Reviews for Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition [Legacy]


SUDA51 finally on PC!

Furrek | Aug. 3, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Michigan: Report from Hell, No More Heroes, Killer7, Shadows of the Damned or Lollipop Chainsaw... those titles alone would make you think what kind of game Killer is Dead is and how much of genius SUDA51 is. Good thing is, Killer is Dead is one of titles that is also really good and worth playing. Starting from something unique - graphics. It's nothing like you ever see before. There is also hectoliters of blood and really beatiful womans. And just when I said about womans, there is a special mode that allow you to date some of them - and see how they look in only underwear with your specials glasses... yup. There is also a stunning nurse! Aside from the main reason I picked up this game, this is a solid slasher. It's not a long game, but have a high replayability - for each episode you get scores, there is a higher difficult level, side missions and gigolo mode (this dating stuff). Also look at that price! It's a great deal for a SUDA51 game. If you are looking for some different, but a really amazing game with interesting game mechanics and story - get it.


Alive and kicking

sonicchaos | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

SUDA 51 is well known for their over-the-top games, with weird characters and insane action gameplay. I find Killer Is Dead to be a spiritual successor to No More Heroes, as it is very similar in both mechanics and art direction, including the absurd acting and visual style, all sorta anime-ish. From an artistic stand point, Killer Is Dead not only excels in creating a beautiful overall game, but also proves that you don't need shiny and photorealistic graphics to make a great game. And I really do find this game to be great. So, how does it play? Well, the gimmick on PS3 for example is that you can use Move features. On PC however it's just a straight, but flashy beat 'em up game, with an interesting and convoluted story. Most of the complaints about this game is that it becomes repetitive after a while, but I always feel that every slash is as satisfying as that very first one. As for the Nightmare Edition, yeah, it is a bit difficult at times, but I can't compare with other versions. It's an amazing game and I'm glad they decided to port in on PC.