Reviews for SPINTIRES


patience rewards the best loggers

on2wheels | Nov. 26, 2015 | See all on2wheels's reviews »

Yes it's a driving simulator, but not your average kind. This is offroad logging and exploration like you've never seen. Real time ground deformation and tree destruction. Real time water physics that can damage your vehicle if you're not careful. Winch your truck out of trouble, but only if you plan your routes accordingly. Multiplayer mode lets your buddies bring extra fuel and repair trucks. Tipped your truck too far and lost your load? Worry not my Russian friend, there's mobile cranes to reload the logs and complete the objective. Manage your fuel use wisely and you won't need to make extra trips to the fuel depot across the map either.


A great game if you give it the time!

JohnGirth | Aug. 24, 2015 | See all JohnGirth's reviews »

This game can have you lost for hours if you let it, it is a true endurance test for will and overcoming obstacles such as the wildly impressive mud physics. The vehicles respond realistically to the surroundings with the loving recreation of caked in dirt on tyres once you emerge from an extremely muddy area. The game screams passion from the creator yet lacks variety, I would have enjoyed it more if you could deliver more objects other than lumber and if there was a steam workshop open for modders and also dedicated servers that allow you to drive in user-made locations. Apart from that, this is a solid buy and a lot of fun if you are even only slightly intrigued.


A game that could have been great, but is flawed.

BlockAgent | June 22, 2015 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Spintires is a game that gets some things very right, but unfortunately gets a lot of things wrong. Before reading this please note, I am a BIG offroading guy and I LOVE offroading games. The good: Great offroading physics, good graphics, and wonderful terrain effects. Mods are also a plus. The vehicle, map and graphics mods are what saves this game and actually kept me playing it for longer than just a few hours. The Bad: Spintires is an indie game and it shows. The game bugs that cause it to crash to desktop, a camera system that makes it impossible to see 60% of the time(and makes you fight it constantly), repetitive sound bytes galore. The game also had no budget or time to actually focus on there being an actual game either. The game has no story, no plot, and the objectives that are in place are extremely boring (pick up logs and drive them to a spot on the map). The maps are boring and all look the same. There is nothing to do in this game other than delivering those logs. There are big maps, but they have nothing to discover. All of the maps feel and look the same. Worse of all, the game constantly erases your save data. The areas of the map you "reveal" will stay revealed and your game will be remembered for about a day, then the game will forget you ever played it and will revert everything to the beginning. Everything you unlocked will be locked again. This game is definitely a budget game and should be bought only when cheap. Hopefully Spintires 2 will learn from the original's mistakes.


Great game for a while

billthedwarf | June 4, 2015 | See all billthedwarf's reviews »

When I first got it spintires was an amazing game, but after maybe 10-20 hours of playing it gets really boring. Mods can be added, but still the concept becomes boring. If you are looking for a game you will only play every once in a while, Spintires is the right game for you, but if you will play it a lot expext to enjoy it for a month or two.


A good base, but really only shines with mods

BlockAgent | May 25, 2015 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Spintires should be thought of as a physics and graphical base for mods. As a game, its kind of boring. There is no motivation to do any of the objectives. The game only becomes fun when you go to one of the many mod sites and install car and map mods. Then the game becomes an offroaders dream game. Exploring becomes a blast and the physics are great. The game does have some odd camera controls and shifting but overall, with mods it is great.


Best truck sim ever.

daraya79 | Dec. 15, 2014 | See all daraya79's reviews »

This game is awesome. It gives so much pleasure of driving truck that You can't even imagine. Job is easy - transport wood from one point to another... but You have to choose a car, during transportation You can stuck in a mud so You must take another car and help to get out of mud. You must save fuel or You will be forced to take cistern, drive to the gas station, fill it and drive to Your truck with wood. But first You will have to uncover areas with workshops and gas stations and find proper cars for Your job. Game offers also multiplayer cooperation with up to 4 players. Graphics are stunning. This is one of most nice looking car simulator games I ever played. I wish the day was 48 hours long, so there would be enough time for me to play this game.


Most awesome offroad sim I have ever seen

Yoman282 | July 29, 2014 | See all Yoman282's reviews »

This is a very fun game that I've spent many hours on and sure, it can be frustrating and quite annoying when you get stuck in the mud on the near end of the level but hey, it's what this game is all about. Well the camera can be annoying at times but game developers said that they will fix it and I really hope they do. I like the idea that you can also unlock various vehicles through the gameplay which also keeps me playing. That is all from me, thanks and I hope you too will enjoy this game!


Awesome fun if you're into vehicle sims, and/or offroading!

TwelveGaugeSlug | July 23, 2014 | See all TwelveGaugeSlug's reviews »

I have to admit that im a sucker for sim type games. When I heard about "SpinTires" I got kind of excited. Then I found the demo, and I knew I wanted the full game. This game is set in the Russian wilderness where the "goal" is to haul loads of logs with your big heavy trucks, across the map to lumber yards. It has great physics, and the mud looks and reacts great. The trucks are pretty detailed and they did a good job giving them their own characteristics. Some are more powerful and can haul a load better, while others are better offroad in general, even though they are quite as powerful. I ended up spending many hours on the first map before I even completed it. I usually ended up messing around for fun. It did feel good beating that map though. The next one was a tad harder since there is a big river than splits the map. One of my trucks even got swept downstream. lol Still not sure if I am going to be able to winch it out. Lots of fun though. I personally highly recommend the game at full price. I paid the full price and honestly have no regrets. I cant say that about many others in my collection! Oh, and the devs promise many more updates!


Nice environmental effects

jmods5710 | July 22, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

Spintires is a game where you control big trucks and drive them around doing different things, like collecting lumber, etc. My favourite part about the game is the environmental effects. Terrain deforms realistically, and water actually acts like it should when you drive through it, something which really impressed me. If you want a game that's fun, this probably isn't for you. It gets really repetitive and boring after a bit. If you want something nice to look at and play around in, sure, buy it, but you should probably wait for a sale.


Impressive Technology

mrminecrafter1 | July 21, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Spintires is one of the most realistic vehicle simulators on the PC market. The technology that is used in the game is absolutely amazing. Graphics are top-notch and the physics are incredible. The only real problem with the game is the gameplay itself. There is hardly any content besides lumbering wood and other jobs. There is multiplayer but you'll need to find a buddy willing to cough up money for some laughs in the game. A great technological achievement but not exactly a fun game.


Do you like to get stuck in the mud?

Stebsis | June 24, 2014 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

If so, this is a game for you. Well seriously, Spintires is a game about collecting lumber on pretty realistic rough terrain like woods and wet dirt road. You get to operate bunch of different vehicles that all function differently and have their uses like collecting lumber and transporting it. It's pretty hard to explain what the appeal in this game is, but it's not bad, it does what it does really well, but the gimmick doesn't last. It's neat how the ground deforms under the heavy machinery, I don't think any game has done that kind of thing before and it looks really good. The problem really is the lack of content especially considering the price. It's fun to operate this large number of vehicles and learn to maneuver in the terrain, but that's not enough to make it last that long. There is multiplayer that I haven't tried, but as far as single player goes it loses its appeal after some hours. There is actually a demo available in the developres website so check that out first if you're not sure. If you have couple of friends interested then go ahead and buy, I've heard it's much better in coop.