Reviews for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad


Nice game

LrmNick | Sept. 19, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Do you want to know how ww2 was in good graphics and realistic gameplay,real weapons from both Allies and Axis sides,so this game is for you!,even if i've got it for free i would pay for it,the game is simply amazing,remember me from the time when first persons shooters were based on being well developed and not based on dlcs,totally recommend it.


A masterpiece

desperado28 | Sept. 1, 2015 | See all desperado28's reviews »

Games like this are so rarely made that it is a sin not to play it. Red Orchestra 2 get so many things right from the very beginning, i'm talking about that hole atmosphere of war, weapon handling, with that music orchestra constantly playing in your ear, everything feels so epic. We need more games like this, period


The most challenging WWII multiplayer shooter to date

commanderhavoc | May 13, 2015 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

If there is one thing Tripwire Interactive is damn good at, then it is making realistic shooters that are challenging the player to the max. And this one ain't no exception, even when you join a server that don't have the realistic setting on, you still will find yourself being killed extremely easily by a well placed shot to the head and going behind cover isn't gonna put you in a third person camera angle either, so blindfire really lives up to its name here. The sound design as always is outstanding as it really gives you that feeling of being in the middle of the Stalingrad siege or other iconic battlefields of the Eastern Front. But the moments when you score a kill are even more satisfying then what other online shooters can provide, especially if it is a headshot of an enemy soldier who is running quite a distance away from you. As for the single player campaign however, you will find that the AI isn't really that great and don't be surprised if you end up with a frustrating mission where your AI team mates don't do as they're ordered to do, it is generally best to stick with the multiplayer. Oh and don't forget to check out the expansion pack Rising Storm that adds in the Pacific Theater of war with Japanese and American soldiers fighting in the jungles with new weapons and vehicles to try out.


For fans of hard shooters!

PlayTyrant | May 12, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This is a really good WWII shooter, specially the online mode. The community is quite extensive, you won't be alone playing this, at least to date. The solo mode is (at least for me) more like... a tutorial for the online game, it will train you so you can play online with plenty of expertise with the controls. But it's hard and enjoyable too. One of the things that really caught my eye (my ear actually) is the sound. It's very detailed, well recorded, the weapons are great. It's worth it!


One of the best experiences I 've had

LastNutria | Oct. 5, 2014 | See all LastNutria's reviews »

This game is one of the best simulators that i've played in my life, you really feel like if you were on the WW2 fighting for the mother Russia, even with the time that it have, the servers are always full with a nice community of players that play tactically. The game is really well designed having a lot of real maps like Mamayev Kurgan or The Red October Factory. The weapons feel very realistic, everytime that i use the MG36 when it get overheated i must change the barrel to keep using it (and when i see that i'd to change the barrel for the first time i was like "OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME") I would like to keep saying more good stuffs about this game but i will never finish because, for me this game is perfect, if you are a Pc gamer, then you need this game, it could be one of the best experience you will ever have, and if you love history (like me) you will love this game.


Realistic multiplayer game.

Furrek | Aug. 7, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Remember previous Red Orchestra game? It was made well and realistic. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is even better. Look how many years have passed since previous game! What does that mean? Red Orchestra 2 made it to new game standards - even if graphics is not most important thing in game, somehow they need to look to appeal players that have no idea what this game is about. Aside from graphics, the music and sounds are made even more realistic. How you use weapon, how it's feel to use them, it haven't changed - I mean, it is still high level of how real they are. The only thing that got harder is getting in this game. You will die thousand of time before you will learn to how play, nobody will go easy on you. It won't take a hour or two to be good player. Well, nobody said that war is easy. This is what I really like in Red Orchestra 2. Despite fact that games are trying to be more easy and friendly for players, Tripwire Interactive made a challenging game, that require from you a very high skill and heavy teamwork in order to win. Good job! If you are bored with multiplayer games which require from you nothing more than pressing left mouse button - buy Red Orchestra 2.


A jewel of gold in my account

patacon | June 27, 2014 | See all patacon's reviews »

This is probably the best game that has my own, I fell in love to the tutorial, gameplay is excellent, can play a long time from the beginning you'll get used, you'll never get bored, the graphics is the best thing about this game if you play on TV really you're watching a movie in the cinema in HD, also has a multiplayer but that is another game so I will not comment on the thinking of the creators of this game I want to give a round of applause because (in addition to creating a masterpiece) have warned that wanted to buy the game to wait one week because they would have new news and was really gave this game, I thank the creators for giving me such a good playing this game a chance. 10/10


Prepare to get your butt handed to you!

