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Buggy mess!

Costynha | Aug. 21, 2015 | See all Costynha's reviews »

I find this game appealing to be completely honest but there is this thing called "BUGS" this game has a lot. Firefly really messed up the series with this one. The game features and amazing story with the return of Wolf ( sorry for spoiling ) and a very well multiplayer, but the bugs... my my, thy just broke the game. I find myself playing, and for some reason, my units just get stuck on walls. Enemy archers spawning on my tiles... To bad firefly never fixed this game, it could be much more fun without the bugs


Not as good as previous, better than day it was released

Takwin | May 14, 2015 | See all Takwin's reviews »

Stronghold is a pretty good franchise that just needs to find its voice and redeem itself. It has a fanbase, a good concept, and decent execution. The third one is pretty good (hence the low 70s), but needs to be used as a learning experience and springboard for the future.


Strongbug 3 Gold

Obsessor | May 13, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

However I still give it positive rating. Stronghold 3 actually looks pretty good, has some nice music, and voice acting isn't painful to listen to. Gameplay however... I got into economic campaign first. That was a good move, as it doesn't have too much combat. Because combat can be frustrating. Your units can be very passive, getting slaughtered by the enemy. Moreover, when you order a group of units to attack something, they focus on 1 target. In case of archers, you get a salvo at a single target! Whole salvo wasted at one enemy, then few seconds of waiting(rest of the enemies get to your walls)before archers let out another salvo. It shouldn't be like that. Combat feels bad. What's even worse, is the fact that units can get stuck in random places like ruins, buildings, gates... And you won't be able to move a stuck unit until the end of the mission. You can dismiss a solder, revert him to a peasant, but that solves nothing. That peasant will still stand stuck where he is. I still like Free Build, and play with it a lot, when I need to calm my nerves. I just enjoy building castles.



Shaide | May 10, 2015 | See all Shaide's reviews »

Honestly? I didn't give it much of a chance. Just, every once in awhile you play a game(that totally sounded good) but quickly realize it stinks. For me, that's this game. In the short time I played it, I encountered a glitch that prevented me from building. After I quit to main menu, it was fine. However, if only after 10 mins of playing a game, I bump into a semi major glitch, then I am done. The graphics aren't impressive the sound (and voice work) is atrocious and the game is incredibly over priced! I have never played another Stronghold title before this, and I can confidently say that I never will play another one again.



agk90 | Sept. 26, 2014 | See all agk90's reviews »

I really love this game series. In order to win the battle you must defeat the enemy Lord, and keep your lord safe. I like the way of making bread and weapons. The graphics have improved and become more realistic, Certainly there are some bugs but the game still special.


Another step down from the first one.

Izunundara | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all Izunundara's reviews »

Alright. Let's be frank. It's a good game. It's solid. It's got impressive levels of detail, like how you can have your units actually shelter behind walls from enemy Archers, log rolling traps are affected by hills, etc etc. But it's not Stronghold 1. It's lost the feel Stronghold 1 had. Stronghold 1 was full of character, with its tongue in cheek dark humour, colourful yet gritty graphics style and solid tactical combat. Stronghold 3 though? It just feels like another cheesy rushfest where whoever spams the most Knights wins. This is not great. It's not terrible, don't get me wrong, I still like it, it's just that wistful, longing feeling you get when you play this; Wasn't I going to play Stronghold? So where is it?


Better than at release

bscorpion666 | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all bscorpion666's reviews »

This game was very buggy at release with multiplayer all but impossbile to play. Now after a multitude of patches the game is much better. The main complaint I have left is the map size relative to the building size. Maps feel overly small at times and this leads to quite a few limitations when building your perfect castle. If you are looking for a fun castle building sim this is worth a punt.


Some faults but overall enjoyable

Kremlin_Krusher | July 20, 2013 | See all Kremlin_Krusher's reviews »

Now I picked this up in the 2012 summer sale, and is a great buy for the hardcore Stronghold fan. However this game falls short in recreating the experiences of Stronghold 1 and 2. I felt a bit more restricted in my gameplay and the game has a few minor bugs left in the game. But I still love this one! I only wish the maps were bigger and the story a little longer. But is still worth grabbing if you have played Stronghold 2 for two long and need a new story.


