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hotmando1 | Aug. 12, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Everyone knows Jekyll and Hyde. But from what you play here, is totally off track. Does anyone remember all these deadly weapons and traps? I don't even remember half the scenery! Seems like some people decided to use the name as an attraction. If you've played games like Monster Hunter and disliked it's camera. You'll probably dislike this camera too. So unless you can get used to it, your beat. The game can crash at random intervals too, be vary of that alongside with lag. It's either my computer or the game. Still..this game feels like it was released while in production. Not very high quality. Then again, it seems like it's a trend for companies to release half baked games.


Slight confusing camera angle

chetancs | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all chetancs's reviews »

I really don’t like this game at all. We can use keyboard as well as controller to play this game. It is an action adventure game developed by the Pixelcage. The game has lots of combats since its action game .In game camera angle is not so good. Sometimes the camera angle can’t be changed automatically while jumping. Controlling character is also frustrating in such a situation. Sound in game is really good but the voice acting of the characters is really bad. Graphics also is not so good. In game cut scenes are also bad none of the character moves mouth while speaking. One of the good point which I pointed out is only the switching of characters Jekyll & Hyde. Other than this there is nothing game lags in each and every point even the in the puzzles. Game is good but still requires more improvement.