PM_DMNKLR | June 11, 2014 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

Seriously, no joke, this game is solid in every way! The realism is so fine-tuned, that if you're used to normal FPS' then you'll be sorely thrown off. It'll really make you think, a LOT and guess what... there's nobody to just drop random health packs every place they can think to toss one for you. It's rough, it's tough, it's a wild ride in the countryside and there are bullets flying everywhere! So get out your rifles, maggot, and lay a bead between 'is eyes!


Really one of the best WWII games!

Zazutuu | April 27, 2014 | See all Zazutuu's reviews »

Red Orchestra 2 is a really realistic game.Even on normal if you are close to the enemy you will get killed if you don't react quickly.You also die immediately from headshots and a melee attack from the back.You can see that the game takes a realistic approach.You can also order commands to your squad and if you die you return as one of the members in your squads.The AI is just...bad...Yeah the AI is terrible.The graphics are great and the sounds are too.It is a challenging game but I really like it.It is worth its money.


Not for the faint of heart.

lunarsilkdragon | April 11, 2014 | See all lunarsilkdragon's reviews »

This is the first FPS I have played that really captures the horror and tension of being in a warzone. I have never felt bad for mowing down countless enemies in other games, but when I come head-to-head with a german (or russian) down in a bunker, stab him in the throat with my bayonet and hear him desperately calling out for his mother while he chokes on his own blood - I actually feel bad. Kinda. If that doesn't get to you, then maybe an epic last charge with your russian brothers towards the german lines in defense of your motherland - your friends getting ripped to pieces by machine-gun fire and mortars all around you - will. If THAT doesn't get to you, then maybe a tense sniper duel with an enemy sniper in the ruins of Stalingrad hopefully ending with that satisfying sound of a bullet penetrating the enemy's helmet will. It's somehow equally satisfying when you look out the window and the last thing you see is a distant muzzle flash before your screen turns black. If none of these things are things you want in a game, you are not human and you should not play this game.


The best fps on the market

Oktarnash | March 17, 2014 | See all Oktarnash's reviews »

Just like i state in the title, this is the best fps on the market, as long as you want a more realistic game, unlike COD or Battlefield. The single player isn't really something great in terms of gameplay, but it is still fun and the narration is great. Gameplay is really fun, ballistics are great, uniforms and weapons are all historically accurate, it is mod friendly, there are several custom made. Essentially this game is really freaking fun, for anyone wanting to play an fps that isn't completely unrealistic like cod or battlefield where half the time you spend is running around shooting like you got fire ants in your pants. The moment you find a good server and some friends, you will have one hell of a time. The only thing i find annoying would be a bit of the movement which only happens from time to time, like accidentally jumping up a step.


Best WWII shooter made

jmods5710 | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

The best way of describing Red Orchestra 2 is a cross between Arma and the original 3 Call of Duty games ----- just this is a lot harder. Movement is realistic. You have limited stamina and you feel what you're carrying slowing you down. When you reload with bullets still in your mag, you might reload later on to find the same mag in your gun, with only very few bullets. It is war simulation at its finest. Graphics are impressive and hold up, and the massive maps make for interesting battles. Atmosphere is amazing, almost as if you are actually in the war. BUT ***WARNING TO THOSE WHO DO NOT LIKE HARD GAMES*** This game is very difficult. Dying is easy and you will find yourself getting killed by players more experienced than you. It takes time getting used to how the game controls, and when driving a tank you have limited visibility, which is what drivers in those tanks would have had. This is no run and gun action game. So, if you want a challenge and want to play an amazing WWII game, then I recommend trying this out.


Realistic, Fast paced, and great fun

AdeptAbyss | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all AdeptAbyss's reviews »

Red Orchestra is a must have for anyone who enjoys their WW2 shooters, this game offers some very realistic battles,while still being easy to jump in and enjoy, there are plenty of maps to try and with mod support through steam workshop more and more are created each day. Worth a try if you love a good multiplayer battle while actually fearing for your digital life. The rising storm expansion is worth a look as it adds another 2 factions and plenty more maps


One of the most realistic war games out there

Highlander9782 | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

Intense game where you use a real looking map to coordinate where you and your buddies are on the map. Bullets do large amounts of damage, so you can't just rush in like Battlefield or Call of Duty. You need some planning to strategize the best method of attacking the enemy. Different classes to choose from offer different weapons. Maps are large and the action is intense. The only downside is that the graphics aren't on par with current gen games.


