Reviews for The Sims 3 Plus Supernatural (NA)


Very cool

Katebirdlover | Aug. 23, 2015 | See all Katebirdlover's reviews »

I remember getting this expansion pack when it first came out and it was very cool to see more super natural sims in the game and my favorite supernatural from this pack would definitely be a fairy. Although I will admit the zombies popping out is a bit annoying, mostly when you have plants they end up ruining them/eating them. But besides that I love how you have an option that lets you play as a ghost and you can make your own elixirs. Overall it's a good game but it has a few flaws here and there.


Fun, but some things get annoying after awhile.

iZombieLexxi | Dec. 21, 2014 | See all iZombieLexxi's reviews »

When I first got this EP I had a lot of fun with it. My fave supernaturals to play with were fairies and vampires (although vamps were added in Late Night). Each supernatural category (vampire, werewolf, witch, fairy), comes with a decent amount of build/buy objects. I personally like what items they have for fairies. The reason this EP got annoying to me was because most of my world was turning into supernaturals (and zombies). I would rarely see any human sims. Also, the I found myself having to turn off the moon cycle (not sure of the exact name at the moment) because the glow was getting annoying and I got tired of everyone turning into zombies (zombie sims don't really do anything but sluggishly walk around moaning and groaning). Like I said though, this EP is fun but could get old after awhile depending on the person playing.


Not as good as Sims 2

Jericho417 | July 31, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

I was a huge fan of the Sims 2. I spent so much time perfecting my characters and their houses. I tried giving Sims 3 the same effort, but I just couldn't keep it up. They improved the interface, sure, but the direction the game took was just ... it felt like they were heavily focused on the idea to keep selling me stuff. The expansion packs have always been numerous, but Sims 3 takes it to the extreme. Even the main menu kind of makes me feel sick. Super Natural was a good expansion, though. It added some fun elements to the game, including new customization options. I couldn't pry my nephew off my PC when he saw the wings.