Reviews for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas


Surprisingly good

Gmen | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Rainbow Six is one of the pioneers of the squad based tactical shooter genre, and it was no doubt at its height with Rogue Spear. Things have changed, and Vegas has introduced – and done away with – a number of new features here. First, your character has the ability to take cover behind objects, and your team has been cut down from an eight man team down to just three – you and two team members. The planning phase that was present in earlier titles is gone, and this is really a stripped out action affair that has a more Brothers in Arms feel to it. The game is rather challenging, but with regenerating health (and allies who are resurrected at checkpoints) and boxes that have guns and ammo that are conveniently scattered throughout missions, it might be enough to turn more hardcore fans of the series off. A lot of the strategy and careful planning is missing here, and it is most definitely more action-orientated. Nevertheless, the ability to swap weapons on the fly (and there are many weapons) and much improved AI (with very capable friendly AI), along with numerous game modes, might just be enough to interest some.


Vegas Baby!

TK4EVA47 | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all TK4EVA47's reviews »

A new setting, this time means a lot more better content. The game-play it now fluid, easy to learn but hard to master and more importantly is better than previous Rainbow Six games. The story may not be the best, though it's interesting enough for me to be invested. Customization is now added to both single-player and multiplayer (which is pretty great too!), this progression system adds to the game in a great way. All of this together makes another great game from the Tom Clancy brand!


The rainbow is just awesome again!

Hunork | July 30, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

Unlike the previous games in the Rainbow Six series, Vegas actually has an engaging single-player campaign that doesn't feel like a collection of unrelated missions loosely tied together by a threadbare storyline. The game also introduces a new leading man, as our old buddy Ding Chavez has moved out of the field and into the command center. Playing as Logan Keller, you and your team are tasked with taking down Irena Morales, an international terrorist who is determined to wreak havoc in Nevada's neon-lit City of Sin. Gone are the boring, static pre-mission briefings, as the story is instead told via in-game communications from your intel officer, overheard conversations, and during the helicopter rides on the way to the hot zone. In many ways, Rainbow Six: Vegas feels and plays a lot like the other games in the series. The combat is presented primarily from the first-person perspective, and many of the actions are mapped to the same buttons (clicking the right analog will zoom, tapping X will reload, etc.) they've always been tied to. However, Vegas features one new mechanic that completely changes the way you'll play the game. By holding down the left trigger, you'll be able to take cover against nearly any object or wall, and you can quickly pop out to fire a few shots or blind fire at any enemies that are advancing on your position. The cover system also comes in handy when you've taken damage, as characters now have the ability to heal when they're hurt (you can also heal your fallen teammates with a shot from a syringe).


Not bad at all

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Surely it's more of an updated Vegas 1 than real sequel. Yes, there's new story, few new ideas, bugfixes... In general it is better than its predecessor. The same situation happend with Left 4 Dead, the second game is better than first, but still - it feels just like a big update, not a new game. What to think about it? If you're a fan of Vegas, you will probably buy it anyway, just to enjoy new missions and new storyline. If you're a classical R6 fan, wishing the series would come back to it's hardcore tactical roots... It's not happening folks. For the newcomers - Rainbow Six: Vegas is a new take on R6 series. It's more approachable, less tactical. In general, it's an action game with a bit of teamwork and strategy. You control special ops team-leader and you squad consists of other two members. It's and FPS game with cover system and very basic giving orders mechanics. It's quick, enjoyable and very replayable game. After you finish campaign (not more than 6h of gameplay) you can fight in multiplayer, co-op or my favorite - terrorist hunt mode. There's plenty of weapons, armor and accessories to unlock if you want too. Overall - good game, iv played 30h and Im looking forward to play it more;)


Casual Rainbow Six.