Bought it on steam for only 1,74€!!!!!

Hunork | July 31, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

If you’ve never played the original, you might be really confused. Your HUD is barren. No health count. No ammo count. No magazine count, no real clue as to what is going on unless you press your tactical map or full map…. And all of these decisions are intentional. You don’t have any magical displays in combat in reality, and you won’t on this battlefield either. This makes every combat decision a serious choice. If you’re squaring off against an opponent at medium range and an open field separates you two, and you both have 5 shot bolt-action rifles, when you hear the fourth shot, do you jump your cover and try to make a move? Reloading in this game is no laughing matter, and you are defenseless during it. But that last bullet could be fatal even if it isn’t a headshot. Getting hit in the heart is just as bad as getting hit in the head, and I cannot believe this is one of the few games to acknowledge that a heartshot is just as good for ending someone’s life as a headshot. Taking a page from some other shooters, a cover system is now in play and with it, blind fire. This is NOT your Gears of War blind fire system where you can somewhat aim it with a third person camera. If you are firing blind, you have no goddamn idea what’s out there. Yes, you can sometimes score kills with it if someone is charging down a hallway, but it’s a defensive panic method instead of a viable way to soften/kill players. The only unrealistic thing is how fast you respawn, but staying dead for more than 10 seconds in a FPS is a good way to make your game less fun than it really is. Note that there is a single player component to this game, but it’s…. somewhat lacking. With a Soviet and German campaign, each mission is prefaced by lots of war clips and some well done accents, but the gameplay itself is nothing more than a bot match of the multiplayer maps targeting specific objectives. The bots aren’t anything stellar either—they’ll bump into each other, charge headlong into a pair of soldiers behind cover and… you know, they’re just like your allies online, so never mind.


A bit clunky at time but a genuinely fun game

koningrowan | July 17, 2013 | See all koningrowan's reviews »

If you get tired of games like Call of Duty and Battlefield due to their rudimentary nature, but seek more action and quality than Sniper Ghost Warrior akin to the Counter Strike series, Red Orchestra can help. The combat in this game certainly keeps you on your toes and requires a special assertion for details that only a small handful of gamers can appreciate. If one can tolerate dying a lot and the time required to grow accustomed to the gameplay, one can certainly draw fun out of this game.


Makes me wanna play it over and over.

tugaware | July 7, 2013 | See all tugaware's reviews »

In fact this game is one of best shooters that i played since CS1.6. To play it good you need to have skill and not it's not like the cod or some other shooters that anybody can be a good players. The game have a good synergy connecting realism with skill. It has a little harsh community because must of the players are experienced and older leaving you a little disappointing from the community. I really hope that Tripwire continue to make this series and update with a more modern engine but keeping the core mechanics that make this game wonderful.


Realistic yet enjoyable

rossco81 | July 2, 2013 | See all rossco81's reviews »

Red Orchestra 2 is a realistic WWII shooter which, while not as realistic or as punishing as games like ARMA or Operation Flashpoint, still offers players a challenging yet enjoyable experience. This has a superb modding community and has an amazing new multiplayer addition called Rising Storm which definitely is worth looking into for new and old players alike. I must admit that it can take a while for a player to get used to and get into RO2 due to its steep learning curve and realistic systems, but if you can endure a few hours of pain, its worth it.


Great war game

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The Red Orchestra returns with more power than ever, I personally like this game more than any other war FPS ever seen (Battlefield, Cods etc etc ...) simply because it conveys realism, without overdoing it like ArmA. And the gameplay is exquisite. Once again we can get rid of all these modern wars are being both as new FPS Battlefield, we can finally go back to World War II, the Vietnam and many other places thanks to the free DLC that we give up the Tripwire . But with the weapons it needs a war, without overdoing it. Fighting between apartments, infiltrate enemy lines and begin to kill them one by one, to command a battalion, recreate what really convey the wars, sometimes we find wrapped and we will have to await us enemies in strategic areas to which not kill us and wait a little faith necessary reinforcements. Commanding tanks of the time, take francs, get on a building and make life impossible for the enemy (the situation reminds me of Full Metal Jacket when they begin to fall one by one by a single sniper, even having trained in a very organized and disciplined). In addition to the full range of possibilities that gives the game back with the strongest point, when I spoke of realism and gameplay was referring to the options we have to control your character, you can run, do OK, running crouched, Normal crouching, lying go, put barriers with machine guns, to peek through the left and right hand corners, etc etc etc. Toodas and each of the control options we have perfectly recreate you need a shooter, and more if war, in ArmA or be told of all the controls, but the difference is that there is exaggerated even more, we even more controls and many do not use them directly or we do not know to serve until we learn to control them, but clearly we are talking about a pure simulation game hard as never been seen, fortunately always be Red Orchestra to give a touch of touch it and the rest, without decompensation and giving us good vibes. For anyone who likes WWII or Vietnam wars, etc. iwo jima compulsorily have to play this game, or you'll be missing a gem of generation by Tripwire.


