Reviews for Driver San Francisco


Just Awesome!

MalkaLT | March 27, 2015 | See all MalkaLT's reviews »

I never turned out to be a fan of DRIVER series, but this game just changed my mind! Everything here is great. Graphics are wonderful and I really enjoy them. Story is also interesting and you just want more and more. Gameplay is the best part of all game. It has first person view, which is very realistic, actually, everything is realistic, cars, handling, crashes. It's also free roam and that is really fun if you like driving fast! And yea, there's not much stuff to talk about except that it's totally awesome and worth spending your last money on it, because you will start living the game!


Definitely worth driving!

DDEMOLITOR | Nov. 13, 2014 | See all DDEMOLITOR's reviews »

Driver San Francisco is a open world action game with GTA like designed missions without getting out off car.There are so many main and side missions which are similar but not repetitive.Car roster is huge and cars show many driving characteristics.Driving physics are a bit loose and cars are spinning often but sense of speed on this game is very good by the help of nitro boost and ramming mechanic is so satisfying.Car shifting is definitely what makes this game special.You can shift to any car on the traffic,on some missions car shifting creates scenes like in the popular movie matrix reloaded.Also in multiplayer shifting is avaliable.Graphics are very good especially car reflections are stunning.Driver San Fransicso is one of the best driving action game avaliable on PC.


The best arcade racing game I've ever played

Kaspeyskis | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all Kaspeyskis's reviews »

Story at the beginning is hard to understand. But after firsts half an hour everything is clear and game get better and better at each mission you progress in story line. Graphic is sharp and beautiful. game runs smother with no lag. And this game loading screen is literally like 1 sec I don't now how but I like it. Nearly a perfect fun arcade racing game of all time, jet.


Great racing game

gforcesa | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I've played the previous Driver games and they were great.I really enjoy the mechanics on this one.You are detective Tanner and you were in a terrible car crash which has made you go into a coma.You have the power to go into other cars and control them.For example if you see a police chase you can help out them out by shifting into another car and crashing the suspect.There are many side missions in which you have to do certain objectives which are as fun as the story missions.At the price that it's now i would suggest you buy it.


Enjoyable but controls are a bit :/

rainprophecy | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all rainprophecy's reviews »

I overall quite enjoyed the game as its humour was very entertaining. It is quite nice to look at graphically but its not like wow. I really enjoyed the concept of being able to change cars at will and the streets seem alive. I like that you will see the ai make mistakes as well. The controls aren't very good however if you were to buy this game your not looking for a hard core racer. The quests/missions are really fun. I would definitely recommend this game if your looking for a fun casual experience.


Driving with a twist.

Rhoobarb | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all Rhoobarb's reviews »

Why this game gets a bad reaction from some people is beyond me. It is an open world arcade driving game, in a similar vein to Burnout Paradise and TDU, not a sandbox game, but enough freedom that you do not feel restricted or led by the nose. It has a large map to explore with many optional side missions and bonuses, but these are linked with the main story path i.e. completion of a story mission opens up more side missions, and a bigger chunk of map, but the story missions cannot continue until x amount of side missions have been completed, and so on. The story is great for a driving game, the characters are good, the whole premise is interesting and the 'twist' is quickly established so there is no doubt, suspicions or lame ' was all just a dream' ending. You find out what the twist is soon into the game, the rest of the game is spent trying to deal with that. What the twist does do is open up a load of possibilities that have not been tried before. It brings a whole new dimension to the genre. Basically, Tanner (you) can leave his body and 'shift' into other drivers bodies, taking control of their vehicle, while Tanners' body goes on autopilot. This means not only can you help other people in their situations, but they (you) can help you! An example of helping other drivers could be an early mission that has you 'shift' into a learner driver who is being bullied by his instructor. The tables are turned when you pull off a series of stunts, high speed maneuvers and handbrake turns to get revenge on the bully. Or how about 'shifting' into a rookie cop to allow them to take down a high speed pursuit? An example of other drivers helping you could be you 'shift' into a side mission of someone starting a street race with the goal of winning. As you are racing you 'shift' into a truck-trailer further down the road, coming the opposite way. Turn the truck into the path of a rival racer and BANG! One less racer to worry about. It's that kind thinking towards different approaches to situations that raises this game way over the competition. My only gripe with this game would be the controls. I found them way too fiddly and sensitive on a keyboard. I highly recommend a gamepad (preferably with analogue sticks, and lots of buttons)


Very good driving!

rjb789 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

The game is brilliant. It has so much content like the brilliant story, the open world and the stunning graphics. Another factor is the insane amount of cars and each individual detail involved in crafting the cars. If you crash your car you can instantly switch into any other car you own on the map and this mechanic creates some very fun and easily changeable game play which is a feature I have not seen any other games. The story line drags you in and doesn't let you go for the duration of the story and there are a fair amount of plot twists that create some very fun changes in how the events of the game unfold. You should get this game if you like Burnout Paradise!