A game to avoid.

peta97 | May 30, 2013 | See all peta97's reviews »

I loved the first two strongholds and Stronghold: Legends. They were great, they put in you control of a fun settlement, with great options to build how you wanted to, and build a cool looking settlement. More importantly, they allowed you to play against AI that made games interesting and kept you entertained. It is a completely different story in Stronghold 3. Not only is the AI extremely bad, it is so bad that it is unplayable. They don't add anything to the gameplay. Almost everything else in the game is step back as well, with a low variety of units and buildings, and maps that are smaller and feel constricting. There is also very poor tutorials and explanations, and nothing expands on what has been done in the past games. The graphics are the only thing that you could say are technically better, if only because of new technology and standards, rather than a noticeable upgrade in graphics. This is definitely a game to avoid, it doesn't deserve to be the next title in the Stronghold series. If you are still playing Stronghold 1 or 2, I would recommend Legends if you would like to try a new one, but this game is basically the same as the first two, but worse. I picked this up for $5 and I still regret the purchase.


Disappointed, barely a step up from SH2

murgo23 | March 3, 2013 | See all murgo23's reviews »

I was Really looking forward to this title since I played both Stronghold 1 and 2. But even after all the patches, the game just flat out isn't very much fun. The economic aspect is the only portion of the game that's decent, but the challenge is nerfed by a market where you can buy items you need and sell ones you don't. This should have been seasonal, or rely on traders that have routes you must protect. Combat is the weak link. Units have poor A.I. and use the "come straight at you" approach. They don't use tactics and basically try to overwhelm you. Have a bigger army and you win. Boring. Trebuchet are overpowered, there is NO skirmish mode, and the game lacks any personality


Fun Medieval Simulation: Could Have Been So Much More

Beard_Whisperer | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Beard_Whisperer's reviews »

I love everything about Medieval history. Give me a generic Medieval game to play, and no matter how flawed or glitched it is I can usually find something to love about it. Give me a polished Medieval game and I will probably be too enthralled to find any problems with it. Give me Stronghold 3, and I will be somewhere in-between. Stronghold 3 (from now on referred to as Stronghold for simplicity), despite its initial bugs and glitches, is quite polished. It looks beautiful and I haven't personally run into any glitches myself. This alone makes Stronghold worth playing, especially for fellow Medievalists like myself. The graphics are quite good and the game runs very smooth even in large battles (at least on my mid-end laptop). My only complaint in terms of the graphics is I think the people look a little too cartoonish. The way people walk and carry out tasks takes away from the feeling of this game. Other than that though, the details on the buildings and items are wonderful. It is so intriguing to see the inside of the buildings as people are going about their business inside. Feels as if one is peeking back in time to look at Medieval life. However, where the graphics and concept initially seems great, the gameplay leaves much to be desired. Battles in this game for me have been quite irritating. If you try and select a group of your archers or spearmen to attack a particular group of enemy, they will only attack the SINGLE enemy soldier that you right-clicked on. So rather than see a whole barrage of arrows flying across multiple enemies, you end up seeing a bunch of arrows wasted on a single soldier, wherein perhaps a mere 2 or 3 arrows would suffice. For archers this isn't too annoying, since their reload time is fast, but for spearmen who require a number of seconds before they can throw another spear it is absolutely frustrating. Moving your troops is also problematic: when trying to move your troops across a greater distance to attack an enemy, they seem to get easily confused. If the enemy moves from their original spot to somewhere else, your troops will not change route, but instead will continue on in the original path. This would make sense realistically in very particular cases, but honestly they even do it when they are in range of the enemy and can see said enemy moving. I can't tell you how many times I had an outbreak of bears attacking the village, then sending a group of my soldiers to take care of them, only to see minutes later that a quarter of my villagers were killed and the soldiers were just standing there dumbfounded. This doesn't destroy the playability of the game, although it certainly does harm it. The battles just require more vigilance, which honestly can get annoying when trying to simultaneously ensure that your villagers are happy and your food supply is well stocked. Another complaint I have about the game is the map layouts. When I first played this game I was expecting something akin to Age of Empires, where you can start your village wherever you please and migrate further and further out until you end up quarreling with other Lords. Unfortunately this is far from what I found. Free-build mode is fun, but it is almost fruitless. When I first started I was playing on and on for hours, wondering "Why have I not had to worry about any bears attacking my villagers? Where is the outbreak of disease that ravishes my village?" Eventually I found that these events had to be initiated by the player. This destroyed the value of free-build for me, because I knew that every thing that happened to my village was pre-planned. "Send a pack of wolves to your village." Hmmmm, why not just send a pack of wolves to my village unannounced and make it more thrilling and challenging? Why not have this game simulate the harsh reality of Medieval life where danger can come from nowhere and plagues can completely wipe out villages? Perhaps such a game mode does exist, but I have yet to see it. Oh, and not to mention, the map is very limited... I was expecting wide open lands, but what I got was akin to a chessboard. You're telling me I can't make a huge castle that sprawls out far and wide?! Nonsense! The story mode leaves quite a bit to be desired. It is very restricting in what it allows you to do. Military campaign virtually consists of starting with nothing to slowly working your way up to getting more and more tools to play with and buildings to build. This game mode does give "random" events at least. But the events are far from random once you end up reloading your game. If a pack of wolves attacks your village after 3 in-game days of building your town, and a fire breaks out a day after that, you can easily reload your game and make sure you are prepared before the third day, because sure enough the same event will happen right around the same time. This destroys the notion of random events happening even in the story mode, which is quite unfortunate. I must say though, I LOVE the add-on game modes. Especially the historical sieges. It gives a means to educate oneself on the various sieges that have taken place throughout history, as well as turn the tides of those events as they really happened. I must say too, that even though this game has a few problems that can get really infuriating, the game itself is very addicting. Yes, I end up doing similar things that I have already been doing, but I can't help but love what I am doing. It is fun to create your own village and build up your population. I just wish this was improved even further with the sort of random events and happenings that one can find in Age of Empires or Sid Meier's Civilization. Because if that were the case, the game would have been so much better. It has so many things right, but it has some very fundamental things wrong. I recommend this game to anyone who has a love for Medieval History and/or Castles and/or Simulation games. I am sure you will have fun, but unfortunately you won't be having as much fun as you could have been having.


