Reviews for System Shock 2


An old classic that is hard/funny now.

BlockAgent | Nov. 30, 2015 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

I recently bought this game because I kept hearing how great of a classic game it was. After playing it, I can completely see how it was amazing for it's time. Now however, it can be played as a funny game. I did enjoy it from that perspective. The graphics are old and I found myself laughing out loud at the characters because they looked barely recognizable as humans. The monsters look like blobs of colors that moan. But it's charming because of that. The game play is staple FPS stuff, so nothing special there. The story is well thought out, but kind of cheesy. If you have nostalgia for this game, buy it. If you want a cheap laugh, buy it.


Hardcore Classic RPG

Zaggeta | May 12, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

This is one of those classics that any fan of RPGs and even shooters has to play at least once in their life. Very few will be able to handle the intense difficulty, but it is worth it. This is the spiritual beginnings of Bioshock and many other action RPGs that have come after it. It seamlessly combines character progression and skill accumulation with action gunning gameplay. The enemies, akin to zombies but have guns, may look graphically aged - but they will come to terrify you. If you are looking for a classic, philosophical and enjoyable experience - get this game.


Impressed by graphics

silviapuiu | Aug. 17, 2014 | See all silviapuiu's reviews »

System Shock 2 is an impressive game in my opinion, because it has a great graphics, image is clear, landscapes are realistic. The mechanic is good, the environmental sound is pleasant. You can choose the skill you want to improve and the atmosphere is catchy. This game is definitely great and you can see that just from looking to the image, the animation, the movement. Control of the game is also impressive and the co-op mode is also very challengeable for most players. I give it a 10 for the image and the improvement brought to the game.


Highly underrated but brilliant

Gmen | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

To me, this is probably the best PC game ever made. I love this game even more than most people love Deus Ex. Without System Shock, there would be no Deus Ex, because after all, it was the System Shock series that inspired the creation of the legendary title that is Deus Ex. In SS2 You play the part of a soldier who is recovering from an operation and is stored in the cryostasis sector which is on the Med/Sci deck of the Von Braun star ship. You don’t have a lot of time to wait around, because the ship seems to have been overtaken by mutated creatures of some sort, and it’s your job to rectify the chaos that has befallen the Von Braun and its security vessel accompanying it, the Rickenbacker. Graphics: Admittedly, System Shock 2 was never really known for its looks. In it’s original state, it is plagued by low resolution textures, low polygon count character models and poor animation. Luckily today there are a lot of fan-made mods out there that serve to give the game a bit of a makeover, with high resolution textures, much more detailed character models, and more. There are also some fan-made missions and even campaigns that add new items to interact with that kind of spruce up the overall look and feel of the game world. Sound: This is one of the better parts of the game. From the sound effects that are commonly encountered in the game, to the taunts from the mutant hybrid creatures aboard the ships, to the audio logs from – often dead – crew members, the sound in this game is terrific. In fact, just like Thief (System Shock 2 uses the same game engine), you can often rely on the sound direction in order to tell where enemies are at, and you can, if skilful enough, avoid them if you are low on ammunition or have no weapons. The techno-themed soundtrack which was mixed by Eric Brosius, who is also known for creating the soundtracks for Thief, Thief II, and Thief: Deadly Shadows, is very memorable, and fits the atmosphere perfectly. Gameplay: This is a survival horror game and one of the progenitors of the FPS/RPG hybrid genre that has become more and more popular over the years with the likes of Borderlands and its sequels. While there are guns and there will be shooting, this isn’t a frag fest like Call of Duty or something similar. Weapons and ammo are scarce, and the weapons you do find are often broken or in serious need of repair, and when used often they degrade rapidly too. The pace is a lot slower than what you might be used to, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself hiding or running from the enemy at times, who respawn to keep things interesting. Going in guns blazing isn’t the way to handle this game at all. Of course depending on your career choice early in the game, you can also rely on psionic abilities with the use of a psi-amp (the equivalent of a magic wand) or you can hack your way around too. You also have your standard classic inventory system, which will allow you to pick up, store, and assign items that you find in the game world. You have your PDA, which you can use to play collected audio logs, receive messages, and view all sorts of information in addition to your standard HUD. The best part about this hybrid title is that you can improve in various areas. Upon completing objectives, you often receive cybermodules, which you can use to upgrade yourself, to improve your chosen area, like weapons proficiency, or speed, etc. AI: The AI is frightfully intelligent for the most part, and enemies react to noises that you make, and will actively search for you. The fact that they often taunt you much like the guards in Thief do (another game made famous or at least semi-famous by Looking Glass Studios) creates a sense of dread which is almost unmatched by any other game. You don’t want to go toe to toe with most of the AI characters in this game, so you have to employ a bit of strategy in taking them on if you want to walk out alive. They are tough as hell. Controls: This is a chink in this game’s armour. I never really liked the controls because they feel too dead, too clunky, and it’s not uncommon to slip off of surfaces accidentally, which is often followed by death, so you’ll be quickloading very often, in my experience. It feels as though you’re trying to run on ice a lot of the time. The controls just aren’t responsive and feel sluggish. Overall: Some people (probably people who haven't played the game) describe this as being like Dead Space from 1999 (the year this game was released). If you are one of these people, do yourself a favour and play this because in my opinion it's a hell of lot better than said game. If you ever wondered what happened to intense, atmospheric and down right hard as nails survival horror games and get tired of the new crop of games that are being shelled out nowadays, you deserve to experience what this title has to offer. Besides, if you need one reason to play this; just one word: space. The game takes place on a star ship in space. Enough said.


Hard, punishing but overall awesome!

Nova4 | Aug. 5, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

This game is one of the most hard and blowminded games that I ever had the pleasure of play, the IA is kinda bad yes, the gameplay is stiff yes... but all the storyline, the atmosfere and the creepiness of this game worth your time. The good: +Deep combat system with unique perks and classes to choose. +Thee feeling of danger is great for this game. +A sweet story line. +This it really made feel like you are in the game. The bad: -Is kinda old by now, the gameplay and some UI options are terrible old, but nothing awful. -The respawn rate is crazy.... -Lots and lots of cheap deads... This game is enjoyable even today, is great and unique, give it a try!


An old school RPG for classic players

eduardXD | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all eduardXD's reviews »

System Shock is a RPG game from the creators of Bioshock franchise, meaning it is a great game. In the game, you can choose to be between marine, navy and OSA (in simpler words warrior, technical and magician). The game is old, so its graphics are not the best, but still acceptable. The story is about a super artificial intelligence that becomes self conscious and wants to destroy the human race. The game has long duration and allow us to develop the skills of our character through the use of modules. Highly recommended for lovers of pure and well done RPG games.