Reviews for Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland [Legacy]


Good, although not as expansive as one might have expected...

mevidek | Aug. 31, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

Hearts of Iron is the long-running series of Epic Strategy games that put you in the role of a world leading between 1930-45. Offering tons of depth, hours to spend, and lots of replayability the series has been a success. Hearts of Iron III was a welcomed sequel, although the level of frustration and difficulty was pure insanity, and HoI III: FtM is the expansion pack, set to give the player more content, and making the game more accessible. However in the primary objective Paradox succeeds, however in the latter, it falls short. With only a slightly lessened learning-curve, this game is still really hard. This is not for those who like action or fast-paced games, Like oh so many other Paradox games, HoI III is very difficult. For the Motherland is a good expansion for some, however not as expansive as many other DLCs on the market.


The Original alone is better

Bertolli | Aug. 17, 2011 | See all Bertolli's reviews »

For the price Hearts is just being milked, this expansion offers little new content and on top of that you need the previous DLC of Semper Fi in order to be able to use For the Motherland (Semper fi is still worth the buy). I say just purchase the original for a good Hearts of Iron experience and if you want more buy Semper Fi with it however For the Motherland is just not worth the price at the current time.


Yet...another one

hotmando1 | Aug. 13, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Another game with barely any new features. It's really just a redo on previous titles. At this point, it feels like it's being milked. It's not fun anymore. These titles feel like experiments or betas for the next game and so on! If you already played any past titles, your not missing out on much in this one. Think of this as a revisit except with one or two newer features. An okay buy....for fans that is.


A great new strategy and simulation game from Paradox

Xbomborz | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

Hearts of Iron III continues the Hearts of Iron series with some new improvements that make it the best game yet. With the new Partisan system, strategic goals and elements, an interesting storyline, and fun gameplay, this game is a blast! I would recommend this game to anybody who loves huge, world oriented strategy and simulation games, and to those who love to control the fate of the countries of the world however they choose.