Reviews for Driver San Francisco Deluxe Edition


Great features, great gameplay, great story.

Exodius132 | Oct. 13, 2014 | See all Exodius132's reviews »

The game takes place in San Francisco and presents one of the best stories presented in a racing game. You take the role a detective that somehow gets the ability to take over civilian cars and drive them normally. It gets funny when there's also a passenger at which moment the player starts automatically chatting with him/her. There are quite few little scenarios like this but after awhile it gets repetitive. The amount of features in this game are not few, ranging from ramming, boost and some others. Also, you can control and purchase any vehicle you see in the game, be it a sports car, or a truck or even cop cars. Even after finishing the main story, which is not pretty long, there will be plenty of other things to do like races, challenges, pursuits and more. The game gives you liberty on how to finish the side missions be it pretty or nasty stuff like controlling other cars and crash the opponents. What i also enjoyed is the cockpit view of each vehicle in the game, greatly represented from real-life models. The only bad thing is that the multiplayer is pretty much dead. Overall, i recommend this game greatly.


Fantastic Game

billie_boy86 | May 13, 2014 | See all billie_boy86's reviews »

As soon as you hear the name "Driver" the first thing comes in your mind is a burnout by some American Muscle if you're a gamer and you have a love for Racing games! Driver San Francisco is all about High Speed chases, jumping on the streets of San Francisco, Drifting around the corners while burning down the rubbers! Driver San Francisco sticks to it roots while they introduced some of the new features as in the Shift a ability to take possession of any driver in the city. Driver San Francisco may not have the best story and plot to tell and not to mention the cheesy voice acting but it does offer some very satisfying driving experience and large number Licensed vehicles. In terms of Graphics Driver SF offers decently detailed and shiny cars while rest of the structures in the city use somewhat bland textures which could've been better but that is maybe due to the focus on the aging hardware on the previous generation of Consoles to stabilize the frame-rate although the city roads are populated with cars everywhere and pedestrians walking around but you cannot ram into them as they'll quickly dodge you no matter what except some of the limited breakable objects. The Damage and Weight of the different sized cars including all sedans, coupes, trucks etc. feels right as much as the collision and impact. There are plenty of dirty and nasty tricks you can do in order to achieve your mission objects by using the Shift power which will dramatically improve it's vision and expandable view as you progress through the campaign and the freedom move around the map. All in all Driver San Francisco is a fantastic game and though there aren't any particular customizations for your rides but having an average storyline with a ability to fly around and taking possession of any driver in the city makes Driver San Francisco different from other racing titles out there. For the best driving experience one should use a good Controller with analog sticks and triggers but still it feels quiet good on your everyday keyboard. I would easily recommend Driver SF to any gamer who is looking for a Racing Title.



martinni | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all martinni's reviews »

This is how good as a driving simulation game's story can get! The simulation itself is really good as well; not the best in the business, but still great! On top of that add hundreds of side missions / challenges you may do at anytime. I've finished the story a lot of time ago and still have dozens of those to do. Having bought the Deluxe version, i began by playing the challenges it brought when I had some friends at home and they asked me to show 'hem the game. Why am I talking about this? Well... That made me have so much money when i actually began playing the game i was able buy a Ford GT right away. And that was kinda weird! Despite feeling it's worth all i paid for it, the truth is i haven't been able to play multiplayer... I've been there waiting for something to happen, but i haven't been lucky at all. That's the bitter part of it for me. I'd really like to try the multiplayer, and it hasn't been possible.


Buy it if you like those cars

zonzon | July 29, 2013 | See all zonzon's reviews »

Stick with the original version of the game, because these cars are unbalanced. And keep in mind that story missions chooses the car for you, what is a driver game without a Dodge Challenger ? That being said, this is a must buy.


Interesting gameplay, cool story

arza | June 22, 2013 | See all arza's reviews »

Very enjoyable racing game with interesting original story. Driving feels so good in this game. And there's plenty of cars to drive, all with internal views. Main feature of the game is a possibility to change cars back and forth, jumping in the bodies of drivers. This makes possible to complete some missions in some very different ways. Storymode will take you few hours to finish but there's tons of side missions and races. Plus multiplayer races. Graphics feels nice but it's not top notch. There's damage model, some physics. Voiceover is good as are sounds.


Fun game, very weird plot

oginer | Nov. 13, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

This game probably has one of the weirdest plots in a racing/driving game, which is kind of cool, since you're used to boring generic plots in these kind of games. It keeps you interested in the game. The driving is quite good, albeit very arcade of course. Different cars and vehicles generally feel different from each other. You basically can drive any vehicle you see on the game, from motorcycles to trucks, buses, police cars... There's a good amount of missions, with a lot of extra things to do and collect, so you'll get entertained for a good amount of time. Very recommended game, I certainly was quite pleased since I was expecting a mediocre game.


A great driving game

simonsix | June 18, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

Great game. The driving is tight and looks great, love there being licensed cars. The variety of missions and cars allows you to jump in at any time and progress your storyline or just have some fun. The car models are very detailed and look great. The only downside is a bit more attention could have been provided to the surrounding environs.


Great graphics, immersing gameplay and generally fun!

mevidek | Sept. 11, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

Brilliant game, with astonishing graphics, a storyline that will make you want to play more and more, and so much incentive to come back over and over again to see all of the features this game to offer. You really need to get this game. Veterans of the series will enjoy the areas of nostalgia (even though now you're on the other side of the law), while more casual players will enjoy the "drift" ability, and more hardcore gamers can collect the various cars and complete all of the levels. This all adds up to make a brilliant game.