Now the game is fixed.

DukePaul | Nov. 12, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Stronghold 3 had a lot of problems in his release, the game was buggy as hell but now after months of patches the game improvement is great and you can play it without any problem. The game is like the first Stronghold, with similar interface and with updated 3D graphics to recreate the villages, castles and battles in awesome settings, also the music and voices are great. The campaign is very hard, you will need various tries sometimes to beat a mission, I think the battles is the hardest part, a good strategy and preparation is necessary. In Stronghold 3 you have an awesome multiplayer which is the best mode of the game, a friend is more entertainment than playing the game against the AI, 2vs2 matches are incredible. The game is now fixed and has a great price, I highly recommend it.


Decent but could be Great

toolz | Nov. 13, 2011 | See all toolz's reviews »

Good game but a bit buggy and it falls short on some promises. On the bright sight the game is beeing constantly patched and fixed so it gets better with time. Promises as well as ideas and tips from community are beeing brought to the game. With that in mind the game is getting better with time and could potentially become great.


Great game to play, if you enjoy stronghold 1(not crusader)

opatjro | Oct. 31, 2011 | See all opatjro's reviews »

The story line is fun, the game is similar to the first stronghold. Although there is no Skirmish AI, however stronghold 1 doesn't have one as well. If you love the campaign, this is a game for you. Multiplayer mode is fun although there are lots of bugs and crashes. MP will be great when crashes issue has been fixed. Also Invasion game mode can be created with map editor, there are some community invasion game mode avaliable. The major different of this game to the first stronghold can be listed in three point. 1. peasant spawn by timer, if your peasant got killed, this will hurt your economy a lot more than stronghold 1. 2. Each building has its own square, this limited the building space, also require lot of planning about where to place each building. 3. The way wall work, the construction of wall in stronghold 3 is complicated, however I enjoy it more than the other stronghold. Personally, this game worth 50 dollars. I would advice to wait for a while until the crash has been fixed.



TheVeon | Oct. 27, 2011 | See all TheVeon's reviews »

I advice everyone to stay away from this, it's horribly incomplete. It's just a buggy mess, it doesn't even have a skirmish mode.


