Reviews for Men of War: Vietnam [Playfire]


Missed opportunity

nemesis44uk | Oct. 1, 2013 | See all nemesis44uk's reviews »

MoW: Vietnam had all the ingredients to be a class leading RTS. A Men of War game set in Vietnam? Asymmetrical warfare brought to a PC game with the attention to detail that 1C have? Vietnam is an era surprisingly under-represented in gaming and good Vietnam games are rarer than hen's teeth. Unfortunately, MoW: Vietnam misses its target slightly. The biggest problem here is the environment. A claustrophobic jungle canopy lends itself well to the game's "look" but it makes visibility difficult for you. In other games, if you get too close to the foliage, it normally disappears, thereby allowing you to focus on your character. In this game, it doesn't, which makes it tough to keep tabs on all your men. I recommend using the "Outline" option, which highlights your troops when they disappear into jungle. It's not ideal, but it does go some way to making the game playable. Unfortunately, the game's voice acting is dire, with borderline racist comedy Vietnamese accents. This ruins immersion for me, but doesn't do quite enough to spoil my enjoyment of the game. For all its faults, it is still a cracking Men of War game set in a modern era. Worth buying, if it is on sale.


Simple, enjoyable RTS

furious_gamer | July 3, 2013 | See all furious_gamer's reviews »

MoW in one word, good. The environment is an eye candy. The gameplay is stunning, and ultimate RTS in war game is niche idea. The one thing that make it awesome is co-op/multiplayer. Everything looks good in co-op mode.Game is getting more interested. Also game is very simple, good tactics and combat system is excellent. Overall, a good RTS war title.


Men of War: Vietnam review

mutsuriini | June 7, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

Men of War: Vietnam, Feels like a poor mod made for Men of War, Engine is the same and cant realy handle the "jungle" warfare quite as well as the WW2 aspect, Camera is locked to low so you cant get a good overview of the maps aswell as helos beeing just on the edge of were you can see them. Helos look nice on the ground, sometimes in the air aswell, alltho i was hopeing for a nicer way of using them, as they are now they are realy boring, crash animation is poor to say the least. A plus tho is the Campain which gives you a good challange. Multiplayer is strictly CO-OP, wich is not quite my cup fo tea, but for you who enjoy that you will prob. enjoy the COOP play with others. Seems the Servers are quite buggy right now so my atempt of MP failed misserably. Bottomline: Not quite 2 stars, Its not a good expansion (even if its standalone) of MOW, Its not quite worth the money to be honest. 20€ tops, i will not recomend this game to my friends (who loved MOW). I would ask for a refund if i could.


Only for purists..

Infiltrator | May 6, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

Men of War: Vietnam takes the player to Vietnam where familiar game mechanics meet new ideas. Unfortunately, the former is tried and true but the latter doesn't hold up. Although MoW:V focuses on small squads, stealth and snipers it fails to form a coherent whole; the Men of War engine is not suitable for stealth, the snipers are far too deadly and the game is full of hidden kill-switches in the form of events taking place on the map forcing you to play without the fog of war turned on because you might be missing out on something important or just to prevent the enemy heavy machine guns and snipers from spotting you before you spot them. And even if you can spot them on the map, that doesn't mean you'll be able to actually see them because of the humongous amount of trees on each map obscuring nearly everything that's happening. The vehicle system has been improved but in the 10 meager missions that come with the game (Plus about 5 bonus missions which are once again campaign-rejects) you will rarely run into vehicles and when you do, you will not be driving them but instead cursing at their superior accuracy and seemingly impenetrable armour. The designers also decided to take out a lot of what made the original game fun; instead of laying mine-fields, sweeping mine-fields, deploying, repairing and optimizing all sorts of equipment you'll instead be using the same guns and troops over and over while staring at a map filled to the absolute brim with trees and insurmountable terrain while listening to horrendous and uninspired actors spout their lines as if though they were forced to recite the lines at gunpoint. There are some good points to MoW:V. For one, it's incredily short compared to Men of War and Soldiers. Sniping works quite well and playing the Vietnamese adds a very interesting twist to what otherwise would be another American-centered game. Only recommended for hardcore Men of War fans.


Ok game

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all Mikagee's reviews »

this game is not really different from any other 1c games, the environments and voices are the same, graphics are the same and they have only made more automatic weapon. The multiplayer isn't the best. I have to say though the campaign was really good and gives a good view of trying to keep your men alive from the other armies. Helicopters are ok but can look really fake when they are hovering. New tanks make fights very interesting too. This game is fun to play with friends and at the end its a buy if its in a bundle or on sale.


For the environment!

justing943 | Sept. 20, 2011 | See all justing943's reviews »

As a standalone RTS war game in its own right, it does an okay job, nothing special but nothing too game-breaking either. The environments are luscious and seem to be a good representation of such areas in Vietnam, having visited there before. But I guess that doesn't say much as you'll find tropical rainforests and the like in many countries as well. Kudos for the nice setting, in any case. On the complete flip side, the gameplay feels very stiff, as I get a sense of little innovation compared to previous games, without much new to offer, or improvements of the minor or major flaws of past games. With the setting, I feel that the vast expanses of trees, where applicable, has to an extent, clouded our view of our players, making the experience a tad annoying, and controlling troops a pain at times. It was still an enjoyable RTS game, and by all means, pick it up when it's on sale. At it's $35 price point I don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Take a look at MoW: Assault Squad if you're looking for a similar, and in my opinion, more polished RTS title.


Best RTS war game

hotmando1 | Sept. 12, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Men of War is fantastic. It combines realism and RTS almost perfectly. sure, there may be some balance issues but it does it's best to illustrate the realism in war. Unit combats are great, letting you hide your units in bushes to taking cover behind a tree. With every Men of War release, you see better and greater improvements. It's always a great buy. However, I feel that it may be splitting the multiplayer community apart. The plot as always is generic in Vietnam, nothing really special. It's the multiplayer that makes Vietnam really stand out. From Vs to Co-op, it makes a great experience. Being able to play the main campaign with your friends is fun indeed. Visuals look great and if not, better than previous titles. Bugs are all but squashed out, only a few minor details need fixing. Unit combat has really been improved. It feels better and more natural unlike previous titles. If your a fan of MOW, then Vietnam is a must-buy.