Reviews for Risen 2 Gold Edition


Not as good as Risen 1

PootisMcPoot | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all PootisMcPoot's reviews »

While this game has an interesting art design, setting, and story, poor fighting mechanics hurt it a lot when it comes to enjoyment. While Risen 2 continues Piranha Byte's tradition of awesome open world exploration and interesting, handcrafted environments, the combat is often dull and lackluster. Attacks are often simplified to single-button combos and little skill is required to kill enemies, who are essentially bullet sponges. I would highly recommend going back and playing Risen 1 instead as it has more Skyrim-esque (third person) combat controls and is far better gameplay and performance-wise. As stated before, the art direction is quite nice in this game, although the graphics are dated. The music is also decent. The game is not very well optimized, so beware unless you have a good PC.