zhack075 | Jan. 1, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

First of all, i'm a true fan of the Raven Shield game, I spent a lot of time on it and I love the Rainbow Six spirit. Well, this game is totally different. I mean, it isn't bad at all, but it isn't as hard and realistic as a real rainbow six. In fact, it's more a casual FPS than a tactical FPS. Graphics are good, not impressive, the unreal engine still does its job nicely. What was really impressive at the time was the cover system which is really awesome. I know, nowadays, every FPS/TPS got their own cover system thanks to Gears of War but it was nice to have a FPS using it on PC. The weapon customization system is very poor compares to what we have in the last Ubisoft game (1 accessory and the silencer you can attach or detach whenever you want during the missions). The AI uses cover system very well. Even thought they aren't really smart, they aren't bad either. However, I would recommend to play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 because it contains more weapons, few improvement and the story is a prequel to this story. Coop is nice to play, not Revolutionnary but nice. Even thought I prefer Raven Shield and its tactical aspect, I really enjoyed playing this game. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of better game using same features nowadays !


Rainbow Six.

maciej2601 | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas is the next part of the series of tactical action games, branded by the famous American author of political thrillers books. As the title move to the biggest city in the U.S. state of Nevada, known primarily thanks to the many casinos, hotels, etc..


Good story, easier than previous Rainbow Six

panz3r88 | Aug. 4, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Rainbow Six Vegas is tactical FPS where you are the leader of a group of 3 high trained soldier. The game is really good and the story amazing. The gameplay is similar to the one of previous Rainbow Six titles but with many simplifications. Rainbow Six Vegas is more action oriented and you can only give simple commands to your companions. You can't plan complex titles like in the previous titles. Rainbow Six Vegas remain a solid action game even with these semplifications


Must have for fans of the genre

simonsix | June 21, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

Must have for fans of the genre, better than most games out there. overall a great experience single and multiplayer, my friends and I cannot get enough. a great first person shooter with many tactical elements.The single player is a lot of fun with many different levels from the streets in Mexico to Casino's in Las Vegas. The online is where this game really shines so many different game modes on good maps. It is an awesome game with the great ability of the squad.


Look before you leap

Dagexon | April 9, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

The reason why this review is titled look before you leap is for two reasons: Number 1, because it's an action shooter like few others, it's one where you really have to plan ahead and move into a vantage point before you start a fire-fight and not just run and gun without knowing what your up against. If you do run and gun you'll find that your life will be drained in a matter of seconds as the game does not give you much life, I find this good as it makes it more realistic however others may disagree. Number 2, because many people who have bought the game did not know that it required a lot of strategy and mission planning but thought it was a run and gun. If your like me and prefer games which require mission planning then go ahead, get it, if you were wanting a run and gun then please, don't get this.


Stands the test of time

yamajin82 | Oct. 10, 2011 | See all yamajin82's reviews »

I was introduced to the Rainbow series in 2004. This game seems like a natural direction for the series, though a lot of people would beg to differ. The cover system is awesome, the weapons feel and sound awesome and the Story was good enough to keep you going through the single player missions, but it really shines in the co-op terrorist hunt mode. This is one of the best co-op modes in any game. Its cheap so get it with 3 of your buddies and have some good old terrorist shooting fun.


Good game, bad Rainbow 6 game

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

This is a decent enough cover based shooter, think gears of war with realistic weapons and setting, and some stuff about terrorists. This is an awful Rainbow Six game though. Rainbow Six is all about careful planning tactics and equipment selection to infiltrate a site, capture or neutralize all hostiles and if needed rescue hostages, all with no casualties, no alarms, no terrorists escaping and serious consequences if you or any of your team get shot (ya know, like in real life), proper SAS kinda stuff. Instead this is a game about hiding behind some blocks with one other team mate and shooting at the bad guys till they all go down. Alarms? bah, more bad guys to shoot. Getting shot? just behind for cover for a few seconds while your health magically regenerates, she'll be right. Tactics are for people with attention spans. This is fine in some games, but not in Rainbow Six. As far as story goes this is the usual Tom Clancy Affair, conspiracies and military talk etc.


