Reviews for CrimeCraft: Bleedout


Good, but could use some improvements

Cooberstooge | May 6, 2013 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

CrimeCraft: Bleedout is one of those games that has massive potential, yet its own creators have failed to fully capitalize on it. It looks decent and plays well when you're with a batch of good players, but it still has those little irritants sprinkled throughout that you'd love to nag at the developers over in hope they'll fix them. In terms of looks, CrimeCraft looks like your average FPS, set in a quasi-post apocalyptic rundown city. Characters and weapons are well-detailed, and firefights look nice. But, unfortunately, I must also mention the lag, which can show up nastily in the middle of battle, and seems to be the game engine itself, not my machine - although I rarely encountered this, it continues to be present. Controls are good, but I was unable to reconfigure mine off my mouse for weapon switching, which could be an issue for those like myself who run with a scroll wheel-less trackball mouse. Switching is still possible with the alternate keyboard key, but is somewhat irritating. All in all, Bleedout is a decent online shooter, but go into it knowing it still has its shortcomings. Customization is arguably the best part of this one, and that is one thing the developers did get very right.


A fresh new type of MMO

FreeMan85 | Nov. 14, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

CrimeCraft: BleedOut is another MMO-RPG, but gladly this time they use a different scheme then the usual fantasy stuff. It's a distopia like / end of the world like game. The system fall and the society is destroyed. Gangs rule the empty streets, lonely men runs for his life. The game intro is very cool because I expected a much simpler story. Anyway, there's Sunrise City ...a city or the last city, which still standing and running. Your character enter that city, as a canditate. First time you've do a certain amount of trial missions: the usual stuff, talk that guy, kill 10 enemies, etc. Feels a bit monotonus, but the design and the different theme shake up things a little. First you only have a pistol, after you get a shotgun, Uzi, new cloths. You can choose 3 different type of... class. Chemistry if you want to make special stuffs, or you can be a designer (not that the class name) you make special cloths which are give you more defense and of course you can be a weapon specialist to design special weapons and upgrades. After that a few deathmatch or search and destroy mission you can enter Sunrise City. Which feels like Vegas with a lot of police patrol. You can't teel whos the good and the bad guy: punks and guards all over the streets. I still not get the picture why the police recruits bandits and thugs for Sunrise City. The game's graphics is good and well optimized. Like other MMOs optimized well for most of the configs, but this game is really looks nice. The sounds are OK, but menu music rocks! The game is now use Free2Play model, however it's limited. You can/have buy stuffs and missions. Well... I'm not digged myself in the game that far. But can be played free or at least you can try out before decide buy/pay for it. CrimeCraft feels fresh and new in the MMO games, it's dark and GTA like theme gives a different taste, then the usual model. If you bored with fantasy games, check this out.


Fun but not for long

faraany3k | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

I tried the MMO as it is cheap compared to others, and mostly because I wanted something different from usual Fantasy genre. Game has a huge amount of customization options. It offers both PvE and PvP options available There is a guild system aswell called gangs. But unfortunately the gunplay and action here is boring, repetitive and lose its charm rather quickly. I must add this is a good modern themed MMO, and with hardly any good MMO shooters around. This is a must try.


Already sorta free

hotmando1 | June 28, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

The game for the most part is already free. Pve is basically the same. Bleedout episodes are basically the same old pve. Nothing really different. Crimecraft only excels in it's pvp. Looking for an alternate to APB;RELOADED? Look no more..crimecraft is here.


your better off with free MMO's

Res | June 10, 2011 | See all Res's reviews »

This game gets boring right off the start with extremely Repetative and unfun gameplay. one hour i got bored of it. Its decent in the start but gets progessively worse while you play it. It had potential. not worth buying. Considering you can also get this for free on Crimecrafts site!


Pretty good

rascallion | June 6, 2011 | See all rascallion's reviews »

At first glance, this game didn't look great to me. However, I wanted an MMO to play so went ahead and bought the game. I was pleasantly surprised. The levels of customization in this game are brilliant and with so many different things to do, I spent hours on Crimecraft. However, after playing the game a lot, I felt there was a lot to be desired and I had run out of things to do, so had to wait for an update before there was more I could do. Worth buying.