A Great Simulation, Even Better Experience.

thegaminglyfe | June 8, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Red Orchestra is one of the most realistic shooters in the gaming industry and Red Orchestra 2 adds to that and makes it even better. If you are a big fan of casual arcade shooters like the new Call of Duty games, you probably won't like this game. In Red Orchestra you have to think about every move, where the enemies are, will you get killed in that building to your left or take your chances through the fences on the right. There are quite a few weapons with advantages and disadvantages that will save your life or kill you in certain situations. The gameplay and mechanics are top-notch and will make you feel like you're actually in WWII. The graphics work perfectly with the setting of the game, same with the sound. Highly recommended for simulation fans.


Real realism,depends on the player.

WildWest123 | June 8, 2013 | See all WildWest123's reviews »

The game is nicley done,the graphics are alright and the guns and running feels right,the only issue is that some of the mechancis might be funny for some people,and its really depending wether you like the realisem or not. overall,the experience is recommended.


Great Game, Check it out!

Plasros | May 28, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

I loved this game despite some minor bugs. I loved it since I first started playing in the beta. This game is like no other FPS game, you have to think, be smart & use cover in order to survive. I love the weapons, soundtrack is great and last thing I have to say is: "Thank you Tripwire"


When reality kicks in

Sinma | May 17, 2013 | See all Sinma's reviews »

Every wanted a Call of Duty 2 shooter that's more realistic ? Well, you've hit the jackpot because Red Orchestra is literally that! Hours and hours of pure fun and entertainment, and the thrills of getting a long kill with a carabin are just out of this world! You can have a lot of fun with your friends or even alone, and the servers are almost always full, and the game is 2 years old and it seems like it doesn't age. People are always playing this and probably will. The superb MOD community is what makes this game run more and more, and the more, the better. Custom build maps, weapons, and looks are what keeps it going all these years, and it has a big reputation of being the game in its genre. Anybody that wants WWII thrills should get this game and experience a true war simulation, where 1 bullet is enough to burry you 6 feet under !


A fun game

SaburoSakai | May 11, 2013 | See all SaburoSakai's reviews »

The multi-player for this game is quite fun and impressive like any other fps games. Community can be good or bad but thats just like every other game in the market. However the multiplayer options are quite limited and may not be worth the full price it is offered at in comparison to others. If you have a group of friends playing this game its much more fun , so if there is ever a sale you should get it and enjoy it. My opinion a very small learning curve.


Solid but better options exist

lachking | April 6, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Red Orchestra is an FPS set in the World War 2 Era and is now definitely a solid game after a rocky launch, but it must be said that better options do exist such as Counterstrike GO and Battlefield 3. Red Orchestra however, does have some good concepts. The map design is quite good offering a variety of different settings often with buildings and rubble to give you cover. There are a variety of classes to pick and you even have the option to drive tanks, a mechanic Battlefield veterans will be familiar with. The visuals and sounds are also quite good, creating an immersive World War 2 Atmosphere. However, the game itself is quite difficult, and you will often die in one hit. The game is also much slower paced than other online shooters, so many may find it a tad boring. The single player AI in the campaign is also rather weak and will constantly get in your way and hinder your progress.