Stronghold 3 - A failed revival of a franchise

eRe4s3r | Oct. 26, 2011 | See all eRe4s3r's reviews »

Once upon a time in 1993 there was a game called Stronghold - it revolutioned anything we ever knew about City-Builders because when it came out, it featured unlimited units, huge maps, intelligent economy and a great story and fresh setting. Fast foward into a new millenia .. a whopping 18 years in the future Firefly tries to reboot the franchise in the form of Stronghold 3. If you read this, no doubt you have already seen my rating. I will explain what is wrong here, this is NOT the reboot of the franchise you want, this is not the game they showed in previews, and talked about even 6 months ago. This might easily be the biggest trolling ever to be seen. What is wrong with it? 1) About 6 months ago, in all previews they talked about how great the estate and coop system is gonna be, that walls are going to be strong again (no SH1 style grinding them down with swords) ... what we got is this. No COOP (was secretly wiped from the Steam product page). No estate system because the maps are too small to even accomodate 1 castle. No strong walls (they can be hacked apart with swords). But worse of all we got... 2) hundreds of bugs glitches and broken design (see here (LINK) ) 3) We got the story board thats supposed to be used to make animations sold to us as "Story Animations" yes, black and white drawings with audio. Thats what they call videos nowadays... 4) We got NO Skirmish, which is the staple of Stronghold. We also got no AI support whatsoever in MP 5) We got absolutely no scenarios and a whopping 2 maps for free-build (where you can't trigger invasions) #Graphics Graphically SH3 uses all modern features you'd expect, but most of them in a way you won't expect. It has dynamic shadows but no dynamic day/night change. It has AO, but it flickers like an epeliptic screensaver. It also has very nice smooth shadows.. and obviously they (the developers) have no idea how their engine works, because buildings often are "see through" for the shadows, that means you got totally broken shadows everywhere. Sometimes a window frame is in the shadow, and thats it.. the shadow of a mighty armory consists of 2 bars. It has "Procedural Destruction" for walls (only stone walls) - that looks nice, but sadly the building system for walls is VERY glitchy and cumbersome. Units look OK, but you can't zoom in close enough (and thats a good thing, because everything is fairly low-resolution). Generally speaking, the graphics are OK, but they are also kind of broken.. just like the rest of the game. It also has weather effects, which are non-dynamic and strictly scripted for each mission. The rain particularly looks very 1990 with no "running water" shader on surfaces like many other games have them nowadays. #Audio There is games where after playing for 5 hours you wonder whether your speakers are broken.. this is one of these games. The music is muted by default which is already fairly funny. The effects are badly done, many actions miss sounds. The voice actors on the other hand are great giving you a nice medieval vibe... the combat sounds are also fairly good, sadly combat is so short you never really get to enjoy them much. The sounds of various buildings are also acceptable but never good enough for you to care about them. The weather sounds are particularly badly done, with nearly no ambient sounds at all to be heard. Rain looks more or less like rain but sadly it never feels like rain... #Gameplay Stronghold 3 has technically 4 modes - Freebuild - Historical Battles - ECO Campaign - WAR Campaign Alas, there is only 2 maps on Freebuild and you can't trigger Invasions or random events. Historical battles let you experience the whole broken-ess of the combat system. ECO campaign lets you follow the adventures of a princess that is trying to rebuild a ravaged country (more or less strictly economicly ,p) WAR campaign does what you think it does.. story driven missions with little story and lots of glitches. Without patches, only eco and freebuild are playable as there is a crash-bug in the war campaign on mission 10 ~.~ As a city-builder its fairly decent economy wise, you got wood, stone and food mechanics as usual in Stronghold as well as weapon production, religion and ale. This all works like in SH1 and thus is the best part of the game. Not much else to say about it... if you played SH1 you are instantly acustomed to it. As a military rts the game is completely broken. You have no attack move, Patrol commands don't work, movement orders are "optional" for many units, which means they sometimes don't move, move somewhere else, or get entirely stuck. This often happens when you order units on platforms or towers. The problems continue on walls as units don't gain protection from walls, and some units can even shoort straight through walls. Walls can also be hacked apart by swords again making them and catapults entirely useless. When units are on ordered on top of towers they also blob together. And speaking of blobbing, you can blob units together in 1 strange blob of units which looks completely redonkolous. The second problem is the AI... simply put, there is none. All missions are strictly scripted and once you know the AI's attack script you can counter it in dozens of ways without problem. There is no Skirmish mode with AI support and the unit path-finding is.. lets put it like this: experimental. The third problem of the gameplay, is that the maps are TINY and the buildings HUGE. It gets so absurd that in many missions you are attacking with a barebone settlement. Actual castle vs castle gameplay doesn't even exist (which makes the name Stronghold kinda absurd). Well yeah, thats about it. The low rating is mainly because of the bugs and glitches (hopefully the review system allows for links). There is hope somewhere that Firefly fixes these issues, but as it is sold here the game is broken.