Reviews for Boulder Dash XL


Remake worth playing.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Not sure if I can call this a remake, or a sequel, but I know one thing - that sure is Bolder Dash game that is worth playing. With so many levels (about 150) divided in different worlds, this game will last longer than for one night. Also, with so many modes, for example: time challenge, where you try to beat levels in specified time limit, to get silver or gold trophy. If I remember well, silver's not so hard to get, but for gold one you need to know level and every shortcut you can make to save some time. Online ranking makes this game even more replayable, if you are up for some competition. Also there is some retro for retro fans ;) This is the best, and probably only one, game that tried to revive legendary Boulder Dash. I think it went really well. Sure, it's not as good as legend itself, but still a great title that is worth every money and time spent in.


Relive a Classic

Dean_Demon | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Dean_Demon's reviews »

What a really good remake of a classic 1984 game this is, fully updated with 32 bit graphics which are bright and clearly defined, sound although not as impressive still does a good job and the samples are nice and clear but it's the level design where it really shines, never before has collecting diamonds been so much fun and yes it will leave you pulling your hair out at times and yes it can get very hectic which is all part of the fun and having 150 modern levels will keep you busy for sometime to come but for me i found playing the original 8 bit levels the most fun, god how games have changed graphically but the game play is as strong and as exciting as it ever has been but it's the 8 bit levels that keep pulling me back, yes it really it that good.


An awesome puzzle game!!!

Xbomborz | July 29, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

Boulder Dash XL is a wonderful sequel to its big brother of the 1980s. Filled with 5 different gameplay modes, varied and intuitive level design, lovable characters, and zany enemies, this game is a breath of fresh air to the puzzle and adventure genre. I would recommend Boulder Dash XL to anybody who loves to have a great time as they play puzzle games.