Realistic fun

Stebsis | Feb. 16, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Red Orchestra 2 is maybe the most realistic first person shooter I've ever played. It gives you hard look at war in times of World War 2. RO2 is very team based, alone you won't survive especially on the realistic mode where bullets kill you basically from one hit. This is no Call of Duty or even Battlefield. You have to rely on your teammates and you have to support them too. Graphically the game is ok, not bad but it clearly didn't have a big budget. The game can also get a big laggy and it has some bugs, animations are really stiff too but maybe that's because it's so realistic. RO2 is not a game for standard shooter fan, and that's what I like about it. It's like an intelligent shooter, making you strategice a bit and trying to survive and support rather than scoring the most kills


One of the best MP Shooters around

lkRaven | Feb. 11, 2013 | See all lkRaven's reviews »

I got this game from GMG during the Christmas sale period and did not try it until January. But when I did, I rued myself for not playing this earlier. The game is extremely fun if you have a good team to play with. As someone from Sri Lanka I usually have trouble finding good pings and decently filled servers. But when I do, its great fun. The best thing about the game is its emphasis on team play. There is no run and gun as with COD. The gameplay is somewhat similar to battlefield, but even more deep and require even more team play. The game is easy to grasp and welcoming to newcomers but it takes time to master. The best thing for a newcomer is the mature community. You hardly find any swearing players and the community always help out to newcomers. The game's campaign is merely a tutorial that prepares you for the fantastic multiplayer. My only gripe in the MP is the somewhat long play time per game, which sort of puts me off becaus I am someone who finds it difficult to dedicate more than 10-15 mins of playtime per session. However this may not be an issue for most people. The graphics do look a bit dated, but it is not even noticable when you start enjoying the gameplay. The sounds are also good and the controls feel great. All in all this is a solid multiplayer game that is well worth the price (and a steal when I bought it for under $4).


Red Orchestra 2 - review

carlyle | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

The foundation on which Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is based a lot of its charm residing in the simulation aspects fielded by both the heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3 used, both by mechanical implemented. Covers, one of its most recognizable motor signed Epic Games, for example, are been implemented allowing the visual remains in first person all the time, leaving mixed solutions such as Rainbow Six Vegas. The physics of the projectiles, the degree of penetrability of the surfaces and the environmental interaction are important details taken into account: each material is passed through it differently from shots fired in agreement with the actual values ​​of each weapon reproduced, while the force of gravity may be offset is raising the aims as well as adjusting the handle of the weapon. A bit disappointing 'only the destructibility of the scenario, rather publicized in development, applies to a few elements and not always consistently. The area in which Red Orchestra 2 excels, the only one for which it was made and what really justifies the purchase, is the multiplayer: the three modes are the classical Territory, asking you to attack and defend points on the map , Countdown, which is similar but with a life for each player, and then the team deathmatch.


A difficult start

MorphineBear | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all MorphineBear's reviews »

I had a really rough start with this game. I couldn't get myself to familiarize the controls, let alone the sniper's sights. There's the sniper scope and then there's the iron sights which is ridiculous. In the boot camp/tutorial, it took me forever to shoot out the very first targets because of the distance and use of sights. I look over the that problem, there really isn't any other negatives. There's a cover system that I enjoyed using (this was my first PC game with a cover) and really adds to the game style. I'm beginning to believe that all Tripwire Interactive games have some minor flaw. Very good games (Killing Floor) but contains problems that shouldn't be there.


For the patient

AppleMuffin | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all AppleMuffin's reviews »

let's get this straight: This game is good, but it's good for the non COD boys (and girls). HoS 2 is a 'realistic shooter', meaning, you get shot, you're probably going to die. It's not a run and gun kind of game, so anyone who assumes so is not going to like it. That being said, camping is sort of okay in the game. The graphics are alright, and the gun mechanics are quite good for the game - for example, there's a cover system where crouching near an obstacle and aiming will cause you to pop out of cover. it's also realistic in the way that, say, if you have mounted a gun, you can't aim vertically downwards at an enemy. I would say the one turn off for most is its difficulty - again, one shot is death most of the time, so lone wolf guns blazing doesn't work in this case. I personally think the game is god in small increments.


Realistic WW2 FPS

owned2260 | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all owned2260's reviews »

Great game, very realistic, if you get hit you're either going to bleed out slowly, bleed out fast and die, or just die. although it's got it's fair share of problems like a lot of object pop in. Can also get quite frustrating getting killed all the time if you're not very good.


