surviving afterwards, hoping you don't get murdered in light of your victory, is incredibly tense. All tied together with a sort of cartoony aesthetic and a black humor about it all. Buy it, play with 5 of your friends, more if you have that many (you stud).


Fairly Fun Multiplayer

884okeoJ | July 12, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

The Ship is a fresh take on the tired online multiplayer deathmatch genre. It adds elements of stealth and subterfuge into the mix, as well as some Sim-like elements. During each match, you must find the player randomly assigned to you, identify them, and kill them without being spotted by security. Meanwhile, you're also being chased by a randomly assigned player as well, and must avoid death. While more fun with friends, the Ship is still a unique experience that should definitely be played.


Tense, Hilarious Action

bwrussell | June 24, 2014 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

The Ship is one of the most layered and unique multiplayer games I've ever played (there is single player but this is best experienced with friends). It's a hunter style game where each player has a target and at least one player targeting them. The catch is you only have the name of your target and where they were last seen and you have no idea who's targeting you. You travel around the map collecting all sorts of strange weapons, each with a kill value attached (based on ease of use and how many kills have been made with it), trying to find your target by talking to the other players and bots, any of which could be looking for you. You can begin to see why this game is so tense. Once a player has been killed everyone else has a limited time to try and get their kill before the next round starts.

This is just the base layer though. On top of that you have to be careful where you kill your prey, as they're are guards and security cameras that will instantly take you to jail if you brandish a weapon in their site. Also committing a murder in front of to many player witnesses will have you serving time and paying a fee. If that wasn't enough, you also have to manage a number of The Sims-esque statuses. You have to eat and drink, use the bathroom and shower, participate in leisure activity, get enough social interaction, and most terrifying, sleep. All of these are tied into your actions, if you sprint you get hungry, thirsty, and tired. If you go to the bathroom your need to clean goes up, etc. If any of these aspects max out, you die.

All of this makes for a deep experience, lots of hilarious exchanges, and tense standoffs and hunts. The biggest issue is setting up and getting connected to multiplayer games. The in-game master server list is broken but you can look up guides for selecting a server before launching a game. For private games Steam does include a dedicated server tool or you can do what I did and set-up a VPN and play as a LAN game. Whatever route you take it is worth the effort.

Also of note: buying this is essentially buying 5 copies of the game. You get one and 2 gifts. The people that receive those gift copies each get one additional gift copy. Coordinate with your friends and the base price is less than five dollars a copy. If you find it on sale then the price per copy can drop to under a dollar a piece.