Racing with a good story

mcofdiablo | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all mcofdiablo's reviews »

As the title says the story is the thing that surprised me most about this game. It is very well written and very well told through beautiful cutscenes. I admit, it is pretty simple. But tell me have you ever played racing game with interesting story? I didn't, before Driver San Francisco. The gameplay is a lot of fun. You have story missions and tons of side missions which contain pretty interesting mini-stories interesting to follow as well. The visual part is a mixture of beautiful car models and boring streets. But it is just a small minus comparing to overall feeling left after playing this game through.


Very funny

simodeso | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

I haven't played the another Driver, but this is very good. The story is pretty awesome, and all the gameplay/mechanics of the game are fantastic! You can change car in slowmotion and do what you want, you will find why you have this power. It is a free roaming racing game, and it is funny to listen conversations when you teleport in a car. Graphic is good. It is very cheaper and is worth more than its costs.


Driver, or not driver ?

zonzon | July 29, 2013 | See all zonzon's reviews »

The lastest installment of the Driver series is an open world game. Will it be better or worse than Burnout Paradise ? The answer is better. The "shift" system allows the player to go from car to car within a few seconds, if your car is wasted, just change cars ! That allows also some crazy multiplayer modes, as you are not really out of the race if you crash in an incoming car, shift out of you car, and you're back. The handling of the cars is similar to other Driver games, with the same car adherence to the road. Missions are fun, and the storyline helps to get funny situations. This is a must buy.


Silly, but enjoyable

darkyhbk | July 24, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Driver San Francisco is a somewhat strange, yet unique driving experience. The series reinvented itself after the Driv3r failure and the great success of Parallel Lines by following the initial direction of an all-driving game, meaning that you cannot get out of your car(s). The game is set in a licensed San Francisco and offers real cars to choose from. The storyline, however, is ambiguous to say the least, with your character in a coma dreaming about the events in the game. And this gives you ability to get yourself out of your body, placing you in a view of the city, where you can shift into another driver's mind and control each and every car you see just like that. This gives you awesome capabilities. For instance, when chasing a car, you don't have to go through all the usual fuss. You can just shift into a truck coming from the opposite direction at high speed, and blast right into it. The game revolves around stuff like this, and while the story is pretty dumb, all the crazy scenarios that you'll take part in are funny and enjoyable. The graphics are good enough, San Francisco is adequately designed, and the sound effects are okay as well. However, the music selection lacks required depth, as some diverse radio stations could have been a real plus, since you spend all your time driving. Also, the voice acting ranges from great to annoying, so take what you will. To conclude, this is definitely a fun game which will provide a somewhat unique experience, despite all its problems and many areas of improvement.


Best racing game in 2011

szami777 | June 24, 2013 | See all szami777's reviews »

This is an absolutely amazing racing game with a big city and a lot of cars. I love the open world racing games so this is perfect for me. There are so many cars and i jump every car in street. This is the best idea what i ever seen in racing games. The graphics is great the cars and the voices are so real and the multiplayer is also fun. There are so many challenges in game what are so excited and finally the difficulty is not to easy. I recommend this for everyone, nice arcade game. Best deal in GMG :)


Driv6r? maybe?

El_Rickhead | June 6, 2013 | See all El_Rickhead's reviews »

This game is such a pleasant surprise, i understand the majority of people hated Driv3r but i actually enjoyed it and this is definately the best driver game since that, such a unique idea of gameplay that the likes of Rockstar are taking a leaf from to add a similar thing with character switching in GTA V. While playing multiplayer i turned my xbox off which resulted in a corrupt save file so i never got to finish the game, the game is good enough for me to want to go back and re-do to see it out.