One hell of an online experience when you are deep into the maps

GreenDog | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all GreenDog's reviews »

This is the best online WWII game I have ever played. Not really into the single player part but the online is incredible. I'll just relate one map here, Pavlov's House, and it isn't even my favorite one -- As a Russian engineer I'm pinned down by machine gun fire behind some sandbags at the front edge of our lines. It has taken me minutes to work up here and in the process three of us had to clear a building of two Germans with a grenade and small arms. Both were killed there not by those Germans but by the mg on the roof across the field. The Germans have a MG34 on the rooftop edge of a shelled building. It is relentlessly suppressing our movement to get to the next row of buildings we have to clear to win the map. Bullets had just ripped through one wall on the cleared house and killed the squad leader who threw a smoke grenade out of the window to let me get this far under cover of the smoke. Then I hear on team-speak that our sniper has picked the MG off after working his way to the attic of Pavlov's House. I turn to look up at him and from my prone position and see him and a anti-tank rifle guy next to him firing at an unseen Panzer in the field a hundred meters away from me. I haven't been spotted by it yet. They manage to kill the tank commander in his hatch with the AT rifle but in the next few seconds the German Panzer IV sends a high explosive shell into the attic blowing them to bits and sending a smashed body and debris four stories down. Several troops on our side rush to the row of buildings to my left and get cut down by an artillery strike that lands at the edge of the building. Bad timing for us! Debris flies as a streetcar ticket booth is torn apart. I burst out of cover and run towards the tank, making a flying leap into a trench. Crouching, I work closer to the tank as it decides to head my way. It pulls up 40 feet from me and opens fire on one of our T-34 tanks that pulls up a couple hundred meters behind me. The turret comes off of it as the Panzer nails it three times in a row and it explodes. Our tankers couldn't see through the smoke from the artillery and the Panzer had the drop on them. I'm stuck, pinned down. Every time I bring my head up to try to find a path to the tank, bullets hit all around the lip of the trench from very close. I decide to pull the fuze on one of my two satchel charges and pitch it as close to the tank as possible but it is far too short to damage it. Wham! it goes off and the ground shakes with a message in the top corner of the screen after a couple seconds delay that an enemy was blown up. That must have been who was peppering the edge of the trench. We have just minutes to capture the last row of buildings but the tank is now covering that approach with cannon and MG fire. I decide to wait until the mg fire stops. They must be changing ammo belts - time to go! I pull out one of my two small hand thrown shaped charge grenades and climb out of the trench to run directly at it. The tanks main gun is aimed directly at me but the mg doesn't fire! I run and toss the AT grenade and dive to cover. It explodes on the edge of the tank but it survives. It backs up and moves off to the left. Good, I can track it behind cover because it is smoking heavily. I hear impacts from another antitank rifle hitting it but as before the attic of Pavlov's House explodes in a few seconds from another tank round. Soon the match ends. I wait until there is a lull in firing again from the tank, get up and sprint to more cover near the tank, run around it pull out my satchel, pull the fuze igniter, and not quite get it tossed onto the tanks rear engine grill as I'm blasted by two Germans running up unseen to me behind it. I fall in a heap, the screen fading to black. Still the satchel fuse burns right beside the tank as the tank starts to back over it. I see the message show up in the corner of the screen a few seconds later that the vehicle was killed and a couple others. The rest of the team takes the last German row of buildings in the next minute as I'm working my way up to the next re-spawned German tank. What atmosphere - what action! This happened in a few short minutes - love this game!


The best realistic FPS

DukePaul | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Red Orchestra 2 is the best experience if you want to feel the realism of a real war where one bullet is one dead. The game has almost the same gameplay as the first Red Orchestra but with interesting additions and improvements: best cover system long range combat is less frustrating, bullet penetration is possible now or controllable breathing when you are zooming with a sniper weapon, of course the graphics are way better in this second game with more smooth animations and textures with more quality The game had bugs but Tripwire is an awesome developer and they fixed most of them, the experience in multiplayer is very good and is easy to find full servers. It is the best game based in World War II.


One of the best multiplayer games out there

rulzmaker | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all rulzmaker's reviews »

I loved the first RO, it brought the WW scene to the online community, however RO2 is here to lift the bar. I had a few problems with the servers in RO2 so I may give this a game a lower score for that, but the maps, the classes, the set-up with the Germans and Russians in online mode is the best I've seen yet, so this game is not to be missed.


Bumpy Start, Great Finish

ROKET | Oct. 1, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I didnt know what to expect with this game. I wanted it pretty badly when it first came out only to find out the game was a total disappointment at launch. Bugs and crashing. It was a mess. Fast forward to present day with dozens of patches under its belt and this game is amazing. Feels like no other game and works wonderfully. There IS a single player but I havent touched it much. Its fully fleshed out and working but I focused my attention on the multiplayer. You see right from the start that there are always servers and that dozens of them are full most of the time. The community isnt harsh either with most people being on the same skill level. There are objectives in the game which generally involve overwhelming a position but it isnt as simple as standing still until you cap a point. No, you must have more people there than the enemy for an extended period of time to win the point. This makes for great team efforts and getting kills is all the more satisfying. I really liked that they incorporated vehicles into the game but I found playing with the vehicles very clunky. The gunplay was great otherwise with only lag to mess things up. The damage and kills are realisitc and I loved that about the game. You dont have to pump out a clip to down an enemy. All in all I really highly recommend this game.


