Reviews for Drive a Steam Train


Great fun

satyakun | June 27, 2011 | See all satyakun's reviews »

A simple game where you drive the train. this game will make you enjoyment to become a train driver. It's not as complex as the other game, but it will give you a lot of fun. This game need a dlc to make it grow larger. very fun, try it.


Very very complex, but not for all tastes.

ER_nut | June 26, 2011 | See all ER_nut's reviews »

Being a fan of Railworks 2 when I saw this I was very interested as trains has always been something that has interested me, but i'm also a bit of a pro when it comes to imagination in them. This is quite different from Railworks, it's more complex and novices may not like that about the game, also with the game feeling a bit limited and not being able to do things i would had like to do in the gmae, I feel a little bit dissapointed in this title, but some may get more enjoyment then I did.


Good simulation game

Zniper | June 23, 2011 | See all Zniper's reviews »

Although "Drive a Steam Train" can not be compared with the Trainz Simulator series, it is quite a good game for whoever dreams about driving trains. With a pretty good tutorial (actually better than other train-simulation-games' tutorials), this game will place you into the locomotive of 3 steam trains, which are pretty detailed for a game like this. Also, the whole railway is enough detailed for you to remark England's landscapes from the time of steam locomotives. Overall, given the well-done tutorial, this game is recommended to anyone who likes and /or wants to play a simulation of driving steam trains, but is also a beginner. The game will not stress you with huge pages of shortcuts and commands, but if you want it, you can raise the simulation bar anytime.


fun for fans

hotmando1 | June 23, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

A game meant for train lovers and the like. Not your usual slice of blood and gore. However, it'll serve in place of a casual game and for those looking for a time sinker. With only three locomotives, it seems a tad empty but dlc may fix the problem. I'm not sure as entertainment for an entire family unless that family enjoys locomotives as much as the player. The graphics are dated as well compared to other locomotive games already released in today's market as well. Being not too mainstream and seeking to please fans. It is in it's own right worthy to play for anyone with the cash and time.