Reviews for LEGO Batman: The Videogame [Legacy]


LEGO adaptations are best suited for storytelling

MalekTaktak | Jan. 21, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

Traveller's Tales are taking a huge step in video game industry, combine fun LEGO and a great movie trilogy and what do you get? ... LEGO Batman! On the menu, the totality of the main, secondary, background and one- appearance-only characters present in the Batman movie franchise, and even vaguely related bonus ones. Each with super abilities like Batman's Batarang and gadgets, Joker with his double uzies, electric hand shake shock and hilarious gas, Mr.Freeze with his freeze gun (duh..) Poison Ivy and her poisonous plants (DUH..) and many more I cannot list in fear of making this a boring read, (as if it wasn't already..) still listing: Lots of puzzles, which actually cluster every single level and make reliving actual movie scenes more funny and interesting in addition of endlessly fighting mooks and bossfights, mimical cutscenes that abridge those (hilarity ensues!) entirely destructible LEGO environments, drop in drop out coop mode which makes playing with friends loads of fun and varied rideable vehicules... etc You cannot judge this game to be for younger age groups directly via the LEGO bit, since it's actually pretty fun to play with a friend. I enjoyed every moment of it with my cousin.


LEGO Batman - review

carlyle | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Unlike previous LEGO titles, entirely focused on the highly popular franchise Star Wars and Indiana Jones, this last episode of the series is not tied to a rigid film mythology or specific sequences of predetermined events. With a considerable departure from the classic format of the Lego series, you will be fighting against the bad guys impersonating both in parallel storyline. After hindered their devious criminal plans with Batman and Robin, you'll find it in Arkham and relive the same events from the perspective of the bad guys, helping them to create their own contraptions and evil plotting evil schemes of action. With its dual structure, Lego Batman offers at least twice in terms of gameplay stark compared to the proposal Lego Indy. It is not certain yet overflowing like Star Wars, with its legendary gold bricks to unlock bonus material.


Simply Lego Batman!

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

If you ever played other Lego titles, well, Lego Batman is pretty much the same game, only with the DC universe characters. A very good game, if you want find every items and secrets you will spend a lot of time on it. Graphic is good and "legolized", sound is wonderful, there are also some movie themes!


Funny Batman parody

panz3r88 | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Lego Batman is a good action game that mix exploration and fights. The game is quite easy and linear and you will not have many difficulties to reach the end of the game. The game has a good variety: you can use many different vehicles and many characters and villains related to Batman world that use different weapons and abilities. There are many collectibles to get in the various levels and many objects to unlock.


More Lego Games

STJ | Oct. 21, 2011 | See all STJ's reviews »

After playing Lego Indiana Jones that was an amazing game and is sure to be in my CD Collection for a long time too come,I'd say Batman has slightly improved on the concept,granted that my memories of it are a bit far back in time.I'd recommend the game too anyone who likes fun and creative Co-op games(And this to people who need to have fancy graphics,it's actually not bad in that department),because honestly this game is twice the fun with twice the players.So remember... 1=Fun 1+1=Tons of Fun


The best in the Lego series.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

Lego Batman is in my opinion the best part of the franchise. Maybe its because I a fan of the comic books or maybe because its not based on any movie. The games formula seen in previous games remains mostly unchanged. Using a mutlitude of characters the player traverses the 30 levels, platforming, fighting, collecting studs, unlocking characters and occasionally building something to progress further. Graphically it is as expected. On the audio side the inclusion of the original Batman score does wonders. The story is insubstantial like always but the way it is told is once again great fun. What sets this game apart from the rest of the franchise is that its broken up into two parts. Batman and other heros get 15 levels and Joker along with other villains get 15. The gameplay remains the same for both sides, but playing on the bad side for once is very appealing. This is a game that both adults and kids will enjoy so its well worth getting.


Just in time

hotmando1 | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

With the next batman game "arkham asylum" coming up for a more mature group, lego batman is just what younger people need. Less of a serious tone, more of a carefree child-like tone is what this game is about. Plot is your typical go-figure villain and batman! No need to go further, and no need for spoilers. Bugs and glitches are low in count, barely anyone complains except the occasional individuals. Visually speaking, it's perfect. It really looks and feels like lego's style. Camera issues need to be worked out though. Also, things like fx,voices,sounds tend to get drowned out. However, these are little things, nothing more. If you played any of the past lego series games, then you know what to expect in another high quality lego game!