RO2 is a worthy succesor to the original RO.

karnage10 | Aug. 31, 2012 | See all karnage10's reviews »

If you played the original RO then you should now that this sequel is well worth the price. great graphics, sound and an even better gameplay make this one of the best WW2 FPS games. For those that don't know, red orchestra is a WW2 FPS focused on multiplayer. this game aims to be a bit more realistic then the current arcade shooter by adding mechanics such as suppressive fire, 1 shot at the hearts kills instantly, stamina,etc. all these mechanics combine with a cover system make this game extremely interesting. the cover system is what really sets this game apart from its competitors. It works in first person view and allows you to use cover with ease.the sound, graphics plus the environment make an excellent WW2 atmosphere. Where this game fails is the singleplayer which is essentially multiplayer with bots. In short this game is for anyone that wants a more realistic multiplayer shooter in WW2 scenario.


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

maciej2601 | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is the second part of the FPP shooting war by developers from the studio Tripwire Interactive. In solo play mode, the player has the opportunity to participate in a series of missions for both the Russians and the Germans. Developers also care about the possibility of cooperative gameplay. The biggest advantage, however, production has remained dedicated multiplayer mode for up to 64 participants.


Brilliant game with amazing, breath taking graphics

Epic_Kitten | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all Epic_Kitten's reviews »

Normally you would consider buying call of duty, Or halo, or whatever popular shooter is out there. But instead, why not buy something completely new and fresh? This game has amazing physics and graphics. The maps are well made and are extremely large, the teams are evenly balanced and there's not an insane amount of guns. Two teams. The allies and the axis. The game is kind of a capture the point style game, So be ready to camp in some houses Also, there are slots per certain class, Example: sniper is 0/2, Not everyone on the team can be a sniper or the squad leader. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for an amazing, world war 2 shooter.


Multiplayer game

lok0812 | Aug. 5, 2012 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Even though the game have campaign mode, the game's true intention is its multiplayer. With its 64 players TC mode in a large battlefield map it gives off the feeling of living in a war. This shooter might be different than the others, it forces you to use your iron sight to shoot and eventually you will learn how 1 bullet is enough to kill, that way you can kill or be killed with a single bullet forcing you to be wary of your surrounding in order to survive and score points for your team. This is one of the choice if you are looking for a realistic shooter.


Finally! worth recommending.

Kradath | July 4, 2012 | See all Kradath's reviews »

It took some time but after intensive patching the game is now in a good shape and still improving. It's a very hardcore game with the option for milder modes.Still the real fun is in the more realistic hardcore modes. The gunplay is amazing and a cover system in a First Person Shooter is something new and generally well implemented. The engine could still use some improvement performance wise but the looks are great for an indie title. If you like hardcore multiplayer shooters and the Second World War this game is definitely worth picking up and thus (now) highly recommended.


Not one of my greatest purchase

unFortunee | Nov. 18, 2011 | See all unFortunee's reviews »

I pre-order this in hope that it will provide an alternative and warm-up for BF3, yet it fail to satisfy both cases. At launch the game is riddled with bugs and glitches. The preorder bonus promised is false. Multiplayer match very much unstable. Being developed by small team of developer i hope they will iron out this game in the near future. For now, I can't really recommend this game for anyone but hardcore RO fan and BF/COD player who seek harder FPS experience.


Pretty good

yamajin82 | Oct. 10, 2011 | See all yamajin82's reviews »

There is a lot of negative reviews from people who are upset about the initial launch of the game. I can understand that but for it works pretty well for me. I don't have the best system but I'm running everything on high with pretty good fps. The game itself is quite fun if you have the patience for it. If you think you can run around and shoot everyone you will be quite disappointed. This is a game about using cover, moving carefully, and sticking with your team to take the control points on the often very large maps. For me there are a few frustrations that are inevitable in the gameplay. Because the maps are so large and there are so many players (up 64 players) it is easy to be moving carefully and get picked off out of nowhere. Sometimes you will make a long trek across the map only to be shot just outside of the objective which can be frustrating. Otherwise the game excels in its tactical, brutal, slow burning, intense gameplay.


