Reviews for Metro: Last Light Complete Edition


Good, but with some reservations.

jurassicutility | Oct. 10, 2014 | See all jurassicutility's reviews »

Metro: LL is very similar to the first game, i.e., a moody FPS set in a post-apocalyptic near-future with strong writing and thought provoking themes. In some ways it's better than Metro 2033, and in some ways it's worse. Let's start with the improvements: 1) The stealth sections no longer make me want to gouge my eyes out! This time around you can do instant lethal or nonlethal take-downs on enemies when you're standing right next to them - sort of like Dishonored if you need an example. Your character also has a light indicator on his watch that lets you know whether you're in a dark or light part of the stage which makes it more clear which parts of the environment will actually conceal you. You still can't move bodies, which is a bummer, but as long as you take down enemies in dark places the bodies usually won't be noticed. The enemy AI is also a lot more forgiving about whether or not an alarm goes out when you get spotted. When you enter an enemy's line of sight, you hear a scare-cord and have a second to get back into the shadows before the enemy realizes that you're an intruder. Unlike in Metro 2033, every enemy in the immediate area doesn't know your location when a single enemy spots you. You have to be making a lot of noise with un-silenced weapons to really bring a lot of heat upon yourself. 2) Weapon upgrades! In the last game, you just kind of had to buy or scrounge around for the specific weapon load-out you wanted to carry on you. For example, if you wanted a silenced pistol you would need to find or buy a pistol that had a silencer rather than just having one added to the pistol you already have. Pimping out your equipped weapons also gives you something else to do with your cash other than buying more bullets. 3) The port for the Original Metro 2033 definitely left something to be desired. Vsync never worked, and I had to rely upon a third party program to stop the awful screen tearing. I was also getting awful frame-rates on the lowest settings until a bit of research revealed that an obscure setting in the config file was causing the game to render itself 4 times over without any actual gain in visual quality. Metro: LL is a lot better in that respect. AMD users will probably need to turn off advanced PhysX to get decent performance, but I was able to get a stable 60 fps at medium settings with my less-than-stellar system. Things I didn't like: 1) The game is bit too easy. I played the game on Hard, and basically breezed through the game. Part of the problem is that the improvements to the stealth system perhaps go too far in the opposite direction from the original game. Guards in Metro: LL come across as kind of blind and stupid since it's easy to run through an area full of enemies and knock them all out one by one. Another problem is that the game just throws too much ammo and air filters at you. I rarely had to use my precious Military Grade rounds to buy more ammo, and at the end of the game I had something ridiculous like 30 minutes worth of air filter time. Even on normal, I felt like I was just scraping by in Metro 2033 and the game actually felt like a fight for survival. This might be because the Metro series has a kind of weird approach towards difficulty modes. I've read comments about Metro 2033 claiming that Normal (the mode I played it on) is actually harder than Hard or Ranger mode because everything dies with only a few shots on higher difficulties (because of "realism"), but enemies on normal are bullet sponges. 2) A very weak finale/action sequence. Without really spoiling anything, the last 20-30 minutes of gameplay feels really half-baked, and a little at odds with how the entire rest of the game plays. It's not quite as bad as Metro 2033's rushed, end-of-the-deadline action sequence, but it was kind of sad to see 4A Studios slip up towards the end of the game... again. Overall, I found the game to be a pleasant 14 hour jaunt. The story is quite good, and I found the ending fairly satisfying. Players that really liked the atmosphere and story of Metro 2033, but were repelled by the awful stealth mechanics might want to give this game a try. I would recommend waiting for a sale. While I'm a fan of the series, it's not overwhelmingly better than the first and probably not to everyone’s taste.


4A Games surpassed Metro: 2033 easily with Metro: Last Light!

khawaja07 | Aug. 17, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

This entry to the Metro series is a massive improvement over the last one. It sets the graphical standard for games to come in the near future. It focuses a ton on the narrative part and even the gameplay has been improved and feels somewhat more realistic if you're stuck like Artyom in a Post Apocalyptic part of the world full of hungry mutants. You return as Artyom as he continues in his battle against the mutants throughout post apocalyptic Russia while also trying to shelter his people from them. Gun combat now feels more solid and authentic than last time, you get some new weapons to play with and the story takes different twists and turns throughout the game. As with the weapons, a lot more enemy types are also introduced and have become a lot more fierce than the ones in the previous game. With this complete edition we get additional quest packs, even get to play as a different character which was really interesting and fun to play! The graphics were the best of its time and just finished short of matching Crysis 3 which already set a benchmark. Metro: Last Light is greatly optimized for PC this time around and can run on low end and on mid range PCs as well. Overall, the atmosphere created in this game is amazing and it feels truly that you're barely surviving the harsh post apocalyptic environment and may give up at any point in the game. Its totally worth experiencing it through to the end and is highly recommended by me.


Back To Metro

Azrael360 | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

The sequel to Metro 2033, the game adaptation of the novel with the same name, Last Light continues the story of Artyom, the main character of the first game, after the events of the most common ending in that game (not going to reveal the details, to not spoil that). And just like in the first game, he willl meet new and interesting characters, and new foes. As for the technical aspects, Last Light is just like Metro 2033, it looks really great but requires a powerful computer to watch it in full glory. I don't know if this was a port just like the first game, but it shares the same weakness as that game: The optimization in this version is not good, so the performance and especially, the frames per second, are constantly hit. Either way, this time you have more options to change to get the performance you want. If you still have problems, don't forget to disable "Advanced PhysX", oddly placed under the Game Options instead of the Video Options. As for the gameplay, if you played the first game, this is exactly like that but with some adjustments, making the game even greater. The action is fast, the environments incredible detailed, the control is good, and now is easier to change items, like weapons and equipment. There are now new enemies, and some parts are really scary. The weapon customization is also better this time. If you played the first game and enjoyed it, you can't skip this game.