Not my kind of game, but still not bad.

mevidek | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

This game shows much potential in many ways, and is definitely not a bad game. Unfortunately for me I didn't really like it, although that's just personal opinion. The whole idea of Rainbow Six is about a squad of soldiers fighting terrorists, and this game expands on that. Very nice graphics, settings and quite fun gameplay makes this a good game, although I didn't like it. Would I recommend it? Yes, although I didn't really enjoy it as much as some other games, including its predecessors.


Good, but could be better

peldik | Aug. 5, 2011 | See all peldik's reviews »

Not as good as older Rainbow Six games and no mission planning. Could be more tactical, there are too few rooms where you really have to use tactics to enter and clean. Controlling the squad is easy, but could be more advanced (like in SWAT series). There are some pretty hard spots, but overall the difficulty is ok.


Not my kind of Vegas, but also not really a bad game

Jahman | July 4, 2011 | See all Jahman's reviews »

As I first matter of business I must admit that I missed out on the Rainbow Six craze prior to Vegas, so I won’t be comparing it to the previous installments. Second of all, a tl;dr: I admire the ideas and innovation put into this game, but it wasn’t enough to make me enjoy it. Now on to the game itself and a longer description: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas is a “squad action first person shooter”. What that does mean is that the gameplay consists mostly of running around with two squad mates, breaching doors, hiding behind covers and shooting terrorists. For me, the story was rather bland and boring (yet another terrorist attack / hostages / bombings etc.) and the characters were shallow. As for the gameplay, as I mentioned before, I really admire the idea behind the squad command system and the possibilities it offers. On one hand it’s simple and doesn’t require multiple button presses or whole tactical screen, on the other it’s efficient and allows for stacking up for entering the room via multiple doors, different breaching scenarios and circling around enemy positions while the teammates draw the opponents attention. The problem is, however, that while the ideas are great, the gameplay doesn’t really implement them that well and hinders it even further by the horrible AI. For one, there are many parts of the game where you have to simply move down the corridor/building/street and eliminate enemies via cover-based firefight. Practically none of the fancy squad commands will help you there as there are hardly any alternate paths to take. What’s even worse is that the squad mates hardly ever seem to actually eliminate enemies (at least not before you get shot multiple times), but they do love getting shot themselves. Also, while you can revive your teammates for some reason they do not possess the same ability when it comes to you. On more than one, very frustrating, occasion I was forced to choose whether to let my companions take point – it takes a long time to move forward as they hardly ever hit the enemy but I can always revive them - or take point myself, whereas the combat got much quicker, but a couple of stray bullets and it was back to last checkpoint for me. This might be a very personal opinion but while I can’t say that the game itself was bad, for me it offered far too few and too far between moments of “awesomeness” (like using actual tactics to eliminate an entire room of hostiles while not adding any extra holes to any of the hostages). At the same time it also forced me to endure a very long periods of hiding behind cover and taking pot-shots at the enemy, made even more infuriating when after a long firefight I got killed because my team mate didn’t manage to intercept the enemy circling around my cover. For the same reasons I got the feeling that while some levels (and vistas) were quite memorable others were boring and badly designed BUT this may be because I often had to replay a single part over and over again (even on normal difficulty). As for the multiplayer I went for it after finishing the single player and was at first pleasantly surprised that a random group of players served as much better team mates than the AI. Also, the cover mechanics work pretty nicely, although they do tend to slow down the gameplay (as almost everybody slowly stalks around, hoping not go get shot). While some of the matches were balanced and fun, the experience got tiring for me rather quickly due to the pace (far too slow for my taste) and the presence of campers (players who know the maps tend to find spots like rooftops or skylights and eliminate other players who can’t really attack them without leaving cover – needless to say this can be quite infuriating as it breaks the notion of “tactics” in the multiplayer). I know this review might sound a little bit like a rant – but the question is – can I recommend this game to anyone? The answer is yes. If you are patient, don’t mind an action shooter with some “slow and steady” bits and don’t mind replaying some parts of the game time and time again – go for it. Also, if you’re tired of generic run’n’gun “Rambo style” FPSs Rainbow Six Vegas might also offer just enough variation to be a very pleasant experience after all.