Nice game

Alixey | Oct. 9, 2011 | See all Alixey's reviews »

Awesome game, can be a little tough when you first start, especially if you are used to a more "run 'n' gun" style of first-person shooters, but once you learn to slow down a little, and not rush into buildings etc. like a loony you will start raking in the kills. Killing is so very satisfying too, especially with a bolt-action rifle from 200m+, it gives me a little semi on. If you liked games like the first Red Orchestra, ArmA series, or even games like Bad Company/CoD (hardcore mode), then you should love this game. If you can actually aim, you should love this game. If you are super cool (like me), you should also love this game. I am not really into the whole WW2 thing, I prefer modern or futuristic weapons in games, but gee whizz this game is so much fun, sometimes I can even feel my heart beating and it makes me feel like a normal boy, along with my semi on.


Great Game, albeit with a few launch issues.

Sol21 | Sept. 23, 2011 | See all Sol21's reviews »

RO2 is a great shooter that anyone looking for a fix should not hesitate to purchase. Yes there are a few problems, performance is an issue for some people, however after tweaking a few settings (turning shadows low mainly) I have little to no problems on my laptop even on 64 player servers with the settings on high. Stats are bugged as I am writing this but an upcoming patch is going to address this. But do not let that deter you from having a great experience. It has huge well designed maps, and they all make it feel like you are part of a large battle. The graphics are nice, with nice lighting touches but as far as presentation goes, the sound design steals the show. The guns sound realistic, and the voices are well done. Another thing I love is the leveling system (which is bugged due to stat problems mentioned above but will hopefully be fixed soon). You are able to level your gun, your class and your overall honor level. All in all, I think that this is a great game, don't let any talk of bugs deter you if you are looking to purchase it, hopefully they will be fixed soon, or maybe they are by the time you are reading this. Great game, great experience, few bugs detract but not enough to avoid playing "just one more round".


Engrossing Multiplayer

AirborneOps | Sept. 20, 2011 | See all AirborneOps's reviews »

While playing the beta for 2 weeks before release i reserved my judgement on the game until the official release was out. From the full game, the multiplayer action is intense and very satisfying compared to more recent games. If you are a person that enjoys single life game modes, Countdown is very well made with one side defending while the other side tries to capture the control point. The attacking commander can call reinforcements up to two times before it is depleted. Compared to the original game, the combat is faster and much more frantic in this sequel. However there are a few bugs they need to iron out such as memory leaks. However, Tripwire is one dedicated team and each patch increases performance.


Stay away... for now.

Gaugler323 | Sept. 14, 2011 | See all Gaugler323's reviews »

The mechanics of this game are solid. If you like RO1, you will love this game, don't worry... But in its current state it is unplayable after a promising beta. Since beta, my ping tripled to well over 200.And my FPS dropped in half. More so when I'm in action. The server browser is hit or miss, I can usually use it once and then it fails. If you're really looking forward to this game, give it some time. Tripwire will take care of their mistakes, but as of right now this game is unplayable. When they do fix it.. it will be a 6/10 game at best. The gameplay only suites a small group of niche gamers. And the graphics do look very 2005.


One of the best WWII fps

lightfellow | Sept. 14, 2011 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

This is a great WWII fps game, surpassing in many ways the 1st game. The work put into realism in this game really makes you feel immersed in the game. Another thing that this game seems to do better than others in is balancing. The maps and weapons don't give either team significant advantage over the other and keeps game play fair and fun. the graphics are amazing, although if you play on large maps with 64 players, you might need to lower the settings a little depending on your computer. The only reason I would not give it a perfect 100 is that spawn camping is still an issue, however it is for all fps games.



Mondu | Sept. 13, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

After playing the beta I can say this game is absolutely incredible and worth more than the £21 price tag. RO2 is miles more realistic than most shooters in the market right now. Run and gun gameplay is pretty much non-existant; instead you will want to be working with your team, strategising and thinking up tactics. Something rarely seen in multiplayer FPS's now. The guns feel great to use, each having their own unique feel and realistic to their WW2 counterparts. It's the little things which make this game great. (Such as sniper rifle scopes working realistically and characters reacting to gunshot wounds.) The realism of the game can make it quite challenging when playing, this just leads to even more satisfaction each time you get a kill and a feeling of accomplishment If you're a fan of multiplayer shooters then I wholeheartedly recommend you to pick this game up, it's cheap and will give you hours of fun.