One of the best modern first person shooters

Romy68 | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all Romy68's reviews »

Continuing the story from where the original game, 2033, left, Metro Last Light provides a great gaming experience. Impressive graphical elements, good game mechanics, and possibility for the player to play either in "chaos" or "stealth" mode are just a few of the features this game has to provide. With the addition of the DLCs, you can unlock new weapons, some side missions or a stronger difficulty game mode. Overall, great pack, which I highly recommend.


Great game, but not as good as Metro 2033

PootisMcPoot | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all PootisMcPoot's reviews »

When I first played Metro 2033 a couple years ago, I was floored at how atmospheric it was. Tension just oozes out of the abandoned Metro tunnels and the knowledge that there are monsters snuffling a few feet away and you only have a couple bullets left is one of the most intense moments I've had in a long history of playing video games. Metro Last Light gives the player more atmospheric adventures, with a less buggy engine, slightly improved graphics and voice acting, tighter controls, and a slightly less engaging world. While many of the issues with the original Metro game were ironed out in this release, and the game extended to about 20 hours of play time, the world loses much of its tension in Last Light. Humans are never very far away, and you often have a companion with you, so the threat of facing horrifying monsters alone in the dark is much less severe this time around. Much of the game actually deals with human drama and battles between factions in the Metro, so the game begins to feel almost like a modern military shooter at points instead of a survival horror game like the first one. Bosses are annoying bullet sponges that should never have been created. In conclusion, while Metro: Last Light gives more of what Metro junkies crave, it is a slightly watered down product, full of modern-military-shooter-esque set pieces, gratuitous and unnecessary sex scenes, and tension-less environments. It's a great game, but it can never live up to the mastery of the original.



PrimalHunter779 | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

Metro: Last Light is a post apocalyptic first person shooter based off a series of novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, which follows the exploits of a man named Artyom in a world rife with mutants and the after effects of nuclear war. The first game, Metro 2033, was an enjoyable game despite its flaws, and a sequel was highly anticipated. This game improves on everything in the first game, including graphics, story, characters and overall gameplay. Metro: Last Light is a linear first person shooter, with occasionally large, open areas. The player will use a variety of guns and other tools to survive in both the metros, and the surface of Moscow; you can use standard sub machine guns, light machine guns, assault rifles, and pistols, all of which come with a surprisingly large range of customisation options such as different sights and silencers. There are also items such as throwing knives and grenades, and you'll also have to scavenge high military grade bullets in order to use as money at vendors and stores. You'll find throughout the game that careful scavenging is often the key to survival, and the amount of bullets you have can mean the difference between life and death. Stealth has been highly emphasised in this game to great effect; you have a wrist watch that tells you your detection level by the enemy, and you can use silenced weapons and throwing knives to take out the enemy without being detected. The stealth sections were very, very fun, and were way more polished and refined than the stealth sections in the first game. When not using stealth options, you'll engage in standard gunfights against both humans and mutants, which is also a lot of fun, as gunplay is far tighter and responsive this time around. The graphical capability of this game is downright amazing; the lighting, level of detail and overall polish reflects highly upon the game, and it is easily the best looking game of 2013, if not the best looking game on PC. Without spoiling anything, the story has its fair share of interesting plot twists, even if they are a bit difficult to follow at times. Your choices throughout the game dictate the ending you recieve, and this quite difficult to achieve, which makes for a nice challenge in a game. Many of the characters are also quite interesting to interact with, and the voice acting (only in Russian) is quite good. Through and through, Metro: Last Light is a brilliant game, and it was hard to fault this game. If you can get over a mildly confusing story and poor English voice acting (I recommend changing to Russian), then you'll find this game well worth the purchase price. Utter brilliance. 9.5 / 10


This should be the standard

sonicchaos | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

The title of this review is a bit misleading, because it has two diametrically opposed meanings, which I found very clever, if I may say so myself. I'm very much against DLCs and microtransactions, and this game proved to me that I'm not wrong thinking as I do. First, the Complete Edition should have been the standard edition. But what am I saying? They revealed their true nature when they decided to name this edition. Complete Edition? As opposed to the standard incomplete edition? The one you cut out content from to sell separately? Yes, brilliant. On the other hand, this game should stand as ahuge testament to all first person shooters to come. This should be the standard. A quality game set in a beautifully looking world full of life, but also filled with danger and despair, with a great story, a game that you'll be talking about years after you've finished it, if you're bold enough to finish it.


Revisit the metro. Revisit your nightmare.

MafuMafu | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all MafuMafu's reviews »

After I played Metro 2033 and heard that a sequel was on it's way I was kinda skeptical if this game could be as good as 2033. I thought that it would be nearly impossible. But, I was wrong. Metro: Last Light takes everything that made 2033 so good, and it makes it better. The story continues after the ending of Metro 2033 (Which I will not describe further, to avoid spoilers) and even improve it. New weapons, better graphics and a gameplay that is perfect. Prepare yourself and enter the Metro once again. I mean, I'm telling you that it's even better than 2033. What the hell are you waiting for? This game deserves to be in your Steam Library.