Reviews for Alien Breed: Impact


Doesn't have much to offer

SaintKB | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all SaintKB's reviews »

Just plain out boring. I couldn't even bare an hour of this thing. Alien Breed: Impact isn't an action game it's a point and click adventure in an action games clothing. All you ever seem to do is find out something doesn't work, find the object that makes it work when you rub them together then proceed to the next thing that doesn't work; oh wait there's aliens, don't forget the aliens. The aliens in it really it has nothing to offer for you, the aliens are far from scary, laughable even I hadn't even realised that they were supposed to be the enemies because of how lackluster they were. The environment are just linear corridors and I swear all the lighting effects are just there to mask how drab and boring the game looks as a whole. You could have the same amount of fun playing this buy going through your system files one by one then stopping ever now and then to grab a pair of keys shove them into your screen and making gargling alien sounds. On the plus side there were no bugs encountered during my small amount of time playing this product. So just keep moving there is nothing to see here. + Didn't encounter any bugs - Plain boring - Aliens aren't scary and there just to waste time - Level design and level mechanics (find something to make something work) are tedious - Unpleasing to your eyes 3/10


Alien Breed: Impact Review

Darkpeing | April 14, 2014 | See all Darkpeing's reviews »

The Good: -Graphic Novel 'cinematics' look great and help the story unfold. The Bad: -Go Fetch type of gameplay do not suit the game and becomes tiresome very quickly. -Even before halfway through the game, you want it to end due to its repetitiveness and lack of difficulty.


Better than i expected

TGAlan | July 11, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

The experience exceed the expectation. I thought it was going to be real horrible but it is not bad just hard. Yes but it is hard so i might stop after a while. This game is better than swarm in reborn during game for coop and ammo u can get more but bad at too many hordes of aliens and finding the torch to achieve objective is hard. I got what i paid for. I like the ammo finding and more ammo and credit to upgrade and to get more ammo. I did not like the fast hordes too quickly. I would recommend my friend if they like aliens killing and top down shooter.


Part 1 - Every journey has a beginning

Guardian412 | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Alien Breed: Impact is the first episodes of the new Alien Breed trilogy which is the 21st century remake of the oldie, well known franchise of the same name. While the game is capable to grab the player from the beginning, its fast paced and has a story to tell, it has its faults which is coming out in the gameplay itself. The controls are responsive, but if you ever played with Shadowgrounds, you would wish a similar controls instead of the one you have here, namely the camera and character control. Unlike in Shadowgrounds where you was able to attach the camera rotation to the character, here you have to rotate the camera independent from the character, which is a bit flustrating at few places, especially at one place where you have to escape from an enemy and the camera controls is very annoying. The storyline is offering a mystery as your starship, the cruiser Leopold is crashing into a larger unknown craft. Right after that hell spreads all over your ship as aliens starts to decimate the surviving members of your crew. You, Chief Engineer Conrad have to find out what this space ship of alien origin is, while you also have to ensure the safety of the Leopold. As Alien Breed is an episodic release, you'll get all your answers in the second and third episodes, but unfortunately as you step onboard the alien ship in the first episode, Impact, some of the textures of the alien ship is spoiling some twists from the later episodes. The game itself is a simple fastpaced shooter, with five huge levels to discover and the episode ends with a cliffhanger (Each episodes have 5 levels, so the whole game is 15 levels long.). In the game you may gather credits to buy ammo and upgrade weapons, even sentry guns, while you have to repair critical elements of your space ship and fight your way through dozens of waves of alien hordes. The atmosphere is good, the environment is detailed and beautiful for this game, but the game can be a bit repetative at times. It's a decent shooter, which is not great, but its still a good experience in the very rare sci-fi, top-down isometric survivor shooter genre. But if you loved the original series or if you ever loved Shadowgrounds, give a try for Alien Breed: Impact.


Alien Breed: Impact - review

carlyle | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

This title is a "modern interpretation" of a classic from the past, do not expect some kind of novelty. The gameplay is really simple: Conrad, helped by radio communications - that we will see on the screen in the form of post-, will go far and wide for each of the 5 layers that make up the game. Each level corresponds to a different area of the ship. We start the exploration by going to a point A, and then find a point B, and then get to a point C. The alien monsters are of different types: there are those little ones, more 'annoying than dangerous, who kill with a single gunshot, "standard" ones, that look like cockroaches, and the much more' stronger, because they are more 'fast and why they are also able to "shoot" some clothes (gas, spores, etc. ..). The weapons can be collected around the ship, or to be purchased in the shop that are also save points. Graphically, the setting is changed from the original 90s: top view, yes, but in isometric style.


Good but not impressive

Stezizi | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Stezizi's reviews »

Alien Breed: Impact is a remake of a remake, but still manages to be a video game with a good personality. The gameplay is simple but fast-paced and if you like old-style shooter with a ton of weapons and enemies you will not be disappointed. The main campaign is somewhat repetitive and has little flashes of originality, but given the limited duration of the game (one of the major flaws) you'll enjoy anyway, especially in the company of a friend. The game is very cheap and no doubt it's worth it all. Recommended if you like shooters!


Good but very short action shooter

panz3r88 | Sept. 1, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Alien Breed Impact is an isometric action shooter. The single player campaign is not really long, there are only 5 levels, but it's always fun. The level of difficult is not low: in each level you must resist to hordes of aliens and the resources you have and you can find to survive are very limited, so you must manage them in the best way. There is also a multiplayer mode with some co-op missions, but the game remains very short and you will fin ish it in 4-5 hours.


