Reviews for A Game of Thrones - Genesis (UBI)


A game with much potential

Cynaris | July 19, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

...and not so great execution. Game of Thrones Genesis as you might have already guessed, is connected to the George R.R. Martin's books and serve as a game to give some information not necessarily found in the book. Through an RTS. Not the best choice I have to say, but still the best attempt on a Game of Thrones game so far. Why? Because it does get elements right. Brining, gathering alliances, seduction, subterfuge, all makes a huge impact on gameplay. In this game, achieveing victory doesn't mean necessarily brute force, you have quite a few ways to handle the situations. It's obvious that the developers tried to innovate with the title a bit, and not just cashing in. If only it would have worked out better. Because while the more subtle methods can work quite well, the balance, and combat is underwhelming. Simply put, it can destroy everything you worked for with your crafty actions, and that doesn't quite feel right. The game is somewhat lengthy, but not much happens to hold your interest, which is quite sad. Do not expect much from the graphics department either. Music can be the best part of the game at times. Not recommended, but hardcore GoT fans might want to give it a try. I warned you though.