Unique driving-game

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | See all Crazy4ever's reviews »

Very unique game. It has fairly good graphics, though not as good as some driving-games. The story is what makes this game special, because it has a story at all, and it is quite exciting, but nothing special as a story in itself. I loved the free-roaming mechanics, and there is a lot of fun and many hours of playing-time using this kind of gameplay. It is nearly like a racing-game GTA. I think there could have been more cars, though. Still, the setting and atmosphere is good, and the music for the cars keeps you listening. Runs fairly well on pc, but it requires more than it should. If you meet the reccomended requirements you still risk getting some lag, and the graphics are not at a high enough level that this can be accepted. Still, its a good game.


It's getting there... again.

MarkDeejay | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Honestly, I didn't meet my expectations. I had really high hopes for this game, because the idea in general sounded quite fun and refreshing. But now that I've played it I can't shake the feeling this could've been better. First of all, the story is ok, let's get that out of the way. It's a bit far fetched maybe, but ok nonetheless. The graphics get the job done as well, but this is one of the things that disappointed me. The models for the cars are solid, but there's just so little detail in them. I like my cars very detailed, like in GT5 or Forza. Of course I can't expect the same quality for an arcade racer, but it would've been nice to give the most important cars some extra detail. Same goes for the city. The VOs are pretty good, and the music is alright if you're into that kind of stuff. It wasn't really my taste. And the gameplay itself is solid; the shifting technique is actually pretty cool and adds a bit of strategy to the game. Still, it's not full-price-worthy.


Brilliant Action Driving Game!

Sandoooooo | Nov. 4, 2012 | See all Sandoooooo's reviews »

This game is a brilliant action-adventure driving game. I loved it more than the previous Driver games. Driver San Francisco takes place in only one place, San Francisco. The story is decent. It's about you Tanner, being in a coma after suffering an accident. And your friend, Thus, the one who controls Tanner during his coma. The graphics in this game is really amazing. The faces and characters are very detailed which makes it look like a movie. This game got good collection of cars, and handling them is great. Humor in some dialogues is funny. In this game, the developers decided to create a new mechanic called "Shift" which enable the player to shift to any car in Tanner's coma instead of the ability of getting out of the car to steal another car as in the old Driver games. I didn't play much in multiplayer, but it also looked awesome as the story is.


Not as difficult as the first one, but more fun!

zhack075 | Aug. 27, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Driver SF is a great game even if many aspects make it closer from a burnout than the first Driver ( PS1... damn, i'm old... ). Cutscene are amazing, game graphics are good but event if I love the "tv show" style of the game the storytelling isn't clear at the beginning of the game and the "shift" feature is a kind of cheat to me even if it's quite funny to use after all ! In my opinion, it's a really good game for those who love cars game with a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Multiplayer mode is empty. :(


Great game

simonsix | June 18, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

Great game. The driving is tight and looks great, love there being licensed cars. The variety of missions and cars allows you to jump in at any time and progress your storyline or just have some fun. The car models are very detailed and look great. The only downside is a bit more attention could have been provided to the surrounding environs.


One of my all-time favorites..

NoLove3827 | June 16, 2012 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Great graphics, very large map that you can free-roam. And best of all; the cars. You can choose anything from a Dodge Neon to a Lamborghini Diablo, or you could choose a muscle car and recreate movie's from the 1970's, there are several events you can take place in like on where you are put in the drivers seat of a orange Dodge Charger and you have to evade the police Duke's of Hazard-style. Some of the muscle cars are; 1971 Pontiac Lemans, 70 GTO, 70 Chevelle SS, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and much more. There is a dash camera which is very welcome and every car has one. I do wish you could damage the cars a little more, but that's the only "bad" thing I can think to say about Driver. The multi-player is great fun too. Buy it now!!


Arcade racer

chetancs | Nov. 16, 2011 | See all chetancs's reviews »

Driver San Francisco is the arcade racing game.Game graphics details are quite good. cars in game designed very well which looks realistic. San Francisco city is also well detailed in game. The game runs smoothly with nice frames. other plus point in the graphics is the facial expression of the character which are really good. In game movie like presentation is also good. the gameplay is well built only one negative point which I pointed out is the difficulty level in game which is quite frustrating sometimes. The biggest plus point of the game is the massively built mutiplayer mode which will make you play game more and more. so if you want to play this great arcade style game which has the great story and powerful multiplayer mode go get it.