Reviews for Saints Row: The Third [2014]



killgreen1 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all killgreen1's reviews »

Saints Row the Third is the third title in the Saints Row series. But it's also a lot more different then the previous SR games. In this game the creators took a risky move and made it more like a comedy and not a serious gangster game. And it paid off, although they lost some fans of the series, but gained a lot more and kept the majority of old fans. It's hard to compare SR2 and SR3 because they became very different.OK, so the game starts when you and your gang are robbing a bank, but the robbery fails, and you get arrested. Later The Boss (you), Shaundi and Johny Gat are released to the man who owned the targeted bank, Phillipe Loren. Whos also a leader of the Syndicate. On Phillipe's private jet he offers to let the Saints live if they turn over most of their earnings, but you refuse the offer and break free. While getting out of the jet you and Shaundi jump out while Gat offers to cover you. And you end up in a new city, city of Steelport. Where you need to take down the Syndicate. First off all I want to say that they made a wonderful job with music in the game. It suits it really well, and can give goosbumbs while playing the game. The controls are really comfortable and easy. Visuals, graphics are well made, no more smoggy look like in SR2. Cinematics are very well made. The story is great, fun, it has a lot of jokes which makes it a lot more fun to play. There are a few things that I don't like though. Like no MP mode just coop, and for a lot of people coop lags. And there not as many of side missions as it was in SR2. In overall SR series made me to become their fan, and I highly recommend it for every one.


A confused entry in an incredible series

sreisnyjr | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all sreisnyjr's reviews »

Saints Row 3 is a confused beast. Drifting apart from the itense but yet comical story and tone of the previous game, Saints Row 3 attempts to inject the series with an intense amount of slapstick comedy and completely ridiculous gameplay elements, while still trying to incorporate an emotional story, preventing it from excelling i any of the two. The gameplay is also reflective of the story. You are given generic mainly generic weapons while incorporating some fun and wacky weapons, however the combat does drag on after a while due to its repetetiveness. However the driving gameplay is the most fun in the series, having great tight controls, and the vehicles are fun and some are really cool looking, especially if you use the games great car editor. Saints Row 3 does feature a decent amount of content and a fantastic character editor. Graphically and performance wise, the game looks great most of the time,and performs gret as well. The game features a bright and vibrant art style in most places while having some places looing like copy and pastes of others. While Saints Row 3 fails to please fans of the series, it may still be an appeal to those who are looking for a good time with a nice amount of content to cover, I would recommend this game for when it is on sale.


Rise and Fall of the Saints. Then another rise...

Jericho417 | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

Saints Row the Third starts off on a different note than the previous games. You're at the very height of the Saints popularity. Unfortunately, someone else wants in on your territory. This leads to the fall of the Saints, in ways than one. The cartoon-like journey is heavily focused on revenge. After all, getting even is a specialty for the Saints. The pc port is done well, unlike the previous title. However, the ridiculous factor is dialed up quite a bit. I still found it enjoyable, but it was hard to care about what was happening in the story. I felt that they were emphasizing the ridiculousness over all else. I suppose that might not be a bad thing, for some. I just felt a bit off-put by it. Combat is a bit old school, which is fine. You buy and upgrade weapons at your leisure. Some of them get unique bonuses once maxed. There wasn't anything remarkable about it, so I'd say they played it fairly safe there.