Alien Breed - act 1

FreeMan85 | July 13, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Alien Breed: Impact is the first part of the newly created Alien Breed trilogy, developed by the original game developers Team17. AB is a classic type top-down view survival sci-fi horror game. A mix of Space Siege and Dead Space. You can save only the shops and buy new weapons, ammo and other stuffs. The game is extremley difficult, especially if you play on Elite difficulty. The alien hordes are tear you apart and they can come from any direction! The graphics is stunning, using the state of the art Unreal3 the game shines. Nice particle effect, detailed environments and lots of explosions and other visual effects. You really feel you're on the damaged spaceship. And you're always running from one console to another. Because nothing works. The mission start to reach the elevator, but you will find out the elevator doesn't working, need power, but you can get power because the generator room is on fire, but the fire extinguisher system doesn't work, etc. Something like that about the gameplay. Keep you always on the edge! The co-op section of the game is tells a different story. Sadly is dead, but if you manage to find a friend you can play it anytime. And it's harder then the campaign! If you a fan of the original Alien Breed or simply like the top down view games and sci-fi horror/survival type of games you muat try Alien Breed. A really challenging and a bit scary game.


Fun game.

aqnickdan3 | June 28, 2012 | See all aqnickdan3's reviews »

This game is very fun, but it has elements that repeat constantly. There is not much variation on the aliens and their behavior, nor much variation on how to open doors, escape, or even much variation on the weapons. It's great to play when you are bored, and the graphics are pretty good, but I don't recommend it if you get easily annoyed by redundancy in games,


Marks an entire genre.

PedroVarela | June 13, 2012 | See all PedroVarela's reviews »

This game is absolutely fantastic. It goes in the same line as Shadowgrounds and Renegaded Ops, in my opinion. It's controls are simple and yet smooth, giving a very nice game rate. Being the typical action game, you'll have to expect a few jumps once in a while, but it's worth it. A very cheap and fun game, I'd recommend buying the whole triology.


Best for Coop

faraany3k | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

I see alot of hate about this franchise, But when we kep in mind the low price I think this game has a lot to offer in terms of fun specially in Coop. Game has a variety of weapons with gorgeous looking levels made on Unreal 3 engine. Lots of aliens to shoot with all sorts of machine-guns and shotguns. Controls are also sleek and responsive. If you want a good Coop game with your buddy. This game is one for you.


Samey corridors and tasks

emperor20 | Aug. 12, 2011 | See all emperor20's reviews »

What starts out as another excuse to kill aliens tearing up "insert location here", it ends with you doing the exact same thing every few minutes. Fix/power broken machines that end up breaking again, causing you to do the exact same fetch quests for the whole game. The game finally does something different in the final hour, but it just feels like a poor man's Shadowgrounds. If the game is 1/3 the size and involved less sheer repetition, it would have been much better. It doesn't compare to the original Alien Breed series at all.


Simple top down fun.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 12, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

The game is the first new game in the very old Alien Breed series. Its a simple shooter like Alien Shooter or Shadowgrounds. The same style of play and the same isometric perspective. What sets it apart is its episodic nature (there are three episodes) and the great graphics. The game is made on the current Unreal engine so it looks and runs great. The game has a story mode told through objects found in the game, communications between the main characters and very nice comic style panels in between the levels. The story takes place in the future on a ship that comes under attack from hostile aliens. The aliens come in different varieties from tiny ones that can be dispatched with a melee attack to more dangerous foes that are to be taken out from far away. The weapons are fun to use. Along with the normal weapons there are also items the player can use like armor, med kits, different kinds of grenades. Overall the combat in the game is very fun and will be the reason you get to the end. The levels are pretty big, which unfortunately means there is quite a bit of back tracking. Though this is explained by the objectives in the game that usually include turning something on and off to progress. Impact has a two player mode that makes the game alot more fun although it takes away from the atmosphere. Its not impossible to find a partner for the coop but the game is not exactly popular.


Alien Breed: Impact, the style is here

klaros | July 31, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

Alien Breed is an Alien Swarm similar game, exepted the fact that AB is centered on a single player and has a better graphic, AS is only for multiplay. Don' get confused by the titles: Alien Breed Impact, Assault and Descent together form only one game (5 chapters each one with same graphic but sometimes a different style) divided in 3 parts. So the gameplay is the same, only that in Impact and In Assault you'll not see the end of the story, infact they don't have an episode-end. Firing on alien hordes is fun but you'll note that the motivation for going from a point to the other is that there is something to fix on the ship or a keycard to get. Often you'll have to fix what you have just fixed. This can easily let you feel the repetition. The story is fair enought to let you get to the end, but it isn't the stronger point. The multiplay is fun but there are some important issues to underline. Differently form Alien Swarm you can play at best with another one human player, and not with 3 other ones. Finding someone to play it with isn't simple. The multiplay doesn't have many maps. Alien Breed: Impact, as from this review title is where you'll find by far the most beautiful style in the series (exterior and interior ship style and backgorund planet), differently from the other episodes you'll find also intersting weapons like the laser rifle and a sort of ion cannon. For example they are more usefull than the rocket launcher in 2nd episode (slow and useless with fast creatures).


The first in a long line of amazing shooters!!!

Xbomborz | July 29, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

Alien Breed: Impact is the first in a trilogy of games from the studio Team 17. With an in-depth story, nonstop action and excitement, and creative level design, this game has a lot going for it and for its fans. Chock full of awesome aliens, crazy guns, and enjoyable coop throughout the entire game, Alien Breed: Impact is a great gaming experience for all.