Reviews for Risen [Legacy]


Must play for Gothic games fans.

Furrek | Aug. 6, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

This is exacly what I wanted to Gothic 3 for be. But Gothic 3 was... huge let down for fans. Everybody had a reason for their love for Gothic series. I loved big world, nice characters, great story, awesome music in Gothic 1 and 2 (also in expansion). Risen is same game, but not exacly, that gives you everything that cRPG fans would want to see. This game is filled with stuff that will catch you interest. Like, you will never do a straight walk from one quest to another, because you will try to take a detour, where you will probably meet only some dangerous things, or something will catch your eye. "Why is there a building in middle of swamps?", "Why is there some strange character standing?". What's really interesting in Risen is that some quest have a few ways to make them. This will decide to who you really belong to. Risen is beatiful game. Sometimes I just like to sit down and look around how well it was made. Risen is that kind of game, where you can enjoy the world exploring. If you loved first Gothic games, or are you looking for something where you can spend hundreds fighting, exploring world, gather stuff - this game is for you.


Hidden Gem of an Action RPG

PootisMcPoot | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all PootisMcPoot's reviews »

I picked this game up on a sale a while ago and right off the bat it pleasantly surprised me with the amount of thought that went into its construction. While the loading screens and GUI may look dated, the graphics in this game are still refreshingly crisp. The world is painstakingly built to look as beautiful as possible from pretty much every angle and keep the player interested by using a wide variety of landscapes. It feels almost as though every pebble and blade of grass was carefully placed in order to make the game world feel real. Sunbeams move in real time through the foliage, surprising for such an old game. The controls are simple but do the job well. WASD to move and mouse for camera + combat controls. Combat is essentially made up of ranged attacks with a bow, blocking with a shield, and attacking with the weapon of your choice. There is a wide variety of gear and armor available, and some of it is only accessible through optional quests. What really stood out to me when playing this game was the way the world was interconnected. Every area leads to another and the quests that NPCs give you tie the world together in a meaningful way. It's a joy to just explore parts of the map you haven't visited and see the beautiful sights. All in all, this game is a hidden gem that is definitely worth picking up on sale and trying out.



Obsessor | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yes! Risen is Gothic revived. The hero may be not as good as in Gothic series, the world a bit small to my liking. But the atmosphere, the dark epic world you're thrown into... It's totally worth it. As in aforementioned Gothic you are to chose a path for your character. Fight with melee weapons or be a mage. Each style is rewarding and satisfying.. Up there is stated "countless side quests." Well, maybe not countless. But there are a lot. You will definitely have your hands full while exploring. Don't expect boredom from this game. Graphic's still surpisingly good. Sharp textures, lots of clutter making the world believable and, in a sense, "real." Music is awesome, because, lets face it - it's Kai Rosenkranz. Great composer, I loved his music in Gothic, and now in Risen it's even better. Get it already!


Amazing, relaxing atmosphere and great gameplay!

hateah | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

I'll tell you more about the gameplay of this old and unforgettable gem which almost everyone have played. It's an third - person RPG with not that good graphics, since it's made back in 2009, but the open world gameplay compares for that. The movement system is as good as the today's rpg's. It's much like Skyrim in that element. You have a shield and a sword, you can even take a bath in your own room, you can take care of the pigs and be a normal villager. You can start learning different skills. For example sword figthing ( That's the first skill you'll learn in the begining). There are a lot of creatures in risen which may look weird to you, because they actually are. You even have abilities like control people's mind and what not! You have so big choice of what to do in the game that even after 200 hours you'll still have what to do.