Repitive at times but none the less fun.

PANIC98 | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all PANIC98's reviews »

Its fun to fight enemies you've seen in the movie but something about this game seems repetitive. In single player hero mode you only play Batman and Robin. In past Lego games each "hero" level usually had a set of different characters each time. I realize this isnt Travelers Tales fault so much as the way Batman has always been written. The villain mode is much more fun. Taking control of Mister Freeze, Riddler, Joker, Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, etc, etc is great because you get to go around mindlessly beating the brick out of everything you see. If you want a fun coop experience then this is a worthy entry to the Lego games.


Lego rocks

chetancs | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all chetancs's reviews »

Lego batman which is developed by the Traveller’s Tales is good fun playing game. The game story is not based on the movie or the comic. The story was developed for the game. The game has many batman characters which looks good in game. Easy to use game interface makes game more entertaining. Soundtracks in the game are good but sometimes it doesn’t fit the scenario. One of the bad things is the lack of online co-op mode. Still the game will make you stick for much more time. There are many things available for unlock. The replay value of the game is good. So its must buy game.


An amazing addition to the Lego video game franchise!!!

Xbomborz | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

Lego Batman: The Videogame is many things. Creative. Innovative. Fun to play. Imaginative. This game continues Lego's tradition of making great franchises into amazing kids games that are fun even for adults. Following the Lego Star Wars series of games, Lego Batman continues the zaniness of the series through an original story of Batman, Robin, and the villains and heroes of Gotham City. Complete with Danny Elfman's original score, this game has an amazing sense of style and atmosphere, and I can't recommend it enough.


Quite fun!

Arthan | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all Arthan's reviews »

This game is a lot of fun. It was made for kids and it has the humor and puzzles that kids like. If you played the Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones then you should already know what to expect. Best of all, I have not seen any technical issues with this one. This is a lot of fun.


A bat blast.

GAMERamble | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

It’s not everyday you get to lay waste to your surroundings and hit people so hard their heads go rolling across the floor. It is even more shocking to encounter this kind of carnage in a children’s game. Travelers Tales however has made a name for themselves doing just this, and their Lego line-up is expanding with the Caped Crusader (and boy wonder) joining the ranks. If you love Lego (who doesn’t?) and enjoy the adventures of Gotham’s finest, then you won’t want to pass up this game. The Lego games are all obviously made for kids, but that hasn’t stopped adults from enjoying them as well. There’s just something about seeing the little blocks come to life and pantomiming their way through famous and memorable movie scenes. Batman has always been a darker and grittier kind of hero than the usual Lego fare, but Travelers Tales have don an admirable job in translating the source material into something suitable for all ages. The plot is obviously not going to win any Oscars, but sees all of Batman’s foes escaping from Arkham Asylum and wreaking havoc across the city. In a brilliant twist, players get to experience this tale from all sides as both the heroes and villains have their own campaign.The visuals are very good and all the characters are animated really well. With six chapters containing five levels each, you’ll get to explore every nook and cranny of Gotham City. There’s even two secret levels set in Wayne Manor and Arkham Asylum. The visuals are smooth throughout (which is ironic, considering it is a game about blocks) and there’s plenty of variety. The static camera angle can make some jumps harder than they should be, but does a good job overall on keeping the focus on the action. Levels are all fairly linear, so there’s not really a chance of getting lost, but you will be searching high and low for a few of the hidden items. Freeplay mode allows you to tackle a level with any character you already unlocked, which enables you to reach new areas that required certain skills not available in story mode. This, along with the interesting achievement list, gives the game a lot of replay value. For a game that features no real speech, the audio is pretty decent and the iconic Batman theme song is heard throughout the levels. It can become repetitive, however, along with the laughs and screams of certain characters. While there isn’t as many characters as in past games, there’s an interesting “create-a-character” feature. If you ever wondered how Batman would look with Cat-Woman’s body, then this is for you. Various parts can be mixed or matched to create a truly ghoulish character. Lego Batman: The Videogame is an entertaining title, but not exactly what you would call a classic. Fans of the franchise should know exactly what they are getting themselves into by now, while everyone lese will either be drawn in by the cute visuals ore scored off by the “Lego” in the title. This game packed a lot more than what I was expecting, and overall I had a blast.