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Good craftsmanship

elwismw | July 2, 2014 | See all elwismw's reviews »

This game doesn't want to revolutionise racing games, nor it want's to add new, fresh ideas to it. It's still good old Grid as you know it. If you liked previous versions, then you will like Autosport as well. If you didn't, then maybe it's not the game for you. Let's start with most important aspects - gameplay and handling. The most important is of course Career, in which you can compete in 5 different racing disciplines. You don't have to compete in all of them if you don't want, which is cool. I haven't tried online yet, but from what I heard, it is fun to play with others. Handling - I will start off with saying, that I was playing with Xbox360 gamepad. I don't have a wheel, so can't say much about it. Generally, playing with gamepad is ok, maybe except for open one seaters, which are harder to handle than the rest, but still managable. When it comes to graphics, I could sum it up with one word: solid. Nothing marvellous, but nothing ugly either. All in all, it's interesting game for people that are hungry for plenty of racing. If I would have to decide once again to buy it or not, I would definitely buy it again.